Young sparkbringer, aka Jyn Rogue, aka Jasmine Goldwalker

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Young sparkbringer, aka Jyn Rogue, aka Jasmine Goldwalker

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“Daa-aaad?! Where are you?!”

The sun had nearly set, soon to be dipping behind the hills, and a chill dusk started to settle across the fields. The soil had all been prepared for spring planting, the surface now smooth and easy to work. Her dad had determined where they would grow which plants, and one section closer to their farm would have some livestock by summer.


Jyn grew worried but quickly banished the thought of something happening to her father. Fear can cast a large shadow, even as she herself was rather small.

You’re a paladin, Jyn, and if you constantly worry you may lose someone, it will not only cripple yourself, but above all will it hinder and stifle the progress and development you so much like to support…

She repeated this a few times to herself. At first this hadn’t been some insight, merely teachings. Eventually this turned into a mindset that pushed her attitude and sort of shifted her view on life. Sort of…

Dad… where are you…

The young paladin couldn’t help it and grabbed her shield and sword, preparing for the worst as she descended the hill on which their farm was built.

When it turned fully dark about an hour later, the starry darkness was slightly reversed to light as her eyes adapted. Her heart started to bounce faster as she stressed.

Yes, paladins still can stress stuff. As long as the mind isn’t negative. It’s never the load that breaks you down… it’s the way how you handle and carry it. Her father’s words echoed in her mind. Think of solutions, let worry not control you, breathe, and simply never quit.

She sighed and mumbled to herself. “Yes, dad… I know…”

Jyn stopped as she rounded the bush near one of their fields. Nothing… simply nothing. But what had made her worry like this in the first place? What signs or feelings had brought her into this state of mind? The fact her dad was so much older than herself, and that he is often out here alone, working the land? Or were it the stories of this impending threat, announced by Kelian? Jyn was concerned, about the safety of her new home town and those living within. And although moving troops to Baldur’s or elsewhere to assist in a possible defence seemed like a good idea, it also felt awful leaving the people of Beregost and her father’s side.

Probably this also had something to do with her application to become a Knight of the Aster. She didn’t tell anyone yet, especially not her dad since she wanted to surprise him. He himself has been a Soldier of Light for a large part of his life too, and with Jyn following him in his footsteps… well…

But this also meant that she would become responsible for the defence of a temple or shrine of her choosing, and that place would be the Song of the Morning… in Beregost. Once she was admitted to the Order of the Aster and taken the vows, she’d also become a part of the Church’s army. Less liberty to persue other goals, and more importantly joining other factions, even if on a temporary basis this would have to go hand in hand with regular reports and updates towards her new superiors. Not that she expected too much conflicts between her new upcoming role and Kelian’s endeavours to protect Baldur’s and around. Though she could only cover as much ground as she could travel in a day, and a day did only last 24 hours.

“Dad… god da…! “

“Hey hey now, young lady. Watch the language. And what are you doing standing here swearing against the night’s sky?”

Her father’s voice close behind her, made her literally jump. Not only did he startle her, but there definitely was also relief.

He frowned at her as he saw her face. “Is there something going on?”

“Wha…ohhh.. oh, nononono, not at all… I was just looking for you as dinner is ready… well,... -was- at least. Where were you?”

Her father raised his spear. “I hunted down a small pack of wolves, chasing them off the ground towards the forest. That seemed like a good idea with the first lambs arriving this tenday.”

“Ohh.. oh right… yes indeed right that is.”

“Jyn… are you sure everything is okay?”

She blinked at him. Were her earlier feelings written all over her face? She relaxed visibly as she noticed his smile. “Nope, everything is alright, lets go home, shall we?” She offered him a hug.

As he hugged her in return he told her though. “It doesn’t matter how much stressed you are today, one day all those things will become trivial for you. Not that it will make it easy, but at least you will be able to focus more on the light.”

Jyn blushed a little.
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Re: Young sparkbringer, aka Jyn Rogue, aka Jasmine Goldwalker

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“Hey dad, what are you cooking today?” Jyn sniffed as she hung her scarf on the wall.

Gerofind popped his head out of the kitchen. “Oh hi there, and just some cornbread and bacon. Your mother’s recipe.”

Jyn smiled at her dad. “You know, you really do honor her, ...silverback.”

He popped his head out of the kitchen again. “Silverback is it now?? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you are going rogue again.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed as a memory popped in her head.

“Any confessions to make?” He asked as Jyn sat down on a chair with her back to the kitchen.

How did he always do that… reading her mind? It’s as if he always knew what she had been up to.

“I eh…” She rubbed her hands nervously together. “I may have caused someone to trip over my leg.”

“By acci…” Gerofind started.

“... intentionally…”

“Hmm...” There was a sound of pots and pans clanging together.

“... and I apologized…”

“Oh, very goo…”

“But I didn’t really mean it…”

The variety of noises from the kitchen ceased for a moment. After a minute or so her father stepped out of the kitchen and quietly served the food he had been preparing. When he sat down he noticed his daughter was staring at her empty plate.

“So, I assume you were convinced the person in question deserved this treatment?”

“Well… maybe... kinda?”

“Not that I encourage or approve, but… what did he do to you then?”

“Nothing, not really. It was more for someone else.”

“You were defending someone?”

“Helping… sort of?”

After a brief pause her father reacted. “Well, I take you know what I think about such behaviour.”

“Beneath contempt…”

He nodded. For a moment they sat there as they quietly started eating.

“So, when were you planning on telling me?”

Jyn blinked and blushed a little. “I don’t know… it didn’t seem too important, it was only a little sort of prank…”

“Not that, young lady. I was talking about something of a totally different magnitude. How long were you planning on hiding this?”

“Dad, I’m not sure…” Jyn noticed her father was not looking so sternly.

“Knight… my daughter?”

Then it fully dawned on her, and she blushed some more. “I… I wanted to surprise you.”

“That you did, sparkbringer. But did you really think I’d want to miss out on you taking vows? I heard you have to head to Waterdeep for those. Did you think your old man wouldn’t be able to survive that trip? Hmm?!” He did look at her very sternly now.

“What?? No..!! Of course not!! I…”

He chuckled. “My daughter the prankster, but she doesn’t know how to deal with pranks when they do such to her.”

Jyn blushed very hard now. “I… I am a bad troublemaker…”

“Scoundrel." He corrected her." And. Very... very bad..” Gerofind nodded solemnly, grinning like a shot silver fox.

“Blast you…” Jyn muttered to herself as she bit off a chunk of cornbread, chewing as she suppressed a grin. Her father looked more like her than she’d ever dare to admit.
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