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Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:15 am
by Endelyon

- Archmage multiclass restrictions lifted
- Weapon Supremacy should now appear properly on Fighter's feat list


Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:15 am
by Endelyon

I'm including a few here that slipped in earlier and I never documented.

- Fixes/revisions to Ulcaster's and the Upperdark.
- Petrified targets will now slowly take damage until death
- Appearance kits should be in stores again
- Dispels should now give better feedback about what effects are removed
- (Player Suggestion) Ulgoth's Beard now has more fishing spots to allow better distance for RP
- Various other minor bug fixes

Detailed Upperdark changes:
Upperdark Update

- Added higher quality wpn/armor shop to the Tunnelrunner
- Added CR notes on Rockrun/Blackrock/Kro's Labyrinth entrances
- Moved Rockrun Nexus wp
- Added map notes to Runner's Pass
- Added gem store to Runner's Pass
- Added Auction House to Fizzlestones
- Tweaked C Gravelstones conversation
- Tweaked Fizzlestones conversation


Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:09 am
by Endelyon

- (Fixed issue) Breach spells will now properly breach Energy Immunity: Fire, Energy Immunity: Acid, Energy Immunity: Sonic, and the Resistance cantrip.
- (Fixed issue) Appearance Changer Kits should REALLY be back in shops now. I hope. :oops:


Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:45 am
by Endelyon

- Friendly Arm Inn revamp courtesy of Lisa.

Detailed changes:
Darius Holding Company - Interior - changed / updated downstairs warehouse and upstairs bar. Fixed some walkmesh issues, added a few more lights, fixed the doors entrances and exits, other small fixes etc.

bg, harbor district / Darius Holding Company & The Minstrel's Muse - Added Darius Holding Company warehouse, connected doors front upstairs to The Minstrel's Muse and back entrance for the DHC Warehouse, added map pins, adjusted the terain, fixed walkmeshes, adjusted the lighting in that section only. etc.

FAI - Interior and Exterior as per Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast...

Friendly Arm Inn Interior - Completely revamped bar, added first floor (basement) conference room, gambling hall, wine cellar, Bently's office, poker table, the gamblor gambling machine, dice game and scripts for both. updated 2nd floor main tavern and kitchen and 3rd Floor inn rooms and public bath. Fixed lighting, completely optimized and lowered framerate throughout. Added Dice game script... simple script rolls 2d6 when you click on the dice.

FAI Exterior - Removed a couple non escential NPC's. Added Luna's rooftop Cafe', Added Barn and horses, moved the pigs, added additional vendor stalls, added seating area outside temple, Added garden and barn for OSR with horses. Completely Optimized and DRASTICALLY lowered the Framerate, changed textures, lights, grass, trees, made all placeable houses environmental and walkmeshed around them. etc etc and more.


Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:48 pm
by Endelyon

Area Changes
- Upperdark update (removed Baleful spiders)
- Fixes to floating obects
- Reduced all non-boss spawn decay time to 2.5 seconds
- Fixed Durlag's quest conversations (all should be working now)
- Updated/restored BG Palace walls
- Updated/restored BG Farmlands north (arena)
- Carnival visiting BG Farmlands north
- Minor changes/fixups to FAI interior

Feat Changes
- Reverted changes to Ki Step that rendered it non-working
- Extended Barbarian Rage timer by 5 rounds
- Epic Rage strength requirement reduced to 21
- Thundering Rage strength requirement reduced to 21

Other Changes
- Weapon/Armor changes are now in effect


Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:27 am
by Endelyon

Area Updates
- Reaching Woods rehaul/revamp
- Minor fixes and revisions to Darius Holding Company
- Radiant Heart guild hall restored in Eastern Farmalnds.
- Minor changes outside Thayan Enclave

Class Changes
- Cavalier opened up to all races
- "Ninja" beta class now receives Crippling Strike per QC discussion

Spell Changes
- Death Ward restored to the breach list, breaches are now randomized
- Quill Barrage now does magical damage instead of physical
- Quill Barrage can now be properly maximized and empowered
- Fixed incorrect duration on Nondetection
- Fixed incorrect duration on Pass Without Trace

Other Fixes/Changes
- Quest fixes in Sewer Bowels
- Quest fixes in Soubar
- Quest fixes in Durlag's Tower
- Icons for crafted scrolls fixed
- Blank scrolls should now stack
- Halflings and gnomes now share some selectable head models between subraces
- Earring script refactoring by Nquit


Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:55 am
by Endelyon

- East Farmlands update rolled back pending corrections.


Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:29 pm
by Endelyon

Area Changes/Fixes
- East farmlands updated again, ORH guild hall exterior added
- Ebon Blades guild hall exterior added in Soubar
- Halls of Inner Light guild hall exterior added in BG Palace District
- Doron Amar minor cosmetic changes

Feat/Spell Changes/Fixes
- Epic Mass Heal should now work properly once more
- Mass Cure Spells should work properly once more
- Lesser Restoration now cures Fatigue effect
- Shadow Adept's Shield of Shadow should work properly now
- Divine Perseverance will now activate automatically
- Bestow Curse should now properly be treated as Necromancy school

New Features
- TKL Bard Performer tool added. (Happy birthday, Lockonnow :P) Items needed to use the system will be added to vendors in an upcoming update.



Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:15 am
by Endelyon
Minor tweaks to the loot system have begun. I will be revamping it over the coming weeks, with the end goal in mind to make it more generous overall.


Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:45 am
by Endelyon
TKL instruments are now available at the basic gear vendors in the East Farmlands and Gloura's Wings.


Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:32 pm
by Endelyon
Treasure chests no longer have a level restriction on them.


Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:07 am
by Endelyon

Class Changes
- Barbarian Class changes are final and should now all be working properly
- Phantom Class changes are final and the class is officially available for play!
- Bards now receive a new version of Bardic Knowledge (+1 to all lore skills per 5 Bard levels)

Spell Changes
- Amplify / Clairaudience & Clairvoyance changes per QC discussion
- Amplify now provides +10 to Listen (does not stack with C&C)
- C&C now provides +10 to both Spot & Listen (does not stack with Amplify)
- Embrace the Wild changed to calculate correct Ranger CL
- Mass Cure spells now properly effect the caster as well as the party
- Minor fixes to breach mechanics

Area Changes
- Reaching Wood tweaks (spawning issues might be fixed)
- Druid's Grove tweaks (link to Reaching Woods should be working)
- Phoenix Company tweaks
- Soubar tweaks/fix for skybox

Other Changes
- Ombra's Poison System now works again
- Loot system tweaks which were previously reverted should now be in effect again
There are probably some minor updates and fixes here and there I've forgotten to list.

The new barbarians AC feat should deliver itself to Barbarians automatically. Barbarian PCs will be eligible for a 100% RCR/rebuild if desired following the class changes since this is a pretty major overhaul (a 30 Barbarian would be missing 3 feats, evasion, and unable to capitalize on lower reqs for Epic/Thundering Rage!) Please contact the DM or the Admin team if you would like to capitalize on this.

Anyone who picked Phantom ("Ninja") before today will **NOT** be eligible for a 100% RCR/rebuild. If you have Phantom levels and are the wrong alignment, did not receive Crippling Strike, or anything along those lines, you were fairly warned not to pick Ninja levels because the class would ultimately be changed.

Bards do not need to rebuild to receive the new Bardic Knowledge. It will deliver automatically when you log in.


Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:53 pm
by Endelyon

The list is pretty big this time because I've let them pile up for a while without posting update notes. Sorry! Also note that some of these revisions will go in with an update that I'll stage this weekend, so they aren't in the game quite yet.

Bug Fixes/Mechanical Changes
- Fixes made to summon spells to prevent them from attacking invisible nodes
- Fixes made to summon spells to make them properly follow the caster
- Fix for inscribe rune where used up runes didn't decrease the local counters accordingly. Now when inscribing a new rune there is a check on runes of the same spell level, if one is found it is destroyed before creating a new rune. There is also a check on the number of runes in the inventory at this point so that phantom runes are cleaned up.
- Fix to Bear Warrior to transfer mental attributes properly when shapechanged (taking race modifiers into account).
- Changes/fixes to Shield Other. The spell is back to 50/50 shared damage instead of 30/50 like the Guarding the lord ability.
The distance for breaking the spell was changed to 25 + caster level/2 * 3 feet, for a 70 feet distance at CL 30. Guarding the lord ability has its distance set at 70f directly.
- Fixed a bug that caused Bigby spells to continue to damage players after entering the Fugue.
- Blessed Aim corrected CL
- Embrace the Wild corrected CL
- Thaumaturge can now have a planar cohort plus a summon and not just a summon. Added sizeincrease function to inc_summon_code to adjust the size of the summoned creatures as need be, will need tweaking to find the right size for each.
- Arcane PRCS now allows familiars to progress, +1 familiar level per spellcasting progression level.
- Removed exp penalty for dominated creatures
- Summons should no longer last forever
- Characters should now be automatically saved every two minutes
- Ghost Face Killer now receives Cleave at level 6, and Ghost Sight at level 10 (True Seeing for 10 minutes, 3/day)
- Divine spell power fixed, now properly uses Charisma (instead of Wisdom) and was giving wrong bonuses.
- AC from Seal the Breach should no longer continuously stack with itself
- Epic Gate now uses the summon slot
- Dragon warrior revisited, changes to Dragon Breath : The breath weapon deals 2d12 points of damage per class level + 1d3 points per hd in a 30' cone. The Reflex save DC for the breath weapon is 15 + the dragon warrior's class level + the dragon warrior's Con modifier. This can be used once per day at 2nd level and gains another use every second level.
- Animal companion scripts update to accomodate the new Hierophant companion progression feat.
- Dominated summons should no longer be killed when exiting an area
- Mages with more than 30CL should now correctly have a familiar
- Red wizard CL & DCs fixed for their specialized school, no default bonus to evocation. New enhanced specialization feat to replace the old one so that nothing is messed up. Old one will be removed on login and replaced by the new one (hence the changes on pc_on_loaded).
- Prices at Tommy Shackel's store lowered
- Prices at Thayan Enclave raised
- Added a check so that Northlander Hewing could not be used with ranged weapons.
- Summon AI should now be more responsive
- Ki Step now has a distance limit of 40 feet and a cooldown of 30 seconds. If Ki Step fails because of line of sight the cooldown should reset so you can try again immediately.
- Tweaks to player Bigby spells to make them now apply vanilla effects once more
- Corrected all epic spells' DCs to 25 + ability modifier (prodigy included, as well as Shadow Weave bonuses/maluses).
- Tweaks to Bigby's Hand HP, AC and DR to make it scale with caster's HD. HP = 200 +10 * HD, DR = HD/3, AC : 25 + HD/3
- Bard song (Fascinate, Cloud Mind, Haven Song) DCs now match the class description
- Stormsinger song DCs now match the class description
- Anti Magic Melody now correctly takes Stormsinger levels into account
- Changes to Flesh to Stone, back to vanilla petrification for PCs except limited to 5 minutes. A message will indicate to both caster and target that the duration is set to 5 minutes to prevent griefing.
- Changes to Bloodwalk, Blood Mark now creates two runes. One has to be given to the targeted PC and consent is achieved by accepting the rune and keeping it in the player's inventory. Bloodwalk should now also correctly teleports to the marked PC.
The given rune will only function for the marked PC.
- Skill synergies added, 5 ranks in the first give a +2 bonus on the second one, cumulative bonuses. (Bluff/Diplomacy), (Bluff/Disguise), (Bluff/Intimidate), (Bluff/Sleight Of Hand), (Knowledge Arcana/Spellcraft), (Knowledge Nobility/Diplomacy), (Sense Motive/Diplomacy), (Spellcraft/Use Magic Device), (Survival/Knowledge Nature), (Use Magic Device/Spellcraft)
- Fixed a bug that caused uses per day to refill when logging out
- More tweaks to the death system to (hopefully) prevent corpse disappearance
- Align Weapon changed functionally to successfully break monster DR
- Intuitive Attack now works with unarmed attacks, kamas, and quarterstaves.
- Skill Focus feats added for knowledge skills
- Epic spells can now be picked on Shadow Adept and Thaumaturge levels
- Archmages should FINALLY be able to freely multiclass

Area Changes
- Props added to Soubar Merchant
- FAI interior tweaks
- Candlekeep tweaks
- Ebon Blade guild tweaks
- Palace District tweaks
- ORH guild hall tweaks
- Probably some more I'm forgetting :)

- New Load Screens added to random rotation


Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:19 pm
by Endelyon

Everything from the previous list is now live plus a few extras:

- Swashbuckler changes
- New skills (Disguise, Escape Artist, Lore skills) were added to the DMFI roll menu
- More saved location tweaks to hopefully get it working
- Mark Blood changed to have GUI consent instead of trading runes
- True Seeing and Mirror Image should now correctly calculate CL against dispels
- Probably some other minor stuff I forgot, I'm tired
- Hellrider outpost on Triel ruins map


Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:09 pm
by Aspect of Sorrow
Logging in, the Server News tab now displays the revision commit descriptions at the Create Character / Select Character / Cancel screen.