A crazy fun? Out of the box UD - Surface rp.

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A crazy fun? Out of the box UD - Surface rp.

Unread post by Mallore »

Okay so a crazy odd suggestion. Really proposing to see thought.

What if. What if we fixed languages for the underdark to be lore.

In my mind. What if when you walk into the underdark and you don’t have undercommon anything you hear spoken by npcs and resident players was scrambled as if you didn’t know the language.

Alice wanders into the underdark and comes across a Smurf. It’s natural language is undercommon. The player of Alice writes hello. The smurf player doesn’t have common as a language. And sees scrambled words. The Smurf says hello but Alice doesn’t have undercommon and sees scramble.

Basically. No cross realm communication out side of OOC tells or Action text with out having the language. This way those who wander into the upper or under dark are at a mystery with out a guide or knowing the language. This also goes for underdark races wandering to the surface, if they didn’t chose common. Good luck.

I would also delete “Drow” as a language as it isn’t real. Isn’t canon and literally makes no sense as the Drow are so prideful they force everyone to speak their tongue! Much like how humans made common the language of the realm. Drow have done the same.

Anyways. Thought this would make the upperdark and underdark more dangerous. Higher role play. And generally more intestine. So tossing this out there. :)
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Re: A crazy fun? Out of the box UD - Surface rp.

Unread post by Balthomer »

Agreed, this is actually a good suggestion, this generates roleplaying and also would actually help immersion rather than foster pvp mongering or dividing the server in two.

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Re: A crazy fun? Out of the box UD - Surface rp.

Unread post by deserk »

This is absolutely how it should be.

Also, it would be great if languages could simply be activated by using a console command, instead of having to use that tedious language bar. i.e /common, /elven, /dwarven, etc

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