Campaign State of Affairs - 1351 - Year of the Crown

The "Year of the Crown" Campaign

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Campaign State of Affairs - 1351 - Year of the Crown

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BGTSCC Campaign - 1351 - Year of the Crown - State of Affairs


Baldur's Gate: Recently suffered from a terrible plague rumored to originated from the newly discovered Warlock's Crypt. Although the plague has waned, it's effect on the port town are far from over. Food is still stretched in the city in a post-plague economy though, as well as medical supplies.

About to threaten the city of Baldur's Gate with siege, a massive undead army under a lich General of Warlock's Crypt was turned back at the Trollclaw Fords, after Kheldrivver to the north was lost tendays earlier to the undead, by a combined effort of the War Council and the Lords' Alliance and other living allies and a truce reached whereby the General returned his undead forces to the Crypt in return for the living not bothering it.

The recent rousing of the undead to the north left the village of Kheldrivver evacuated and then sacked by undead forces, with the refugees taken in by Baldur's Gate. Although food is still a bit stretched within Baldur's Gate, the refugees are indeed doing well thanks to the outreach of the community and donations made through the Temple of Ilmater. Although they find themselves in a very hard situation, leaving their homes and all that they know at the threat of an undead horde, they make the best of the situation. Being a hardy folk, some find work in the farmer's fields working the crops while others try their hand at fishing (albeit not successfully at first). The mayor of Kheldrivver is still within the city, though rumors are spreading that he may soon be returning with his people to the village now the undead threat of the General has seemingly ended. (DM Dialectic and DM Theophanies)

Prices for alchemist fire and reagents in Baldur's Gate have gone up significantly lately. Mass buying, stealing and hording has been occuring as of late. Rumors indicate the virtuous soil are behind it. Inquiries would be directed towards Captain Beluarion of the Flaming Fist. Alternatively, if one asks around in the smoky crowded taverns, a keen ear may hear you and approach. (DM Theophanies)

A company of hellriders under Captain Raman has established a camp outside of Baldur's Gate northern gate. They seem to be here to combat the undead incursions. (DM Bloodlust)

After being nearly arrested for sedition and treason against the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate and her lands and estate seized in a Flaming Fist raid aided by adventurers, the previously well-respected and ancient family rooted Baldurian noble, Lady Katherine Vernosa, escaped capture and was rumored to have hidden out in as varied locations as the cliffs over Ulgoth's Beard, the High Moors, and the Greypeaks. Over many months, as Baldur's Gate's most wanted, Lady Vernosa concocted a complicated conspiracy to terrorize, assassinate, infiltrate, and replace the civil and military administration of Baldur's Gate. She nearly would have succeeded had it not been for various loyalist Baldurian adventurers associated with the Order of the Radiant Heart, Doron Amar, the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange, the crew of the ship the Whistling Wandress, the Phoenix Company, and other unaffiliated or unnamed groups. With the aid of these adventurers, Lady Vernosa was killed and her climatic multi-pronged plan thwarted to secretly replace the leadership of Baldur's Gate with nefarious plant being copies under her control and to obliterate the leadership of the Flaming Fist with an on-shore and off-shore brazen assassination attempt using snipers, explosive fishing baits, and an explosive ship. (DM Dialectic)

A recent spree of crimes leave the locals much to rumor about among the taverns and back alleys. (DM Theophanies)

Reaching Woods: Devastated by undead occupation. The undead have left the forest, but noone has since visited to evaluate it's current state. (DM Bloodlust)

Fields of the Dead: The massive Talonite undead army of the Blight and Magmire has crossed over the Chiontar north into the Fields of the Dead, seemingly threatening the eastern approach to Baldur's Gate if it should choose to march that way. (DM Bloodlust)

Sharpteeth Forest: The Talonite army has left a polluted Sharpteeth Forest behind it after leaving it to the north and after a large battle against forces of the War Council and other living allies at the old Flaming Fist outpost of Sharpteeth. It is yet to be seen if animals, orcs and werewolves driven to the south by it return to their home territories in the forest. (DM Bloodlust)

Undead Threats from the North: A powerful vampire had come to the Coast and on several occasions attempted to trick unwary adventurers and travelers into joining her family. She made random appearances throughout the Coast often followed by a mysterious storm while she performs hidden rituals to raise the nearby dead into her army.

Finally, the vampire Velika was cured of her vampirism, and in the power struggle that followed, her right hand turned on her and took charge of her forces. Velika now hides out around Baldur's Gate helping adventurers get the upper hand on the forces plaguing the Coast. Mavlon took off to the Netherese ruins under Durlag's Tower to recover from the battle with Velika and her allies while the remnants of her forces are scattered throughout the Fields of the Dead. (DM Silverfox)

A particular dangerous and violent lich, rumored to be of Netherese descent and involved also in certain Talassian circles, has made itself known on the Coast again. He is known for his powerful illusions and deadly storms, tearing rifts to other planes. Of course such telltale signs make tracking him easier. Other rumors of sightings indicate another being, a spirit of some sort, fighting him when he appears. (DM Theophanies)


Sshamath: A rather large infestation of slimes and other such things have been identified in one of the important trade tunnels leaving the city, effectively sealing it off. The Conclave are offering compensation for anyone willing to help clear and maintain the caverns and should contact them immediately. (DM Theophanies)

The School of Illusion had sent out several missives to various organizations to investigate the growing number of slimes and oozes forming throughout the caverns outside the fair city of Sshamath. Later, The School of Illusion's agents had gone missing, as had many patrols from Sshamath. A Ghaunadaur cultist cell was eradicated, but an illithid surfaced and took over the cult's actions. Few have seen him, and fewer have lived to tell of the encounter. Bregan D'aerthe is currently investigating for the School of Illusion. (DM Silverfox)

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