Announcement!: Server Split and 100% RCR Period

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Announcement!: Server Split and 100% RCR Period

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After many months of work, the development team is finally ready to go live with the server split. The server will be brought down for a brief period at some point today or this weekend for the transition, and then the split (with a content update) will be pushed the next time you log in.

With the server split, the 100% RCR NPC will go live as well. As a reminder, the 100% RCR period will be “AT YOUR OWN RISK." We are not able to provide staff support for it, as was originally stated by Zanniej in this post: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=74769.

It is strongly recommended that you wait a couple more weeks before you try to RCR, while we ensure that the new server and databases are stable. The RCR period will likely remain in place for at least a couple of months, so do not feel like you have to rush to do one while server stability is still being tested. We will announce it at least two weeks in advance before turning off the 100% RCR period.

Additionally, please be aware that if we run into significant problems with the split or with the update, then there may be a need to rollback the server update and, or, server character vaults. We do not expect this to occur, and the new system has been heavily tested, but if it is required then there is the possibility that you could lose any mechanical progress you make this weekend (XP, items, trades, GP, etc.).

Many people helped with the server split -- with development, with idea generation, with testing, with deployment -- and there were numerous hurdles along the way, such as ensuring that players on server 1 could send Tells to players on server 2 and vice-versa. But your development and QC teams crushed all of these obstacles. As such, the admin team would like to thank everyone who was involved in and worked on this project for their many, many hours of labor. You all made this possible.

The following Q&A, courtesy of Ewe, should help answer some of the basic questions you might have about the server split:

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Server Split General FAQ
1. What is the split?

The server areas are being split across two different nwn2 servers. Certain area transitions will seamlessly connect you to another server.

2. Why is the split needed?

Due to technical reasons we've reached the limit of the total number of areas one server can support. In order to be able to expand in the future it's necessary to add another server to the current server infrastructure.

3. Does this mean there is now a surface server and an underdark server?

No, it is somewhat arbitrary which areas are on which server. Generally, the north areas of the surface and the underdark areas are on server 2 while everything else is on server 1. There are some exceptions and this general rule may not always be true in the future as new areas are being added.

4. How do I connect?

You should continue to connect to the server as usual.

5. How do I know if a transition will take me to another server?

Currently there is no real indication. Crossing a server boundary will show you a loading screen, and for the most part it should seem like any other area transition.

6. How can I send tells to players on the other server or see who is online?:

Cross-Tell System

Players from both servers can be observed on the scry (unless they are hiding their visibility).

To send tells to players on the other server use the following commands:
>CT "Character Name" your text
>CTP "Player Name" your text

Known Issues and Limitations
1. Pack Horses:
Each server has its own pack horse inventory currently. Any belongings you had on your horse prior to the split will have to be retrieved from server 1.

2. Buffs/Summons/etc on server transitions:
There may be some odd issues with summons, buffs, etc. when you cross a server boundary. In the meantime the recommendation would be to rest and rebuff as needed.

3. Main Menu Boot:
"I went through a server transition and was booted to the Main Menu!" If this happens, simply try reconnecting. It should put you back where you were trying to transition to.

4. Transition not working:
"Help this transition isn't working!" Check your log, there's a 20 second timer after crossing a server boundary before you can use another server transition.

5. Storage Missing:
"Help my storage is missing!" If you notice any issues with missing storage please contact the admins and developers on the forums and it will be straightened out. Everyone's storage is backed up and safe.

6. Myrkul not porting:
"I have died and Myrkul didn't port me!" Try talking to Myrkul again. You will only be charged xp the one time.

7. Teleportation Spell not working:
"Help, I have cast a teleportation spell and nothing happened!" There can be a 5-10 second delay currently when a teleporation spell would take you to the other server.

8. File download errors?:
The auto-downloader (ADL) that loads files to you when the server has an update will download different files per server. Some of the files will be downloaded from a secondary auto-downloader for the time being, so there will be some "red text" on your download bar. This should not impact your ability to download the update.
Additional details about the content update being rolled out with the server split and 100% RCR period will be available in the Server Updates patch notes.
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Re: Announcement!: Server Split and 100% RCR Period

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We've heard that some people are finding duplicate characters and items on their accounts.

Please report these illegal characters or duplicated items if you run into this problem.

We do not intend to do a rollback at this time, but we call upon all of you to help protect the integrity of the server and your own enjoyment of it by not taking advantage of technical errors. If you are caught using duplicated items or characters that have not been reported, it will be considered cheating, and may result in a ban.

Thanks for your understanding and your vigilance in keeping things fair for all players!
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Re: Announcement!: Server Split and 100% RCR Period

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Our community's hardworking developers are currently working hard on a patch to improve stability and fix bugs post-split, but until that goes in, little will change with regards to server stability.

As such, this is just a reminder that RCRs should be considered carefully -- whether it's worth the risk now while we're still fixing stability, or whether you can wait a bit and do it when you're less likely to lose important items to a crash.

We still do not have a firm end date for the 100% RCR period, but it will most likely last most if not all of the summer -- certainly well into July or August anyway -- so there is no rush to get it done ASAP.