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New Appearance Changing Features

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Greetings, a new feature is available on the server. The old "!:hair" feature has been expanded upon.

First, make a character named one of the following names (do not put a last name):

1. makeover

2. head

3. hair

It is not case sensitive, but make sure you spell it right!

Note: You must be the same race and gender as the character you wish to copy to.

Next, log into your character you wish to copy to. And in the description of the character add either:

1. !:makeover

2. !:head

3. !:hair

Log out, and back in and you will see the following happened depending on which you chose:

1. makeover

This will copy the hair, hair tint, facial hair, face, eyebrow color, eye color, skin tint, height, and weight from your character makeover to the character with !:makeover in their bio.

2. head

This will copy the facial hair, face, eyebrow color, eye color, and skin tint from your character head to the character with !:head in their bio.

3. hair

This will work as usual and copy the hair and hair tint from your character hair to the character with !:hair in their bio.

You can combine !:head and !:hair, but I recommend using !:makeover instead.

If you have !:makeover it will ignore !:head and/or !:hair in your bio.

You do not need to put a space and then !:head, !:hair, or !:makeover. It is also not case sensitive. It can go anywhere in the bio.

Note: Tiefling tails work as they always have. You need to put the word tail in your bio somewhere. Also, when you change your skin tint via !:head or !:makeover it will carry over to your tail color as well.

Q: What is this feature for? Can I swap my race and gender, or use other race's heads?


So !:hair existed the entire time.

Jude is adding a lot more head models, as well as tweaking existing ones.

This feature is intended to allow a player to swap to a new model that has been added or tweaked without the need of doing a 100% RCR just to use an updated model.

It can also be used to adjust your appearance later on should you need to for any IC reason or otherwise.

There are technical reasons why race and gender have their own set of head models. This feature is not intended to allow you to bypass race and gender restrictions or to change your race or gender.

Q: Doesn't this have the potential to be misused ICly?

A: Yes, there is a potential for someone to abuse this ICly, which is the case for most features in the game. Anything you let a player do, even as simple as entering a name, has the potential to be misused. As always report that kind of thing to your local DM Team if spotted.

Q: Is this live? Was there a patch?

A: This is live, yes. No, there was no patch. For technical reasons a patch to the game is not needed to configure this feature.
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