2nd Horizontal Hotbar is missing

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2nd Horizontal Hotbar is missing

Unread post by Zahlfire »

Title. No idea what happened. I just reinstalled the game after a short break. The option is enabled under Interface. I've installed/uninstalled a few UI mods. Nothing has brought it back. I have one horizontal and two vertical hotbars at the moment. Any advice?

Edit: Wow. Solved. Disabled Mode Bar, and you could barely see the edge of the hotbar in the corner behind it. Hahaha.
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Re: 2nd Horizontal Hotbar is missing

Unread post by ihmajin »

I'm new to Neverwinter Nights 2 and I have to ask, how do you use use the second hotbar after you enable Show Horizontal Hotbar 2? It will not let me drag items, modes, and combat feats onto it like I can with the first hotbar.
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