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Kathran's Study Tome

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:40 am
by Ariexedes
* A worn book kept by the human that lives with orcs the pages all discolored in sickly browns, not one page escapes the edging being frayed or torn from repeated uses and mistreatment it goes under daily *

(first page is a few days mashed together)

So far, I believe I've dishonored him my first night outside of the tent I was spotted by the shadow orc much to my escapes to avoid being seen by the others. He asked me what I was doing there, I paused and hesitated. Simple said what was true that she was working under tasks from her caretaker. He asked me to follow him to the cave, I was going to die felt it tightening on each breath. We talked, it was harder to hold a conversation with him my social skills are failing me to even do such a simple task anymore I have needed to speak outside of spells and rituals and when he speaks to me.

Luckily we were seen before I was forced into the cavern and what lay behind it, maybe just some cruel turn of fate, maybe he didn't want to lose his tool and study. They talked about me and what the orc shadow was doing, I stayed out of the way unless addressed nor wishing to draw attention to myself. I wanted to disappear their tone harsh but I suppose am used to it as it's just natural to them, listening to them is almost fascinating if it wasn't so brutish. I've studied orcish enough to understand the guttural sounds but I can't seem to wrap my tongue around it as of yet.

We left and as expected I got the lecture to even try and be more careful, there was no point making an excuse. But as the conversation grew I left a little more stable able to breathe a little more like hands weren't trying to crush my throat when I speak to him. My studies continue to grow slowly and I can tell his impatience is wearing thinner by the day I need to produce something Anything soon or I won't be here next sunrise.

He departed from me taking another part of me with him, I need to do this I need to survive a little longer. Turning my attention back to my studies, the sharp bite of a blade into my forearm the well of powers calling up in crimson rivets brings me almost a peace. Walking the circle and drawing the runes needed before feeling it snap shut in my head like a circle of a chain. Tending to the wound I'm pleased that I can make a larger circle now than a simple rabbit, but it won't be enough I'm not ready.

The harsh sound of abyssal burns my throat as I called for another least demon into the contained circle, a fiend touched wolf. It's not quite what I had intended but it will have to do to continue studies of it. Though I lost track of time only the embers of the crater behind me and my enchanted vision keeping any sort of visual light. I was getting tired I lost track how much blood was consumed in this session, so much red my arm has gone numb. Dismissing the creature before I lost control of it. My arm now just ribbons of skin and crust browns.

Turning around as I could hear sounds of boots, The chief and the seer he had mentioned to me standing there. Pulling down my sleeve quickly not to show, like the shadow orc they wanted to know why I was here in the home of orcs. Again it felt like I was being crushed like their eyes had weight to them. Conversation with them proved to enlighten with them. Their god, the trade it... It makes more sense now. This tribe was - is even now writing my hand is shaking. I've been taking him for granted my protection against this all of this, know I want to know more, to learn more.

I need to make the exchange I need to show more of what my worth is beside a fleshy meal. As if on cue he returned angrily with me once more about speaking with the chief and assigned me a new task, to leave and research more outsider activity they encountered. My stomach feels to my ankles, to find something or don't come back every breath beat and pulse stopped. I left the village to seek out this ruin whatever secrets it held for him my only hope is that something was found.

But their gods must be laughing at me, humans destroyed everything. There was nothing, nothing that could help me. Those humans... Their mage that they had with them at least there was him but even he seems discouraged by the fact the humans had destroyed the entrance, an elf even disagreeing with the human that claim for the protection of these roads. Did they even know the orc village was only a few miles away these roads weren't safe I wasn't safe now?

A small creature found me after the raiders had left, all I got from it was the queen, that the orcs had killed, and a tear that I could feel fading and no longer strength to hold it's self-open in the ruins. I woke up back at the village, something happened I can't remember, a large boot kicking me awake. Half of me wish it was an ax. I pulled myself up from the dirt more bloody like tiny teeth and claws had torn me up. Now stood at the gate of the village that wouldn't welcome me or the humans in the Outlands. Death on both sides.

I tried to return to the city called Baldurs gate, but it felt so... unnatural now. Humans, elves laughing and cheering, chatting about something and nothing. It made me feel angry, my hand at my blade at my hip hand shaking as my nails dug into my palm threatening to tear it open and call demon to kill them... no, I'm too weak like this. I left the human lands and wandered back, only to look up at the hidden stones of the orc village without much thought of direction. Bone groan and grinding it feels like harder to breathe blood in my ears felt like home.

Just maybe it will be a quick death.

* a few sketches of the demon on the side and a few more formulas to some poitons and half writen words to spells scattered in any space avalible on the page*

Re: Kathran's Study Tome

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:55 pm
by Ariexedes
having fled the orcs once again, I found myself unable to go far like some sort of binding spell around me. I managed to get to some cave and started a fire after a few attempts to keep warm and cast some light before my enchantment wore off.

Managed to find and hunt down a wolf, might have been the ones that ate the remains of that event with the tiny creatures. I won't know till I continue to research about it. Being killed by mind blasts straining me but killing it the blood wasn't wasted to give trail to this small cavern I've picked to try and survive in.

Pulling out my dagger I got to work, as expected my carving skills were satisfactory as getting most of the hide of to be treated and repair the fur that was ruined I was wearing, I couldn't help myself but think of the village again, about him. Now is my chance to leave abandon the village and escape no one would know better and just assume I died.

Collecting the blood in vials best as I can for further use, the rest in a large bowel. What meat I managed would feed me tonight once the cave mouth goes dark, for now I have other work to do.

* runic symbols and gibberish fill some space after part infernal part abyssal *

The blood didn't last as long as I had hoped, though I say that and blood writings on the wall, markings and more sketching on outsiders. damn it. Those words of the chief ringing in my ear. I have been taking in the eyes of the orcs and not giving in return not fulfilling what was expected of their gods even of a human like myself.

*more gibberish, then a blood smear that dries crust brown*
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Re: Kathran's Study Tome

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:58 pm
by Ariexedes
* the page is oddly void of any drawings or further sidenotes, the writing clearly hurried and shaken *

I... I came across him. The druid at the forest of the cloak, the man Ferrick. He was a massive bronze dragon when I encountered him, it startled me but then I remembered what the man in black now known as Vrass said about a bronze dragon and him were captured by the tribe. I wanted to leave but he was blocking me. Then.. he smelled it that scent of orc that I can't, or to used to. He went from friendly to... fierce in a flash he wanted to know why I smelled like them. I didn't know how to answer every bone in my body was shaking my blood runs cold. Ferrick turned into a great earth stone elemental then and approached me closer, I felt paralyzed and couldn't move breath burning in my chest to escape. Then he ran away in his human shape, the girl with him Tia and her wolf followed him. Once they left I cowardly fled. Then a voice in my head, I think it was him, he wasn't going to hunt me down and that he was sorry, not understanding why I smelled like the tribe.

Re: Kathran's Study Tome

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:13 am
by Ariexedes
I met up with the eye of ruin after avoiding him and delving deeper into my studies. As expected the monotoned masked figure intimidating figure but less respected than the chief. I had tried to see him as anything then a block in my studies my arcane continues to grow as I touch the weave more deeply. He doesn't understand, he won't understand not now not ever. The chief seems to understand, even the blind one I feel the similar magic aura around him.

I reported what little was found out about the mission he gave, and again as expected little reaction. Again being called worthless, he is once again not grasping finer details. I'm no longer going to explain myself, mostly now that his protection is removed from my being. I am weary about such but very little will change besides the shadow orc will have a go at me, if I die so be it. Long as I continue where I am I will still be useful to the clan, with the humans.

At the Gate was rather interesting seeing the reactions of the clan among the humans, from fear to hate. That druid I can't get off my mind and how he reacted, how cowardice I was makes me sick even now thinking about it. That man in the black Vrass or something, he's up to something I can feel it in my blood. I'll likely continue my observations of human community and try and settle a little better if am not longer welcome in the clan.

But even now I continue to feel the draw to learn more back at my death with the orcs, about them their god. Maybe the Chief will understand more, maybe the scar reader.

I will find something to give.
Even if I have to give more,
He will understand.

Re: Kathran's Study Tome

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:12 am
by Ariexedes
* Blood seems smeared across most of the writing under it harder to read *
I don't see or understand why I keep coming back here, the shadow was at the fire. Again threatening me about finding a 'master' or die. At the time I had the Chief Khar had taken me under his protection when the eye passed, as proved they don't understand any of what I do. He took me back to the holding cage where a drow female corpse lay, another threat to choose him or be like the corpse. He demanded I wash the thing, I did as asked.

When two live dusks skinned figured appeared in great interest to the dead one. I managed to get a sample of the things blood for further study. When they brought the dead one back and tortured it. Again felt nothing for it, I had seen this before. Wolves and sheep, there are predators and then there is prey, you don't get to choose what you are, strong will always devour the weak. When another Chief appeared and talked to the shadow of the female that was still being interrogated. Orc tongue is still hard to catch but I have a good grasp of it, though speaking it is of its own difficulties for me.

The chief wanted the dead female as a message to this group south, to warn the outside pink skins of the northern threat that the orcs are. Then he looked at me, that chilling feeling crawling down the hairs on my neck. More blood is drawn as they subdue the female grey skin and take the dark passage below back to soubar, to hang her. The blood, Blood the male face painted drow, I could feel its blood calling to me to use it the power within that- creatures blood call. It made it hard to focus on anything, it's coming again threatening to swallow me again into madness. The Crimson promise to powers.

The corpse was left hanging in soubar with Z.U.K craved into it's back. The dark skins left to where ever they crawl up from. The shadow and I returned back to the camp. He wants me to seek out what the dwarfs were doing at soubar, why they didn't attack or try and stop them, what they were planning. They want me to turn against what I am, maybe it's already too late, they want claims over me. It wants claim over me, so much blood. I need this, even if I have to work with the shadow to keep any sanity.

Blood is calling.
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The remainder of the book is left empty, and will likely remain such for a long time.