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Re: Spell / Scroll / Feat Bugs

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gotesu wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 12:37 pm I did some play around with it, vast majority of the cases the shape shifting didn't work (got back to the original form immediately), sometimes if I used a consumable before (like a healing potion/kit) it worked. If concerning CL the character I was using had practiced spellcaster to cover for a 3 non-cl giving class + 2 CL from archmage. Most of the tries were just mid-fighting before casting offensive spells. It happened in the Durlag challenges rooms.
Hmm strange that it works after consumables, it's usually the consumable that breaks things lowering CL...sounds like maybe something with Archmage then. I'll have a look. One more thing, are you casting Shapechange from spellbook or using archmage ability? Like the conversion of spell into spell like ability?
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Re: Spell / Scroll / Feat Bugs

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Normal spellbook.
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