BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

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Re: BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

Unread post by Fire Wolf »

In the sewer maintenance area, I found that the only exit from the room connected to the one way door is no longer connected. Due to the very high dc on the door I entered through, and the other two doors either being behind a barricade or someone's guild key, it was impossible to escape without the help of another player who rescued me with a dimension door wand.

I hope the exit can be reconnected to somewhere, or better yet the guild door removed as it does not block off any actual guild areas and only serves to trap and frustrate non guild members in a lower level area.

Lots of love for all the work going in! I was just surprised to end up in this situation!

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Re: BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

Unread post by Ashenie »

Hello there!

Thank you for reporting! It has already been reported and it should already be corrected for next update. It should be connected to the Wide.

There will also be a lot of work in the sewer to connect many entries to the surface, but that will take some time.

Thanks for your help,


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Re: BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

Unread post by Hullack »

In the NW section of the Wide, there's a large tree growing up through a row of houses.
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Re: BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

Unread post by Blackhorizon »

Some of these have been pointed out but I gathered them together. Some duplicate NPC and NPC behavior. Just ignore if all known.

On the Steeps map there are several NPC fairly close to each other and I guess these are more or less at the right location.
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These have duplicate elsewhere also. Ferryman is probably just fine having a duplicate since it's a big harbor.

Captain Deudermont (near the ship in the harbor)
Cliff Jones "Town guide"
Street Kid at X (Green name, no quest circle) - 1: walks to where Stewart Hipp used to stand but the closest now is Jones who is behind the wall at the yellow X spot.
2. Points out the Ferryman but after that doesn't go anywhere. Does say Let's move on.

There is also bench used as a "flower pot" on each side of the arch. There's also an actual bench nearby both.
On the Seatower map there is another Street Kid.
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The location of the Kid is actually on the left side of the X marked building, the side between the brown and red roof.
Street Kid (this kid has the "quest circle", but the name is plain white) - 1: is for a "busy fellow" but there's noone at the spot
2: Fist HQ which is kinda true
After 2 the kid doesn't go anywhere even though the kid said " Let's move on." Eventually the kid runs off unless you use the conversation option to tell him to run off.
Duplicates on Eastway.
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1. Ferryman. (This one could be there)
2. Cliff Jones (Does have a working conversation, no quest pointer)
3. Captain Deudermont (Captain is awfully far from his ship, does have a convo)
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Re: BG Revamp (Jan 3 2023) Bug Reports

Unread post by Józef Taktyka »

Some of the transition areas in the Heapside are not marked on the map.

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