3b20 not violated but not allowed to log in

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Re: 3b20 not violated but not allowed to log in

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Ibnshaitan1 wrote: Wed Nov 23, 2022 5:04 pm I have been logging in to try to find a DM to RCR but havent had any luck. Since I will need to reference this thread I am sure can I just request the RCR be put to Malik?

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Best bet is to message the DM team here on the forums and schedule a time with them that someone can come on and help.
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Re: 3b20 not violated but not allowed to log in

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Well this sucks. DM Ghost has determined I cannot get the charater re RCRed. I stand by my original complaint. As you have verified I had all of the classes by 15 with absolutely no reason to be out of compliance. I have played on the server for years I very much knew the rule. When the bug happens again I hope this issue will be confirmed and the next individual is treated kindly. In talking to Izzul about it he speculated that the glitch happens due to advancement confusion between DS and EK being caused by level advancement. I suspect it is the result of the system not registering DS levels do to the conflict that he mentioned. Thanx for looking into this and I guess I can reRCR the toon in a couple years when it comes around again.
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