A Guide to Using the Forums (Please Read)

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A Guide to Using the Forums (Please Read)

Unread post by Administrator » Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:30 pm

Welcome to the forums for Baldur's Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles! Please read the forum rules here.

If you are new, then this post will help you fit right in immediately -- and also help to prevent you from posting topics in the wrong section. Let's all do our part to keep everything neat and orderly.

The following gives examples of where to post what, and also provides a link to the appropriate forum:

Have a bug to report, a great idea, or a question regarding content on the server such as quests and experience point distribution? Post in the Collective Issues, Suggestions, Bug Reports section.

To check the server status, see its changelog, or apply to be a DM, check this forum, Community Information. Server announcements can also be found here.

Community is where you want to go if you feel like talking about anything that has nothing to do with the server or the game. You can post birthday threads, jokes, your favorite music, and similar items here.

If you have a useful trick that could help others, either with their roleplaying or with the technical side of NWN2, then take a journey to the Tips & Tricks section, so that your brilliant ideas do not get lost elsewhere.

Community Role-Playing is just the place for you if you want to augment, record, and expand on your in-game roleplaying with forum roleplay. Just remember to try and keep posts here in character (IC).

If you are interested in helping the development team, make a post in the NWN II Toolset Development section and, who knows, you may get a spot on the team. BG:TSCC can always use more skilled volunteers to help with scripting and area building.

And, finally, if what you want to post does not fit in any of the above-mentioned sections, feel free to post it to the general forums. Remember, though, that even though this section may get more readers, the topics here also get moved to the bottom very quickly by the volume of posts: So if you have something that really needs to be seen by staff, choosing the appropriate forum is the best way to get the help you're seeking.

Have fun on the forums!

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