Sin's little journal

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Sin's little journal

Unread post by Fabybaby » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:44 pm

Marpenoth 18th
Today I am riding a big boat to Baldur's Gate. My mom will probably be happy to be rid of me! She always was telling me things like "Sin you are accursed trash person! Leave my house!" so I did! After I left, I went to my favorite place! The Sharessian festhalls! I got pretty silly and hanging out with all of those pretty girls makes me feel a little reckless! So I sneaked onto a little shipping boat and took a long nap down where they kept the shipping containers. Pretty cozy! It was a nice set up! Except for the nasty little rats! While I was on the ship I had weird dreams.. I can't remember them very well but someone was speaking a language I don't know, but in the dream I knew the language. No more rat meat before bed time for Sin!

A little doodle is drawn on the page of a dead rat being roasted over a fire

Marpenoth 18th, later that night
BLECH! I got sick from rat meat today. I am not eating more of the rats!!

Marpenoth 19th
Today I arrived in the BIG CITY! I accidently spent all the coin I nicked from my mom on fancy new clothings though, but luckily a nice guy told me he would pay me to kill rats! Even if I am not very good at eating the little rats, I can kill them pretty quick. Especially with that new thing I learned from my dream! I don't know how it works but, if I focus hard enough !!BOOOM!! I can blast the little suckers. He pays me well, but the rats are pretty ferocious and I keep getting bitten.
After I killed rats, I found a wizard! The Wizard turned himself into a cute little bunny and I got to hold him! Then a wet lady gave me weird apple pie at some bar. The people at the bar were pretty drunk, but I thought it was cute!

P.s. The pie had seaweed in it!

A chunk of seaweed is pressed between the page, it smells like apples and cinnamon

Scribbled onto this page is a picture of what appears to be Sin releasing energy from her hands, the energy is blasting a little rat skeleton

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Re: Sin's little journal

Unread post by Fabybaby » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:03 pm

Marpenoth 20th
Wow today was a lot of stuff! So I was killing rats for the guy, but the rats were very strong and I had to run away. A fancy magic lady saw how hard I was working and she casted a bunch of spells on me and gave me a wand! Her name is Pearl! After I was all magicked and glowy, I felt like I could do anything! So I ran into these ruins I found outside of town, near the river. Some goblins caught me burgling their shiny nice gold and beat me up, but I made out with a lot of loot! And I even caught some of them on fire!
I came back to the farms to sell the loot, some nice jewelry and some weird shield, and I was given 2 BAGS OF GOLD. I'M RICH!!!
There were some little hins and they were running a market! They showed me some pretty cool daggers!
On the way back I saw a funny little short guy. I said hello and he was grumpy, but we became best friends very quick. Then a funny kinda man in a hat came up. He was pretty cool, screaming and laughing at his own jokes. Then he told me I was part succubus, but I think he was trying to flirt.
The gnome came back a bit later and taught me how to BEHOLD.
Beholding is when you walk up to a group and say your name really loudly. I'm pretty good at it.
After I aced beholding, the funny guy and a blonde kinda guy walked with me and BARDO THE SCOURGE OF THE NORTH to the arena.
The funny guy yelled about a dragon and made it rain, even if he makes me laugh, I'm kind of scared of that weird guy.

OH YEAH! There was a man made out of rocks there, with a crystal head! He beat up the funny guy with an axe! Best part of the show!

So after that I went back to the docks, This is where things get even weirder. I was heckling some guy for coins when Bardo came to visit me at work!
Bardo made himself invisible, but I could tell he used a kind of magic, so I used what the dreams taught me. Then Bardo got really frustrated and he magicked us into some cave MILES away from baldurs gate.

Down in the gnome's cave, he told me I was a warlock and that if people found out, I would be hanged! He told me to tell people my magic was fey magic is people got mad, but he also told me fey magic was fake. I'm pretty good at lying though, so I think I can handle this part. I showed him what I could do, he called it invoking, and then he told me to write down all of my dreams.

Anyways, then he magicked us into some random home. I am in the bed at the random home right now. I wonder who this place belongs to, the scourge of the north didn't know.

The next few pages are filled with scribbling doodles. One of a woman with long hair seemingly casting spells on Sin, there is an arrow scribbled in with the name Pearl written. Another doodle of a big rocky figure with an even bigger axe, and a guy with a tophat on the floor with Xs for eyes. Then there is a picture of a Gnome, but on fire, with crazy eyes that are on fire. An arrow is pointing to this with the words "Scourge of the north"

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