Two Requests: Unlocking UI elements and Polymorph Weapons

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Two Requests: Unlocking UI elements and Polymorph Weapons

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Hello! I have two requests to make today. One of them I think is a bit more simple, the other may require some work.

First request is to unlock the UI elements that were locked in a somewhat recent patch, this includes the chat box and the minimap, as some of us have overrides that make them look better or remove the weird empty space in the secondary chat window. I was told previously that this would be fixed to allow for changes once more, just posting this as a reminder!

Second is either to remove the weapons entirely from the more humanoid shapes (human, elf, dwarf, drow and duergar), or add some non combat humanoid shapes to the list, such as the ones listed before, until the >polynoweapon bug can be fixed. The shapes themselves generally have superior mechanical alternatives with polymorph, and removing the weapon from them allows for some potential to use them in RP for multiple purposes.
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