Diary of Medicine ~ Corrupted Bile

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Diary of Medicine ~ Corrupted Bile

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[This medical Diary could be found in The Temple of Ilmater, readable by all, under the watch of Brother Khalso. A small cord ties it to the library]

This Diary has been made out of observations, elements and researches gathered with Dungeon Master Summer Breeze. Courtesy to her for her involvment and precisions. Anything related to this diary should be treated with her.

Corrupted Bile
Notes :

Rumors spead the word that a man has been vomitting after eating meat. His body erupted in a walking piece of flesh. Bile has been taken from the creature, and the vial handed in attempt to determine which reagent could poison.

Alchemical dsitillation isolated three combined reagents and a fluid :
~ Dark Blue Blood
~ Necromantic volutes
~ Alcohol

~ Human bile

Dark Blue Blood :
The blood is likely the source of infection. It has been taken from a strange creature. The creature, without clear jawline, has a maw full of serrated sharp teeth. Those could be dreadful, probably best used in hunts and executions, to tear bodies and flesh apart. Its body is made of entiwned tentacles and sharp fins. Its seafom green skin would be an impressive camoflage in the ocean. Four orafaces lines the body. The could be either vents or eyes. In a row across its head, four eyes sparkle with intelligence, far from the bestiality one would expect from such creature.

Necromantic Volutes :
The necromantic volutes are of arcane nature. Little expertise could determine their function, althrough they evaporated when the reagents were separated. Those are likely related to undeath. Either would they ehance the necromantic power of the solution, or would they enable the poison to turn a living body into undead, or to extend life through undeath means. Its origin remains obscured by the arcane nature of the magic, and its purpose not well defined.

Healing :
Mundane Healing ~ None found yet
Miracles Healing ~
  • Protective wards
  • Death Ward would prevent the effect of taking root
  • Healing miracle
  • Greater Heal and Restoration prayer combined would cleanse the corruption, proven they take effect before the corruption rot one bloodstream

Suppositions & Investigations :
After inspection, this holds no real poison. The results nurture the idea that it was not really meant to kill, but rather the consequence of an experiment that would have gone wrong.

The creature could be from another plane or very rare. It is not commonly known.
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