[Solved] Suggestion - Change Spell Trader NPC Cooldown

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[Solved] Suggestion - Change Spell Trader NPC Cooldown

Unread post by metaquad4 »

A 1-month cooldown to change spells seems a little excessive. I get that the DMs might want to limit players (not sure personally what harm it causes, but I understand this is the intention) so they don't spam spell changes at level 30.

What about a 1 week cooldown, instead? Or even something like a 3-4 day cooldown between spells (1 spell per 3-4 days seems very reasonable IMO, can't spam it but it isn't obscenely long).

Cooldown changed to 21 days, as per below!
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Re: Suggestion - Change Spell Trader NPC Cooldown

Unread post by DM Ghost »

Spell selection for FS, sorcerer and spirit shaman is supposed to be a meaningful thing. If you can change out just every few days, it kind of trivialises it, and makes the spell book counterparts even less desirable. FS and Spirit Shaman already have more spells known than you will ever need mechanically speaking, so you can already put in fair bit of flavour spells for those. Sorcerer on BG has 1 extra spell known per level over vanilla/PnP, and also has quite frankly more versatility than it should because of it.
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Re: Suggestion - Change Spell Trader NPC Cooldown

Unread post by Endelyon »

After kicking the idea around dev-side we lowered the timer to 21 days. This is slightly less conservative but doesn't completely alter the dynamic we set out to achieve as developers.

Please note that due to the way this system works this change will not work retroactively, so if you use the spell swapper prior to the update it will still be on a one month timer.
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