The "Year of the Morningstar" Campaign

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Summary Post

Using DMogorgon's format, here is the summary for the Year of the Morningstar Campaign to date. Any events run in any of the areas below this year that have not been mentioned, please PM me or post them below. Also, I urge you to head on over and read The Silverscale Reader (Historical Record).


- Zhents have shown some interest in this place and more Corm orp recently.

- Triel revival is also an ongoing plotline in this area.

- Guild found the underground ruins belonging to the Bhaalite (banite) temple beneath the Winding Way Tavern. They were all slain by a green ancient wyrm who was sleeping there (who they should have let sleep there), but later rescued. They aquired 2 artifacts, one banite, on mystran. DMogorgon


- Adventurers under contract of the mayor of Gullykin discover powerful Illithids in Durlag's tower seeking an item. Otherwise the mayor tasks them when also spying on the nearby Gullykin Crypts and helping to sell a healthy surplus of Gullykin produced wine. DM Dialectic


- Nelanther Pirates in a secret floating dock are beginning a blockade of the place in order to ruin the reputation of and supplant the High captains (the Crystal Moon guild plot, hopefully involving Hellstorms as well) DM Golem


- Beregost Fair (run by the Everwatch Knights).

- Public execution of Dead Crows leader, Sabel Faeria.


- Links forged between the Temple of the Shield and the House of the Guardian.
Helmite guild had been appointed to work as ambassadors to BG working with Nashkel and Beregost civil leadership (largely intended to coordinate with OSR representing the Dukes).DM Golem

- Helmite pilgrims DM Golem

- Amn watchtower issues caused some conflict with BG.

Ulgoth's Beard:

- Ghost Ship plagued the village for roughly two months, with undead attacks, kraken attacks, naga attacks and increased activity in the village. In the end adventurers rallied after piecing together the story to end the threat. DM Theophanies

Baldur's Gate:

- The Duchal Court enters a diplomatic engagement with Darkhold. Discussions revolve around Zhentish representation within the Duchal Court. Talks are held with prominent allies about who shall be the Duke's representative to Darkhold.

- Trade Court held. DM Boo DM Arkanis DM Golem DM Eminence

- Links forged between the Temple of the Shield and the House of the Guardian DM Golem

- Everwatch Knights suppressing banditry plaguing the road north. DM Golem

- The Thieves guild crowns the 8th Duchess of Shadows.

- Negotiations with the Dukes to start the First Bank of Baldur's Gate are made by the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange.

- Red Wizards resurgence (more on that later). Catam captured and turned over to the Fist for murdering one of their members. The Fist slaps his wrist and let him go, given that the murder was out of Duchal Lands.

- Public hanging of Faberge. DM Boo

- Public hanging of Dens Bross. DM Venger


- A vampire jaluk from before the days of the Conclave (who in fact took part in the early events of the burgeoning civil war) has arisen from his slumber and is angered by the rising Lolthite tide. DM Golem

- The Devlin's are pursuing a relic of Lolth, supposedly lost among the illithids. (still devising this) DM Golem

- War between Bregan D'aerthe, the Conclave, and House Devlin.

- Eilistraeen activity.


- Shadow Thief plots still pertinent. They have secured hold and are starting to look more legitimate. Their aim to push north with an eye on Waterdeep. DMogorgon DM Azgorath

- Ancient city of Vehlar reappears in the Wood of Sharp Teeth. An army of werewolves lead by Chosen of Malar Ragnor overruns the woods. Doron Amar enters into a peace treaty with Ragnor's people.
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