Screen Resolution Issue

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Screen Resolution Issue

Unread post by Marek »

So I just got a new laptop and I am coming back to Baldur's Gate after a long time and when I try to max the screen resolution in the options I keep getting crashes. I am also having a hard time logging in with my old account characters (Shaman64 gamerid) as I keep getting booted before logging into the server.

I have Skywings client extension installed in my C Drive/Program Files(x86)/Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete folder.

Anyone know why my screen resolution crashes me, and can someone help me to not get booted when I try to login with a character?

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Re: Screen Resolution Issue

Unread post by EasternCheesE »

For the resolution, please first turn game into windowed mode, then adjust resolution, then turn it into fullscreen.
As of being booted on login, i guess it's better to pm administration since only they can address any cd-key issues that may exist.
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