Drifting - Erickar Avery

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Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

Present time

Anger, jealousy, rage…

I guess it must have been in me for a while before it happened. Perhaps it was something that was even going way back into time. Maybe… maybe if I would have paid some attention to it, maybe then I would have noticed… way… way before it was too late. But it was too late now, the tipping point where I went from good back to evil definitely located in Waterdeep.

One year ago we left the coast of Baldur’s and moved up north to the City of Splendors. And with we, I mean me and Seraphina, my girlfriend. It had seemed better to her if she would try and start on her own, erect a small import and export company, apart from Moire Rouge’s, her former employer. And I have to say, Seraphina was quite talented. She built her own little trading empire within a matter of months, and soon had her business going nicely. And me? I just lingered by her side, most of the time operating as her personal bodyguard. This entire success however also knew a downside. And that was our personal time. I know, it just sounds so typical. I also oversaw her deliveries and made sure transport arrived and departed with a maximum of security. I hired the people for it, and saw to any further training. Yeah, I taught them the dirty tricks too, yeah...

But as we both were busy, Seraphina had also began to arrive later and later during evenings. Often I would look her up, but after some time such became quite the task. You see, Seraphina wasn’t always in the places where she said she’d be, especially since her business was constantly flowing. Sometimes she met people during her business meetings, who’d then in turn would ask her over after said meeting. And so it had become rather intensive for me to track her down. There was however one guy I didn’t like, some rich merchant-son who arranged and settled business for his father. Not only was Theo into business though, he also seemed to be into my Seraphina.

The first time I brought it up to her, she told me she’d be careful, and would do her best to give the young lad not the idea said interest was mutual. But when I noticed him flirting and her smiling back at him, I addressed her once more about it. She assured me it was fine and even introduced me to the lad, officially, as her lover, and future husband. I still have no idea what had gotten into the lad’s mind, but after she did that, things grew even more worse. And more importantly, they happened out of plain sight. At least that is what I thought. Perhaps I was still being haunted by Belle’s betrayal some years ago now. Perhaps that experience would dominate my feelings for the rest of my life.

Anyways. When I went out to find Seraphina again, I couldn’t find her. Night after night it had become quite the feat to track her down. So, that is when I decided to track down good ol’ Theo the Ego. That’s what I called him. He was the type of lad who pretended he could afford anything, do anything, and take anything from anyone he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Perhaps he reminded me too much of those people who kicked me out of the house after my mother died, and who never really treated us kindly either. I don’t know, there is just so much on my mind right now. Including my own death.

So, Theo. Theo, as I quickly learned, happened to dine often in an establishment not far from the Warm Beds inn. It was a rather dignified place in a rather rough section of the city, the docks actually. And it’s there that I also found… yes, her. They seemed to get along rather well, like good friends and perhaps business partners. I watched them from a small distance, and apart from Theo’s usual flirting, nothing to my surprise happened. But my mind, it never ceased. I looked around and realized this was a fairly public place, for a select sort of customers, but still. So that is when I decided to stick around and did something I hadn’t done for years. From the rooftops I kept an eye on the entrance, and as soon as Seraphina came out with Theo and walked off together, I started to follow them. Now, you have to know that my heart thumbed in my ears, and not just cause of the ride along the roofs.

Why out of all men would Seraphina have a dinner with this lad, a lad of which she knew all too well that I didn’t like him? When they arrived at the main road, I saw Theo leaning in towards Sera and kissing her on the cheek. She laughed about something he said, and then they parted ways, she back to our home, he to his daddy’s fancy manor just outside the city. I looked from him to Sera, both their forms disappearing in the distance. I had to know though. I just had to know. Only, why I decided to listen to him rather than her, I still don’t know.

With an agility that even surprised myself, I went after Theo, over rooftops, down a rainpipe, until I was able to stop him by suddenly stepping out of a dark street and moving to stand before him. I had my arms crossed and startled he looked me in the eyes, his hand moving to the hilt of his rapier, but stopping as soon as he recognized me. Then, an evil smile spread across his features, and I wish I could have wiped that makeup off of his face with my fist.

“Ahh, Ricky boy” he said to me. “Out for your nightly patrols? Saw something you like or... didn’t like?”

He was clearly provoking me, and I took the bait. “You leave her alone, or…”

“Or else what?” He said, clearly delighted with my reaction.

What he didn’t know was that I was the wrong person to mess with. Up to that point he had only known me as a calm and simple guard at Sera’s side, and who also happened to be her less exciting looking fiance. That had merely been an act on my end, just to not scare off customers or intimidate any, but it had been something Theo had taken for granted.

“Right. We’ll leave the city. You can have it.” I said a bit uncertain, knowing that my lass would be extremely mad. I believed though that if I would explain it well, she’d understand. So I bluffed.

And he called my bluff.

“Seraphina isn’t a girl for you. She belongs in a place like this with someone rich at her side to help her paving her path. I don’t know if you have noticed it, but she is already spending less time with you, isn’t she?” This lad even dared to show me a sardonic smile.

I was on the verge of smashing his nose into bloody pulp, and once I’d get going, it would have taken six or seven guys to pull me off of him.

“Why would she even pick a guy who can’t even wash his own clothes?” I growled.

He grinned at me. “Cause said guy doesn’t -have- to wash his own clothes cause he has people like you to do it for him.”

All my rage came out faster than magma out of a volcano, and it was just as destructive.

SMASH, my fist connected right with his cheek! And so yeah, I was the one who started this. I don’t know what got into the lad’s mind, but instead of intimidating him with that one hard blow, he growled, and just drew his rapier on me, flicking the sharp metal with the deadly tip at my eye. The bastard was more tough than I expected, and he was giving me a hard time to dodge his attacks. One thing was for sure though. No wait. Two things. His daddy had seen to Theo’s fencing lessons. And, Theo wanted me dead. Where are guards when you need them is what I thought.

“Think you can have at me ey?!” He shouted at me as he lashed out dangerously close to my heart. “You didn’t think that I would be able to counter your thug techniques?! That is why you’ll never be a good match for Seraphina, moron!”

The gap between us grew and I backed away into a darker alley. Bastard came right after me. “If you run away, I’ll tell Seraphina what a loser you are, so c’mon, face me, fight and die like a man!”

Now, what Theo didn’t knew is that I could have killed him already three or four times. And each time I suppressed that desire. But when he came down on me fairly hard, my old instincts took over. I just wanted to wound him, pin him with his shoulder into a wooden door. Only... it became two rounds of crossbow bolts shooting out from under my sleeves, straight into the lad’s heart.

He stared at me with his rapier frozen in mid air. He tried to move his chest, tried to suck in air desperately, but none came. I knew his heart had stopped beating the very moment I saw mist descended on his eyes. He sank to the ground with six bolts sticking out of his chest. My bolts. I had killed the lad, and Seraphina would never see him again. But Seraphina knew about my past, and if she ever learned what had become of Theo once they found his body, she’d likely would always suspect me. Especially if the priests succeeded at resurrecting him and learned what had occured between us. Well, Theo’s truth and side of the story.

That is when I decided to leave Waterdeep, and with it, Seraphina. I didn’t think only of that lost love, but also of the noose they’d likely put around my neck once the truth came out.

I looked out over the sea and saw in the distance the flickering lights of Baldur’s Gate. From there I intended to take a ship to Roaringshore and think on what else I could do with my life. I’ve been an assassin before, and now, now I was also a murderer.

My eyes settled on the midnight water surface and I murmured in front of myself. “It looks like I won’t be joining you in the afterlife after all, Lord Captain of the Waves.”

“But I suppose in hell I’ll be in good company as well…”

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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

Slouched in a worn but solid upholstered chair with a half emptied bottle between my legs, I watched the flames in the fireplace curl and sway, flicking here and then there and crackling as they consumed the dry pine wood. Was I drunk again? Or did I had only just a little bit too much? I’d only learn if I would get out of this chair. And even then, it was hard for me to tell these days, hard to say how much resistance I have been building up against the effects of rum. It’s been many years since I drank this much. Not that if I’d get up, someone would ever witness me struggling to keep my balance, ‘specially not in a cesspool like this one, a place that was a rendez-vous for thieves, rustlers, cut throats and other desperados, all out here to make an impression. A single visitor like me coming down here always involved a risk. So that is why I have always kept my impressive sword near and in plain sight. It was worth a fortune, that too, but there was also the promise of a violent, albeit quick death for the one trying to take it from my hands. It worked, but sadly it also drew attention.

I looked up from my bottle as the old couch next to mine cracked from the weight of a man sinking down on it. My heart nearly stopped as I recognized him.

“Olive oil…” the man said as his hands rubbed the leather armrests. “With even just a little bit of olive oil they could make these look as new.” He looked over at Erickar. “My mother taught me that, showed me how to recognize things that badly need a loving hand and how to fix them.” He nodded once. “Hello, Reverend.”

This was the second time in my life ever since I had betrayed and left the Knives that their top assassin -Fernandez El Suave-, crossed my path. The first time, now several years ago, had been a warning. He still looked the same, didn’t seem to have aged one bit. What did change was that I now saw in him ‘full color’, since back at the time my eyes had shown me the world in hues of only black, white and grey. Although even while dressed in a rather simple tunic with a hood, El Suave managed to radiate power, strength and the cold-blooded ruthlessness of a killer. His achievements among the guild were stellar, and wherever he showed up, it usually wasn’t for a little talk. And where we last time had shaken hands, this time he wasn’t offering any.


Had he came down here then to finally finish me off? How did he find me in the first place? I’ve been all around the world. Nodding back at him I offered him my bottle. “Want som’?”

Now, in my current condition he’d probably be the best of us, and he seemed well trained whereas I haven’t lifted a single finger for months now. Well, unless to empty bottles. But Fernandez was also an intelligent man, and he knew all too well that even though he would win and kill me, it beyond doubt would come at a price. An eye, or even a hand perhaps, or worse, the rest of his life in one of those fancy chairs on wheels.

“Nah, I’m good.” Fernandez rubbed the distressed leather once more and sighed. “It’s really such a shame.”

What was he talking about?

“Did you already have breakfast, Reverend?”

I smiled lazily back at him, and with a crooked little grin I answered him. “Chips, whiskey… with a rum chaser. It’s really good, you should try it some time.”

Fernandez barked a brief laugh. “If I never had to leave the house ever again, then perhaps might be the time for such.” His expression turned immediately serious again. “But I’m not at that stage yet... And nor should you.”

Bam, his first card on the table. What the hell…? My plan though was plain and simple. He considered me a drunkard, so that is what I’ll play. He only didn’t know that my talent to consume alcohol had once been legendary!

“I don’t understand how you can sit here, while being conscious about the problems you have caused in Waterdeep.”

Bam! His second card on the table. My blood froze in my veins. But was that because of his words, or because I could still hear that gasping for air in the night echoing in my ears? Veeery hard to play a really drunk lad now. Though I managed.

I took another swig from my bottle in silence. So, Fernandez did came after me and found me… cause the boy’s father hired the Knives? I removed the bottle from my lips and lifted it up against the light of the fireplace. And why the hell did I had to pick cheap wine to drink during the last few minutes of my life!?!

When I closed my eyes, I felt as if the world was rocking gently beneath me, and though my vision wavered, I could sense Fernandez' piercing gaze on me, sternly almost.

“I have come with an offer however, if you are able to listen that is.”

It was so damn hard to mask my surprise. I opened my eyes and looked back at the man gazing at me. A light smoke billowed and edied about his form, but it could also have been my eyes playing tricks on me. My throat felt dry and raspy as I spoke. “An offer… wha’ kin’ ‘f offer?”

“You know that I would never break a contract and always live up to one…”

I nodded slowly. “... the boy’s father…”

Fernandez shook his head. “... did not hire me, nor any of us. But he did contact a few collegues of us.”

Us. Why did he had to use that damn word? “You are here to make an offer, or a deal?”

“It’s really all simple, Reverend.” The man’s hands brushed the leather and squeezed the armrests briefly. “You’ve come to a region that interests us. You work here for us, get to lead perhaps your own division in the future, and live happily ever after.”


Fernandez flashed a dark grin as he took out a tooth pick and started cleaning his teeth. “Or, daddy’s trackers will find you anywhere you go, who then may hire some people...”

By the way how he sounded, I could intuit his feelings and emotions on how he himself felt about these fancy noble people who thought they owned the world. Business and personal feelings however were always strictly seperated with Fernandez, and he was clearly here for the first.

Before any could continue the conversation, a group of four sinister looking men arrived by the fireplace, and one man’s meaty hand landed on Fernandez’ shoulder. “Howdy fella, think ya can spare a few coins fer me an’ mi lads here to buy ‘s a couple of drinks and get laid ‘round here?”

Fernandez peered up from under his dark brows, shrugged once and had his left hand sink down in his pocket, only to take out a few coins which he dropped on the small side table between our seats.

“Ey, tis one got som’ shinies on ‘im boyz. Think tha’ be enuf ta let him off th’ hook?”

Two of them were lounging against the wall while the third loitered towards my side. They all grinned and shook their heads no.

“Noh?” The first guy looked down on Fernandeze and squeezed his shoulder. “Them lads tell noh.”

Fernandez glanced from the man to me. “Like I said, it’s really a shame…” And then lightning fast he planted his tooth pick in the man’s hand, stabbing him hard enough to pierce his skin.

“Aw!! Eyy, wha’ th’ ‘ells ya think yer doin’ lad?!!” The man screamed and held up the palm of his hand against the light to take a better look at it. Just a single drop of blood was visible.

The other guys grinned at their leader, and the one at my side chuckled. “Boss can be som’times just ‘n wooss.”

But then their leader suddenly reached for his own throat, and foam started building up on his lips. Fernandez just kept his gaze on Erickar while the man behind him gagged and choked before slumping onto the weathered wooden floor with a heavy thud. The others watched frozen to their spots how their boss died within a matter of seconds. All three turned their gaze upon Fernandez who sat their casually using that toothpick as one of the oldest dental cleaning tools that were around. His gaze shifted to them, and they all ran.

Well, I suppose that too was also a way to make it clear you aren’t someone they can mess around with. I glanced from Fernandez to my sword next to my chair and back at him. The bastard smiled at me as he canted his head and offered me a light shrug.


Cause with that one action he made it very obvious not only to them but also to me what a professional he was. He could have killed me all along, and without losing even one finger or eye over it.

Fernandez removed the toothpick from his lips and glanced at worn tip. “Not even the Lord of Murder seems to pack poision without antidote.”

He was frigging immune for that? Or had he taken an antidote right before he approached me, only to…? Dammit! What was the deal with this guy??

“Manticore’s?” I tried to sound careless.

“Scorpion’s.” His gaze flicked around my body and face, and came to rest on my eyes. “It can be a real good painkiller.”

Yeah, that would really come in handy. Was he insinuating that I looked like a dog that should be put out of its misery?

“So, what ye want me t’ do then?” I decided to jump right into the negotiations. He was on a stronger platform anyways.

“First I’ll tell you what to you don’t do.”

I nodded. “Fair enuf…”

“You don’t run. You quit drinking, unless it’s for a job. And you mosty certainly don’t kill people unless strictly necessary.”

I glanced meaningful at the dead body behind his couch. “Necessary, I presume.”

He just shrugged. “I merely adapt to the current setting.”

Yeah, sometimes this man displayed humor as well…

“As for your tasks, stick around and I’ll be in touch with you soon enough. I wasn’t sure if you’d accept my offer…”

Or if I would try to kill you, I thought.

“Well, suppose ye have me here. Nay much I cin do. Jist one thing though.”

Fernandez looked from the flames back at me. “Hmm?”

“Cin at least finish tis one?” I wiggled my bottle.

Fernandez just got up from the couch and looked down at me. “Olive oil. Remember that.”

And then the master assassin disappeared through the misty taproom and out the door.

I sank deeper into my chair. The fire in front of me, it burned so damn cold. Almost as if my soul had just disappeared all together with Fernandez through that door. Had I just sold it?

And what the hell was his plan!?

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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by Miyuki »

Nothing much was seen back then, just rat around some corner, sniffing and watching. It recognized Ric. It just watched, and remained well hidden where it was. Her black tiny eyes looking way too intelligent to be just a regular animal, though. After it had seen what it wanted to see, it rushed away, back to her mistress. She waited somewhere between some trees, let the rat climb up her arm and shoulder without being afraid of any diseases. This rat was very clean and healthy as a familiar of a goodly wizard shound be.

"I saw him, your mate. He met that other, trying to mate with you....", the rat spoke in her mind and it told her everything.
"Thank you, cutie. You did the right thing. For Ric, such is unforgiveable, though....", the half elf spoke back telepathically.

Indeed she met that man named Theo, indeed he tried to woo her. But she didn't care. Didn't even feel attarced by his slicky fool of a man. She knew where the boundries are and even pushed hin away, kissing her cheek. When she laughed she just laughed at the ridiculousness of his attempts. But not enough for Ric, he wouldn't even let himself get calmed down for long. Behind her back he met Theo and ....welll...he did what he did. Did he kill him? Did he just talk to him? Sera would never know or be able to prove anything now. But one thing was for sure, he broke her trust and wasn't very trustung either, snooping after her. For her that was as bad as cheating! Unforgiveable!

She wanted nothing else but close that business with Theo. He had some men, willing to buy more items. He wasn't the only customer. At the end of the day, that bill would have brought her the rest of the coins she needed to get a home. She planned it to surprise Ric since it was in Waterdeep, her hometown. Her parents and brother still living there, he could have had what he never really had: a family.
If one wished for children, Sera also was sure not the type to live in a tent and primitively calling Ric ...whatever that Belle-Bitch called him. She wasn't Belle, but she swore, if she ever may meet her, she would cast a Desintegration on her. That woman deserved nothing more for destroying Ric and for making him uncapable to trust again. For making him that paranoid lunatic he was, even after all the attempts to make him see, not all women are like that Belle-(germbag). Try to make him see, Sera was trustworthy, but nothing mattered. Belle was guilty for sure!

But Ric was still also responsible for his deeds himself. Responsible for being jealous without any reason. Even though he told Sera how baldy Belle played him, he punished Sera for Belle's crimes. At least Sera felt that way. He chose to do so, chose to destroy their future together before it even had begun.....a world broke apart for her. He was so wrong, so paranoid, blaming her for nothing. Unrightfully he destroyed it all, all the happiness they could have had. All the life in front of them, which would never come to pass now.
She said goodbye to Moire, since the sunef had nothing more to teach her anyway. But she still had friendly contact with her, even after she stomped her own business out of the ground, out of nothing. Nothing was left of Sera now, the half elf travelled alone, luck? No, not for her, no Luck in love or anything else she could believe in. But she found another way. Back to the roots, even the roots of her parents. She found her way to Angharradh. After a time she returned with only few coins left.

Now she had learned more, she had studied. She gathered more spells, more knowledge, even able to do planar travelling if she wanted to. Someone spoke to her and she saw a Symbol of her former deity. What an irony: " Hey, care to offer your services in my business?"...with that she joined that other woman. No relationsship, no romance, for romantic love Sera was dead inside. Sice Ric had killed their love, all that was, that still could have been. He drove a dagger through her heart and killed her inside, killed that love. He left her behind and ran like a coward, ran from the responsibility of his actions. Now....It was just brotherly love grew with that silver-white haired woman, since that Aasimar was cheerful, also kind. Sera became part of her business, named N.O.R.A.. Sera had a place in life again at least. No matter how broken she had been, she was able to pick up the pieces and stoof up again.
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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

The sand below my half-soaked boots was a light hue of gold under a bright blue summer sky. Behind me, just as azure as the rest of the water in the lagoon, waves rose gently above the surface, each crest as if it had been gently hammered to enable it to glimmer in the sunlight, right before dropping, crashing, and falling apart like shattered glass onto this white-golden shore. On the other side of the alcove there was no beach, only thick jungle meeting the ocean directly. As I looked over my shoulder, I witnessed a majestic species of heaven-bound white birds soaring across the horizon, gliding like free souls towards a destiny of their own choosing.

I turned my head back to my own destination. Dark… was the cave entrance just a hundred yards ahead of me. If I wouldn’t have had received any specific intelligence, I might have completely missed it while sailing by. Mostly the overhanging branches of trees hid the rock wall from sight, and seen from the pinnace I rented, it had appeared one impenetrable wall of green growing down the cliffs, stretching as far as I could see. This part of the coast was so wildly curved that multiple bays could hide any number of pirate bases.

Cause that is what I was here for, and I prayed to Valkur I had picked the right landing area. And with it, the right approach.

I bet those snakes were ready to strike, rising from their hidden spot as I started wading through the dry sand towards the cave. Sand that was so soft and thin that it flowed like water around my boots with each step. The pirates were smart, must have covered their tracks the very moment their lookout spotted my sails. Even from a short distance there was no immediate evidence, no trace, not a single sign of any activity. The relative coolness of the air, and the moisture and shadows of the palm trees refreshed me the moment I entered the outskirts of the jungle. Remaining as casual and as calm as I could be, I looked around.

Nothing. But I knew they were there. I could feel hidden eyes watching me, making the skin on the back of my neck prickle. I could sense a few shadows matching every move that I made as I moved quietly between the trees towards the cave entrance. I neither stopped nor slowed my pace, and somehow I instinctively expected that any attack would come from behind. The only reason why they hadn’t was likely cause they didn’t knew how many people were still on my vessel, and whether they would come to rescue me, or sail off to alert others.

Suddenly a voice sounded from up the cliff, yet I didn’t see anyone. “Halt! That be far enough laddy! And ‘nless ya nay wished ta be fed to th’ sharks, ye better speak up ‘n tell me fast ‘bout yer bus’ness here!”

I couldn’t help but to smirk at an older memory where some other pirate had tried to feed me to the sharks as well. I held up my hands in surrender. “I be nay here t’ start any trouble.” That was a lie. Especially since everywhere I went I somehow seemed to cause trouble, regardless if I did something or not. “I be jist doing som’ research fer mi thesis…”

There, that should have blink them a couple of times.

At first, my joke seemed lost on them. But then, silence was broken when the invisible guy laughed, a low rumbling type of laughter, which then turned into a full blown guffaw that seemed to cascade all around me. I guess I could categorize this as a ‘carry-on’ type of laughter, especially since pirates now emerged from their hiding spots below the sand and from behind the trees. Someone before me had jumped off the rock and landed with a soft thump on the soft dry golden sand. The peaceful silence now fully broken, the community that had been active here minutes before my arrival, resumed its activities. I turned my head to face the man who blocked my path towards the cave.

The man wore a blue navy uniform, Waterdeep’s by the looks of it, but the way how he wore it, with the buttons open all the way down, leaving his strong, sun-kissed chest and belly bare, told me he wasn’t one of the former city’s Defenders. Likely stolen it from a corpse as they looted some Navy ship, only then to wear it openly. These guys weren’t just smugglers for sure. And neither were they too smart. But they were dangerous. Nevertheless, seems I had arrived at the right beach...
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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

“I need t’ speak to yer captain... and his crew. Some be requiring their service.”

The man before me arched a black brow. “Seems ya know yer way aroun’ ere. Does anyone’lse come behind ya?” He motioned at my vessel anchored before their shore.

“Nay, it be jist me, ‘n I be alone ‘n unarmed.” I raised my arms briefly after I reshouldered my backpack, remaining to act calm as if each of my movements might be offending to the eye.

“Aye, we saw, laddy, ye cin step ‘nside if ye furst tell me yer name.”

I nodded at the man. “I be John Dawson.”

The pirate widened his eyes slightly at me. “Heard that name b’fore. Ye be th’ mysterious merch who been buyin’ most o’ our stuff since recently, makin’ us rich.” He grinned and slapped me on the shoulder. “Come inside, ye be three sheets in th’ wind in no time with’r latest catch o’ rum.”

Pirates nest seemed like a fitting name to me. After we got deeper inside the tunnel, it opened up in a large cave, and the marauders inside looked as infamous and as savage as I had expected. The air was filled with the scent of rum, sweat and black smoke curling about from lamps that were fed with cheap oil. The shape of the cavern was lengthy and narrow, and the scenery inside reminded me of one of those large harbor streets which were frequented during late evening hours by thieves, pirates and corrupt guards.

“Boar! Ye salty sea monster! Pour in some o’ our best fer John. Jax, sent word fer our lasses in th’ back ‘n hit yer strings again. Want tis cave ta shake like it be th’ deck of ‘r ship quaking!” My host shouted and clapped in his hands to ask for everyone else’s attention. “Mi crew, tis be ‘r latest ‘n noble benefactor, mista John Dawson. Want ya all t’ make ‘im feel at home fer he be makin’ us rich!”

Then he slapped me so hard on my back that I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. “Ye be stayin fer the nite mehopes?” Swords and teeth cheerfully shone at me under the dim light of the oil lamps as he motioned me to follow him through the crowd.

I wheezed the very moment I got my breath back. “Aye… sure cap’tain… “

When the music started, the captain shook his fist in the air. “Let th’ feast begin! Yo-ho yo-ho…!!” And his crew cheered loudly, crowding around him as he led me to something that could pass for a bar. I grinned a bit stupidly at the crew’s jolliness, and as they danced and feasted on sweet mead and salty beef, the muscular captain in front of me motioned me to take place in some worn leather seat. I nearly winced as I overheard behind me how burps and farts were in tune with the music.

Some crew…

“Ye know, it be highly unusual a benefactor comin’ down ta visit. I assume it be fer som’ important bus’ness. More gleaming coin pe’haps?” His teeth shone yellow and dark in the torch light as a wide grin split his face.

“Ah, aye…” I turned my gaze back to the captain. “I be here fer a special assign’ment indeed, ‘n also t’ personally thank ya fer yer latest shipment. I be thinking t’ hire tis crew on a more permanent basis. Also fer that I wanted t’ meet ya in person.”

I leaned forward and put my small backpack on a low round table between us. When I undid the cords at the top he could see it was filled with gold. It was a considerable amount of coin, albeit not enough that he would cut my throat for it. How I could be sure of that? Well, easy. Cause I saw the way how his eyes changed the moment he saw the gold. I was sitting across a man for whom greed outweighed any fear, and who also wanted more. Especially since other pirates saw the gold too now which I so openly had put on a display.

He dug his hand in the bag, rummaged through the gold before taking out one coin and biting it.

So much for the few good teeth he had, I thought. “I think there be enuf in there ta give each of yer men som’tin. Consider it ‘n deposit ‘s well as reassurin’ their dedication. There be much more where tis came from.”

The captain arched a brow as he handed over the gold bag to one of his crew members, and I watched briefly how the man divided the gold among them. I smiled, lifted up a finger at the pirates as they cheered at me.

“Yer makin’ yerself popular fast fer sure. But, what did ya want us t’ do fer tis. And where be this gold from?”

“Ah, well… I heard ye be a fear’less man widda fear’less crew, so could only think of ya fer tis task.”

The man crossed his legs as he rolled one of the coins across his knuckles.

“I want ya t’ assassinate one ‘f the High Caps of Roaringshore…”

The captain paled visibly but controlled all the rest of his reactions fairly well. He did cast a nervous glance at the crew member handing out the coins and asked. “Be that his coin ye stole?”

I nodded. “You see, I’m more than a simple brooker or merchant. And in order t’ prove ya things cin be done…”

“Prove it, prove tis be one o’ the High Cap’tins gold.”

I had a smug smile on my lips before I motioned him to turn over the coin he right now held to stifly between his digits.

“Nine hells… tis be the image of…” The man seemed shocked.

“Aye… it be him.”

As the party around us went on, the man stared at me before he leaned over to me. “If… if they ever find tis gold on us…”

“True, but it nay matters anymore when he be dead. Right?”

“Who be stepping in his place if we sink ‘im?”

I grinned. “Yer looking at ‘im. And I be needin’ a lieutenant cap’tin too. One ta work beside me. Ye be commandin’ at least two more ships. Think what ye cin achieve with those.”

“Madness… tis be madness, lad. No one ever lays ‘n hand on ‘n High Cap.”

“Oh no? Explain then how them High Caps ever got their job?”

I really made it sound like I was making sense, no?

Seems so, since I witnessed how a slow mischievous grin started to spread across the pirate captain’s face. “O’rite. Ye got yerself ‘n deal, but we be discussin’ terms later.”

I waved dismissively. “Yah, ‘f course, details nay matter so much now.”

If he only knew they didn’t matter at all…

For a while I sat with the captain sharing a few more drinks, and a few of his lasses even ended up on my lap, rubbing my arms as they tried to coax me to one of their ‘chambers’ in the back of the cave. I politely declined and told them I was happily married. Lie after lie, but at some point it doesn’t matter anymore I suppose, especially if some were just tiny ones. One girl insisted though, proposing even a threesome that involved her niece. I had to admit I was a little intrigued at very least.

The captain smirked as he overheard me declining even that proposal. “Sounds ta me yer eitha happy, or ye be one of them monks.”

Hah, if he only knew my nickname…

During the evening the captain noticed I had peeked a couple of times inside my vest, and at some point he wondered if I had some secret treasure hidden there. To him I looked as if I wanted to reassure myself ‘it’ was safe. But this time he also insisted, even motioning his Exo over to ‘convince’ me.

The last thing I wanted to do was to provoke them or doing something stupid, so I showed the inside of my vest. And with it, a secret.

“Wat’cha doin’ with ‘n hourglass in yer pocket?” He wagged his finger as he watched the sand running through, the upper bulb was nearly empty. Then he narrowed one eye. “Be ya waiting fer som’tin, lad?”

I shook my head no. Another lie. Only this time he didn’t buy it.

“Grab ‘im! There be som’tin fishy ‘bout tis! Get outside ‘n tell me if ya see any!” The pirate captain shouted at a couple of his most bulky sailors.

I only sighed, raised my arms in surrender and shook my head again as I glanced at my hourglass. It was time...

Moments after the last particles had flown through, the captain was the first one who suddenly grabbed at his own throat, seemingly struggling to breath. The crew members holding me looked in disbelief from their captain to me. “What ya did?? Ya will answa fer that, lad.” The biggest said to me.

I shook my head again. “I be sorry but I don’ think so, matey.”

The man looked at me, frowning as I looked back at him, directly in his eyes. He had this dumbfounded look on his face right before gurgling sounds filled the air when he tried to draw breath. Like as if his lungs had started filling up with his own blood. The big guy sank to his knees, his hand still clutching at my vest, albeit weakly now. “H… how…”

I pushed him off of me using my foot, and he fell on his back, harmless and disabled. In only a few moments more he would be dead. I looked around. Just like the rest. All of his crew members now displayed the same symptoms, and all would be gone in less than a few minutes. I brushed off my chest and adjusted my clothes. Time to leave.

I made my way out rather easily. Only had to step over a dying body here and there, but I didn’t look at them. I couldn’t. There were people in here I may have called mateys if it had been under different circumstances, or in another life. People who just like me once had romanticised a pirate’s life, steal from the rich and give back to the poor, or who simply enjoyed their freedom with as only worry how much grog their stein contained. Those didn’t deserve to go like this. A sword through their chest, sure. But this…?

Then again, I wasn’t just an assassin. I was also a murderer, I reminded myself. I stepped out the tunnel into the balmy night, and past the dying guards. One silhouette waited in the darkness by the beach.


He turned over to me, a faint smile about his lips. “How?” He canted his head curiously at me.

I looked from him at the dark ocean, and only reluctantly replied. “The gold…”

“Ah!” He nodded once and followed my gaze. “That was brilliant to use for this type of target. Well done, Reverend. Our client will be most satisfied.”

I knew better than to ask him about that. Instead, I offered Fernandez a shrug, and headed off without another word, in my mind a tune from a distant past playing...

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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

Distance was all that mattered right now…

At least until I had a clean shot at the one or the ones pursuing me, and until I was in favor of taking it. All around me a strong northern wind began to howl over the rooftops, and rain started to lash clay tiles and windows. Already my limbs were growing tired from jumping and climbing from one roof to the next, lucky so far with the storm clouds blocking out the sun, graying the world around me. I prayed to Valkur to send winds and rain hard enough to cover my tracks, to wash away any trace down my neck-breaking path. Bone-rattling as well one would say if they would observe me from a distance.

And it was almost as if the Captain of the Waves overheard me, yet not only to send more of this weather as a benevolent gift, but also inflicting hardship on me. If such would be the case, I suppose I should feel honored by the god since I was no more than an ordinary man.

Coldness bit at my face, wind penetrated my leather outfit with absurd ease, and water stung my eyes as I faced a by now relentless curtain of rain. My body heat abandoned me with callous speed, rendering my fingertips nearly useless. It was so damn hard to focus. One wrong movement, one involuntarily slippage, and it would all be over. I looked down and around, searching for a way out.

I wasn’t scared though. Not really. I trusted my instincts would help me survive, though I admit that some physical training prior to this ‘event’ would have come in handy. If I had only attended to it. My pursuer didn’t use a dog, but I bet he knew the science of how to chase a prey over rooftops. I had no idea who they were. All I knew was that one wore some sort of black-red uniform. Somehow I had the feeling they were closing in from multiple angles now. I decided to drop myself, down a rainpipe and onto the cobblestone street.

I growled soft as I landed a bit too hard on my feet. I felt like a roof rat being chased out of its hideout and into the sewers. Dark thoughts struck me a moment as I recalled another escape, albeit one of an entirely different order. Thinking of that time made me now feel as if I have been in the shadows for longer than memory. A wound that never fully healed, that is what it was.

Seraphina and I met again in the place where her employer Freya Evans went for her new business. I had managed however to bring Seraphina back ‘home’, albeit not without a struggle. Our renewed relation had grown difficult however, and I suppose I should have known that when we made it back to Roaringshore. I don’t think she fully understood my strange contact with Fernandez, not even after I told her he was blackmailing me over the death on what I believed was Seraphina’s secret lover.

We had already cleared out that case between us, but I think she eventually couldn’t live with the fact that I had to dance to the tune of the master assassin… and perhaps his entire guild backing him up. So both she and her ran from love.

The sound of breaking glass shook me up. This was going to be devastating, both physically as well as for my soul. Who has sent these guys after me in the first place? Had Fernandez changed his mind about me? I lifted a manhole cover and lowered myself in the sewers beneath the city. With dirty water trickling down walls all around me I turned towards a tunnel curling away coldly in the infinite dark. My entire body shuddered a moment as my dilated pupils scanned for other exits.

I’ve witnessed darkness more than once before, but right now it felt as if it robbed me of my best senses, replacing those with a paralyzing doubt. I know my eyes were there because I could still feel myself blink. Stupid thoughts about the past. Under normal circumstances I would turn this around and become the predator… something that I was by my genes.

It’s then when I saw it, rather noticed it by hearing. Up ahead was something that sounded like a ventilation shaft. I groaned soundless as it meant I had to climb again, all the way through a double wall of whatever building. Luckily for me there appeared to be a rusty iron anchored in the stone, and above that another one. Must be a ladder of sorts. As I tried to figure out to who this thieves’ highway belonged, I started to pull my weight up. The muscles in my arms cried. Below me was a now rather ominous silence, and I tried not to imagine how these guys would catch me like a rabbit in a hole, merely needing to fire a few bolts up this shaft to bring me down effortlessly.

Couldn’t blame myself for feeling a little smug when none of my pursuers seemed to have caught up with me, and I stepped through a hole in a wall into an empty room. The joy... however, was short-lived.

A vile pain spread throughout my arm and chest as a bolt struck me just below my shoulder. As if materializing out of thin air a man stepped out of a corner of the room, keeping his crossbow locked on me.

I dropped to my knees and looked up, realizing this life may have come to an end eventually. After everything. I swallowed and nodded once, reconciling myself with the inevitable. “Tell me first who ya be...?”

“Me?” He said while arching a brow in surprise. “My name is Jax. And my friend here is called David.”

“Frind..?” I looked to my right just as another guy materialized next to me.

The last thing I saw was an iron bar coming down on my head.
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Re: Drifting - Erickar Avery

Unread post by lum »

The sound of the breath in my ears had turned from panting gasps into an absolute silence. I had stopped sucking at the air as if it suddenly became too thick, or I had just turned completely deaf. To me it felt like as if I had reached a state that was irreversible. I was uncertain about the next stage. Years ago… many years ago I would have fought and resisted, but today… today it felt like I had nothing to fight for.

My mind travelled back in time rapidly, as if last minute trying to figure out where things had started to head south. It actually detected a lot of dark crossroads and dubious forks in the path I had covered. An impressive trip even if I say so myself. However, for some reason I found myself at a certain spot back in the days where I was still a young lad, occupied with rising to fame.

Already compromised however...

I remember how I’ve been able to sense the hidden rage under an ocean’s surface, and how clouds had the power to send down countless tears, enough to knock a man off his feet, and to teach those who didn’t respect the forces of nature with watery fists. Turbulent, unforgiving… yes, I remember how I could easily align myself with such universe. Ever since the day they kicked me out of my home after my mother died. Without mercy, or pity.

I suppose that point in history is what shaped me, a platform on which I started to build. Since that day, and more than once, waves had rocked the ship that was my life to an almost tipping point. My struggle defined… shaped everything I’ve been, am, and ever would be. Never anything was strong enough to flush me out completely…

“Ric, cut those damn lines!!” The captain yelled.

I was so god damn young when he asked me that in the middle of a real storm. But I remember also how strong I was, how every sense was maxed out and put to the test, and how every single muscle in my body had to work beyond capacity… like there was no end in sight, no tomorrow.

“Those are the gods calling you, lad! Don’t give up, keeping climbing that bloody mast!!”

I recall how the sails next to me billowed ominously, like as if Valkur himself had taken a deep breath the moment prior. I reexperienced how that advanced us up the steep slope of yet another wave with a speed that was beyond heroic. The fall after the top would be all the more impossible to survive.

I was adventurous optimistic, and the ocean was considered my playground. That was at least what I told myself as I climbed to dizzying heights while below me it felt like as if it were demons who churned the sea. The rain gave herself to the ocean like an eager passionate lover, to which the ocean underneath responded with equal... gyrating eagerness.

Heh... think that was maybe the first time I fantasized about sex with a woman.

The wood was as slippery as cobblestones after a wintery shower. I sensed how my bare feet started to slip. I looked up at a sky that was black as night, monochrome with a few subtle hues of grey. Almost artificial, like a painting. I remember how I took a leap of faith, grabbing a stressed rope, and cutting it right under my grip. While one side of the sails was loosened, I swung like a full blown monkey to another side of the mast where I repeated the process… multiple times.

“That a lad!!” The captain yelled encouragingly. He slapped another passing crew member against the belly. “The hell where they’d find this boy?? He’s a bloody treasure!”

As from that day I had become part of a whole, of something new in my life. Even as it wouldn’t last that long, that was the last time where I remember I had felt truly happy. Back in those days my heart had felt like filled with superpower, and with the ability to actually do something to help others.

Back in those days we were invincible. Our brains didn’t struggle over the limitations of a mortal life, they simply didn’t register any hidden messages to warn us about the danger in which we found ourselves multiple times.

What can I say? I was in a flow, where my abilities became like art, where the only cards in my hand were the good ones, where I was quick with surprising people, and where my future had looked promising.

Soo unlike now...
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