Inner thoughts of a feral druid.

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Inner thoughts of a feral druid.

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On his way from his last talk with Netanya

Why does that elf not trust us? We do what we do to help the forest and to make our queen happy. .This is what needs to be done. We don't like hurting the dark elf's laughs to himself you can not lie to me I am in your head. Shrugs.

We must stop by the old nest in the reaching woods that is where the club is. . nods to himself again. Maybe this one will talk after he sees the mess the last one made after he bit us. .We hope Gary did not clean up the blood. .

We did like how the new priestess look got to see us give our gift to The Frost Queen. Grins as he walks towards a tree outside of soubar

Takes a deep breath in as he arrives in the reaching woods Is good to be back we have spent to long near city's. .
Mid thought he hears his name Don't tell lolanna what we are doing. . just get the club and go back. . We do not know how long dark elfs can go without food and water. .

It is good to be back at the temple. . now we can think about everything. . So many things going on to many people not wanting to do what needs to be done. Why would we care what happens under the city? But if it is the same spiders from the underdark and from the woods then it is part of the problem. .

But what of our talk with the green hair druid. . What are we to do about that? We must find who betrayed us. . If not the rest of the pack must die and we will start again. . its the only way.

Where is the meat we left here? There it is! GET BACK ON TRACK. . No need to yell it is just us in here. .

We should have talked to lolanna see if she knows what is going on with our shifting. . What if she is a spy for the green hair one? No no no she knows. .

It is hard to think with the screams and yells of the dark elf's. . We need more fish to keep them from being so loud this is our alone time. .

Why did lolanna have that weird smile when we walked by near the shrine? Does she know? No we told her it was guest that is civilized she does not know.

We wonder if metal mask has found the one he says can break the dark elf's. . He thinks we do not know how to make things talk. . We do but not in a language we understand. . So many things. . we need a list . . Did we learn how to write yet? No that was on the last list. .

We wonder if netanya has told anyone about how to feed the portals. . But she has a point we can not fight there alone. .

We need something to drink. . burnt our mouth on the last fire giant. .

Metal Blake is getting close to sneaky elf maybe we can get him to pass what we know to her. .Then the metal men will have the glory the seek and we will be rid of the fire followers and the lands can go back to the way they where. .

Did we bring the club in? Can we stay on topic. .But there are so many. . Pick one and we will talk about it. . Did we bring the club in? This is why people think we are crazy. .

We need to find the ones who attacked us in greenest maybe we can use them. . Lets get something to eat.
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