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Merissa Alanadel's Journal

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:10 pm
by VDub
Entry One

Today I arrived in Baldur's Gate. The road from Waterdeep was pretty uneventful. We saw a dragon way, WAY off in the distance but other than that... Nothing.

Upon arrival a young boy dressed in rags offered to give me a tour of the City for a gold dragon. I figured a tour for one coin was a good deal. He showed me the palace district and the harbor district. Told me of the people that live there. He even gave me a few tips of jobs that people need done. Quite an interesting young fellow.

A Lady Adora asked me to find her bracelet. A "Street Rat", by her definition, had stolen it and scurried back to the docks. I found the poor young child. He just needed a meal. I paid him ten dragons to give me the bracelet. I told him to look for me at the Blade and Stars should he think of stealing again. I let him know that there were jobs for people, even as young as him. I instructed him to ask around on the docks. I'm sure that there is someone that needs help with something.

Tomorrow I hope to meet more people. Everyone is so busy. Hardly the time to stop and notice an elf like me...

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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:30 pm
by VDub
Entry Two

Today was mostly uneventful. I looked for work where I could find it. I delivered weapons and recovered stolen goods. The City seems to offer up just what I need. With the coin I made today I should be able to stay at the Blade and Stars a bit longer.

I ran into two people today as I was resting by the fire near the caravan drop off. Felemvere was one. He was friendly. He told me of two elven communities. Doron Amar and a place called E.D.E. He had no clue what it stood for, only that it was hidden deep within the Misty Forest.

Lady Netanya was the other. She was a representative to the Phoenix Company. She told me of all sorts of things that the Company does. They repelled an Undead Army!!! She spoke of Orc and Drow. Bringing up Orc hurt deep in my stomach. I held it together though. One day i'll avenge my parents. Now is just too soon....

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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:05 pm
by VDub
Entry Three

I've grabbed all my things from my room at the Blade and Stars. I witnessed an Orc buying goods at The Sorcerous Sundries. Then watched as they crossed in front of guards, unchecked. They allow too much. I know they allow the half-kin within the walls. They allowed this as well in Waterdeep. But a full blood?! I no longer feel safe within the walls of this city...

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Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:21 pm
by VDub
Entry Four

It's been some time since my last entry. I've found a home in Doron Amar. I've made friends within the village. I've given myself to a greater cause and found a semblance of peace with the events of my past life.

Doron Amar is lovely. There really isn't a better word to describe the village. It is a mixture of both nature and magic. I've found friends in many of the inhabitants.

Laeria: She is a breath of fresh air. Kind and powerful all at the same time. She has brought me closer than the rest. Making me feel at home from the first day of my arrival. I tease her about being a dragon. I hope she knows it is just teasing. But I wouldn't care if she were a frog, she'd still be my friend.

Syndreth: She was one of the first, along with Laeria, that I met when I walked up the path into the village proper. We talked and laughed that day. Since, she has been distant. I know she has a lot on her plate with the happenings with Doron Amar and her place of importance within the church of Mystra.

Elvalia: I believe she has too much going on to let any others in close. I have met the Councilors, but she rings in as the unofficial leader of the village in my eyes. Strong and confidant, she takes charge of the happenings within Doron Amar.

Laerik: He was accepted within the village on the same day as I. Truth be told I think he is smitten with me. I haven't the heart to tell him that I am much too young with too many years ahead to get tied up in a relationship. I try to do small things to show him I'm not ready, but he is persistent. Not overbearing like the rest of them.

In truth I've noticed that any male I talk nicely to instantly wants to flirt. It is sickening at times, tiresome mostly. I feel as if I need to be short and precise, without happiness and emotion when dealing with males. Else they take it the wrong way and from their mouth spills a flood of ridiculousness.

I've met those that walk closely with nature. I've sat with them while they prayed to their Forest Queen. I've tried to help them heal her with offerings and prayer to Sehanine. A red haired maiden, clad in leathers smiled to me from the cover of the wood. I haven't met her yet, I hope to though. If she is anything like the rest, I'm sure she is kind and helpful.

I will try to stay current with my entries from her forth. No promises. Life has a funny way of throwing things at you from out of nowhere. There are times I'm too busy to sit with pen and paper to gather my thoughts.

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Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:44 pm
by VDub
Entry Five

Hunting and gathering. It's been my task for the last tenday. Doron Amar is to take in refugees from the northern village. My goal is to make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible, considering the circumstances. I think between what I've gathered and what others have donated, we should be good on food. Elvalia says we are to house some of them within the Council Hall, the remainder will sleep in the tents that were erected for them. I'll probably think up some games for the children of both Doron Amar and the Northern village. Perhaps some of them will grow bonds that will bring our communities together in the future. Who knows!?

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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:08 pm
by VDub
Entry Six

We did it! We healed the Shrine of Mielikki. Through weeks of offerings and prayer to a final cleansing ritual, we finally did it. She is healthy again. We each did an act of good in The Forest Queens name, as well as sacrificing something we hold dear to our heart. Vendor gave a gift that sprouted new life! A dryad named Poppy. She is to protect the glade in which the shrine resides.
It is a great day for my friends in The Circle.

Many showed. Laya and Eowiel were there along with another that bore a Rapier. I didn't catch her name. I only heard Kalidorian mention Eowiel. I announced myself as a citizen of Doron Amar during the ritual and none of them had time to even say a few words before departing. I suppose the Councilors are above everyone else. Without time for those below them. I'll continue to represent our village to the best of my ability, regardless.

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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:52 pm
by VDub
Entry Seven

Some from the village have rescued a Unicorn. I've been helping Faelyn take care of it. It hasn't spoken yet that I know of. I don't even know its name. I've gathered blessed water to clean its wounds and fruits and oats for him to eat, if he should get hungry. I've tried singing to it, an old lullaby from my childhood. All I can do now is make sure he's comfortable and pray for his recovery. Sehanine willing he'll pull through this un-scarred.

I write this sitting in my perch within the village. I'm not noticed up here. I think I'm going to try to reach the northern village soon. Maybe "Spooky" will have new news of the actions on the front. As soon as the Unicorn is healed, I'll head north.