RCR Mechanics Change

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Re: RCR Mechanics Change

Unread post by Zinnestro »

Is it possible to get more exp back when u get above 25 at least. The reason I am saying this is becuase it takes for ever to get that high then if you make a mistake leveling you rcr now you fall all the way back and BG is not a high exp giving place. I love this server been almost since the beginning. Just hard to grind and be on when RL calls. Just something to think about.
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Re: RCR Mechanics Change

Unread post by marine436 »

just to confirm, the % of EXP is the EXP passed level 10 right.

if im level 20, I dont get 50% of ALL my EXP back correct, or do I just get 50% of my EXP back past level 10?

I think 20, is 20k, so If i RCR do I get 10k, EXP back or 15k EXP back?

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Re: RCR Mechanics Change

Unread post by Steve »

20 = 50%.

Lvl 20 on ECL 0 is 190,000. By RCRing, your new PC would have 95,000 xp points (which is 1k xp shy of lvl 14 for ECL 0).

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Re: RCR Mechanics Change

Unread post by spyvsspy »

Hello, I was afked since last summer. Now I'm back and found One Hander feat was changed and no longer work for my fist monk. May I ask for a full rcr or rollback? I talked by DM channel in game but maybe not the right time, no answer. Don't know where to post such a request so I asked here.

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Re: RCR Mechanics Change

Unread post by chad878262 »

Updated the new wiki to show the correct RCR mechanics:

https://wiki.bgtscc.net/index.php?title ... .29_Rules:
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