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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Step_Mac »

In the poorer district of Baldur's Gate, a skeletally thin woman, robed and hooded, sits upon a stool in one of the small, open squares into which the alleys sometimes deposit people. From her stool, head bowed, she speaks on and off, addressing anyone who approaches her. Her words invariably resemble the following:
In these days of renewal and rebuilding, let us reflect on the nature of our lives. We see walls rising. Watchmen make their patrols. The priests of many gods offer their blessings, and on rarer occasions, their aid.

And yet. . . yet. . . look around. We see trash scattered in the street. Men and women, their children, their parents, struggle to see how each day will somehow lead to a better one when next the sun rises. Hunger plagues us still, no matter the handouts we receive. Fatigue stalks us, no matter how many rags we have to dress our beds. Disease hangs around us, despite the pious words of our well-fed priests.

I do not say these things to stoke your anger, good men and women, no. I do not say we should fight, for where does fighting get us in the end? More walls to rebuild? More work to do, for too little coin? No, I speak of our troubles because they are ours. To fight these ills of the body -- hunger, fatigue, disease -- to fight these ills is to struggle with ourselves! And to fight against ourselves is to grind away at our our spirits, our souls.
With a heavy sigh, the woman lowers her voice for a moment, saying softly:
No, there is a better way. There is.
Coughing, then drawing a deeper breath, she continues with renewed strength:
Let us accept our frailty! Let us give our spirits rest. Let us be at peace with the world rather than at odds with it. I will show you the way, if you wish, the lessons I have learned through painstaking experience. Let me be your guide, men and women of Baldur's Gate, for what more can you ask of a guide than honest advice and direction? I will tell you no lies, ask nothing false of your spirits. I will only give you the thing you all deserve at the end of your day: peace, acceptance, a quiet spirit.

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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by kleomenes »

kleomenes wrote:Once more, Ameris holds a sermon in the chapel in the Temple of Ilmater, preaching at his regular time.

Ameris gives the sermon dressed in flowing robes indicative of the Ilmatari of Calimsham, wearing the traditional skullcap of the Adorned and a holy symbol in the shape of the bloody rack. A rock violet is pinned to his right breast.

The priest would speak before those attending the sermon at the appointed time. His wife, Telia Santraeger, would be present, sitting near the front in a fine looking red and grey dress, the colours of Ilmater. On the first day of the sermon, the foster children Timmy and Amanda from Pathfinders Hall would also be present. As before Amanda would sit quietly, with a serious and thoughtful expression on her face as she listened. Timmy would fidget a bit, move closer to Telia and whisper to her a few times. His hand, magically, would find his way around sorceress' sleeve.

The Ilmatari priest looks out over the gathering of people, and begins to speak in warm tones.

“Brothers, Sisters, friends, welcome.”

He smiles warmly, his tone familiar.

“Again I have been musing upon the nature of this great city I now call home. Again I have been asking myself the question: What is it to be Baldurian?“

He holds forth, his hand gesturing as if to indicate the shops and warehouses he refers to.

“One cannot mistake the truth of what occupies the daily life of so many of the city's citizens. One need only see the bustling streets lined with shops or spend a morning counting the sails in the harbour and the busy warehousemen, to see that Baldur's Gate is a city of honest trade and coin, a place where hard work is commonplace and where many feel most at home in the city's markets.“

He smiles to those gathered, as if congratulating them for these virtues. When he speaks, it is with a respectful tone.

“Commerce is Baldur's Gate's life blood, one might say, and the purchase and sale of goods from near and far provides for the wealth and sustenance of many. Yet what about this is true only of Baldur's Gate? I am from Tethyr, and I have lived in Athkatla in Amn, and both those countries are well known for their trade. What is different, to my eyes, is how the flow of coin here benefits all people, not just a few. It was new to me that here, trade is not dominated by monopolies owned by landed noble families; nor do great merchant houses dominate both commerce and daily life.“

Now he speaks with pride.

“No, here, even the meanest citizen buys and sells in his own right, or is free to. The wharfs are filled with bold sea captains, the streets with diligent craftsmen working for their own benefit. When the wealth of the city increases, the hope is that some of that coin finds its way into the pockets of warehousemen and clothiers and all manner of citizens. That when the community prospers, so do all.“

An admission in his voice now, a defence.

“Yes, there are high nobles, with great wealth, his Grace Duke Entar is an example. Yet he holds his great station by the acclamation of Baldurian citizens, not birth, and the nobles beneath him gain their status due to service to the city, and its people, not through Tymora smiling on their parentage. Those with coin in Baldur's Gate are mindful that they are part of a community, and we see all around that commerce serves the people of Baldur's Gate, it is not their master.“

Again he speaks, his own voice filling with wonder, and affection for the city.

“This can be seen in the open parks and beautiful and wondrous buildings for common use such as the Hall of Wonders or the White Mask Theatre, paid for by those with sufficient coin. It can be seen in the reputation for fair dealing the city has and the way its merchants collaborate for the common good in the Merchant's League, the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange, and in the Foreign Exchange Committee. “

A grateful tone.

“And it can be seen in the ready flow of charitable donations that this very temple receives from nobles, adventurers and from all of you, the faithful, who can afford it. For I do not speak of a utopia, there is poverty, there is sickness, there is hardship. There is need, and such is what the Ilmatari stand to meet. But in this city, the servants of the Broken God merely act as encouragement to the better natures of those who have sufficient means, who give freely, and generously.”

He speaks firmly, with some strength.

“For we all share a community, rich and poor, sick and healthy, weak and strong. And our community is the sum total of all of us; each of us contribute. Let us, then, look to each other, and share our prosperity, share our kindness and our wisdom and our mercy, and so make each and every one of us life free of suffering's chains.”

The priest bows his head as the sermon comes to an end.

“In the name of Ilmater, the wise, the merciful, the enduring.“
Hidden: show
///Diplomacy roll

The preaching stops for a few days, and indeed the priest can be seen going about his duties in a burdened manner, as if some cloud hangs over him. But then, Ameris makes clear to the regular parishioners at the temple that he will indeed be giving this particular sermon one more time. He will give it at the podium in the East Gate district, and there will be couple of announcements to be made in addition.

///planning on giving this sermon IG at 22:00 GMT tonight! Short notice I realise! Time and date thus tentative

Provisional time of 23:00 tonight, but question mark over availability so its not certain
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by kleomenes »

Rhifox wrote:Word spreads that an explosion rocked the crowd that was attending today's Ilmater sermon in the East Gate square, leaving dozens dead or wounded. Survivors were rushed to the temple for healing.
In the aftermath of the Barber's fire-bombing atrocity during Ameris Santraeger's sermon in the East Gate district, the infirmary cater to the survivors. The temple is busy with a large number of well wishers and other visitors as adventurers take counsel with Captain Janis Galler, the sailor who has been hunting the Barber for several years.

Ameris for his part is seen treating the wounded in the aftermath of the explosion, although at one point he leaves the temple among a crowd, and is seen carrying a firebomb found by the temple wrapped in cloth gingerly out of the east gate, to dispose of it in the graveyard.

As the immediate casualties are stabilised, Ameris' focus shifts towards providing counsel to the living and identifying the dead so their bodies can be reunited with their families. Preparations are also made to receive more burns victims after news comes in that more firebombs have been found around the city.

The priest works through the night, his surface demeanour calm, although saddened; but perhaps less than one would expect, his approach focused on practical, pragmatic actions. His words to survivors are filled with apology and regret.

In quiet moments, when he is left to his thoughts and thinks none are looking (and certainly out of sight of any patients, but perhaps not of other visitors), Ameris' shoulder's would sag, and a palpable air of suffering would hang over him, mixed with a healthy dose of anger. He would do his best, however, to dispel this should any approach.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Flasmix »

The Temple of Ilmater seems devoid of the needy after the attack. After the bounty and warnings go up, many of the homeless and poor would rather starve in their homes than risk being captured by the Barber. Fear grips their hearts while drawing them away from Ilmater.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by kleomenes »

Flasmix wrote:Almost five hundred people gathered to bear witness to the sermon of Brother Ameris of the Temple of Ilmater. The crowd huddled together tightly to be able to hear the priest speak. A vial of potent Alchemist Fire was hurled into the middle of a large group of citizens. Over sixty men, women and children lost their lives. Most of the bodies were missing limbs or carried hideous disfigurement to make identification near impossible. The streets were a chaotic mess afterwards, with the survivors fleeing and screaming to their homes. A group of adventurers took the wounded to the Temple of Ilmater while others stayed back to help clean up the dead. One, notable figure, being the golden haired Liam, leading the effort to clean the streets of the hideous scene.

The few that survived, close to ten, take shelter at the Temple of Ilmater where they're healed, monitored and fed.

The city watch has begun hanging bounty notices for the criminal known as 'James the Barber'. The same serial killer who is suspected of leaving a body by the Temple of Ilmater less than a week ago. Information shows that he's a known serial killer who appears in cities and villages after they've been devastated by a crisis of sorts. He is known to target the poor, homeless and those who help them. The Barber is said to be responsible for the attack which took place. The current reward is 20 bags of coin.

As the dust begins to settle, the homeless and poor stay in their homes or shelters. Most are too frightened to leave as they fear they'll be the next victims of The Barber.
Notices bearing a stylisied broken rack, the symbol of Ilmater, appear around the city, replicated with the facilities of the Baldur's Gate Herald. They are posted here and there, at random, so that those going about their daily business might see them. A number of adventurers of different faiths are seen posting them up, as they patrol the streets and seek out the fearful poor and homeless, distributing food and healing as they are able.
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Hidden: show
And meanwhile, alms distributions continue, with the clergy and the alms-givers hired distributing out the faith food as before.

The notices read as follows:

Harken, people of Baldur's Gate

The city is wounded by the actions of a cruel and base man; yet it Endures.

The Ilmatari are bloodied by this affront to the ideals of Ilmater; yet they Endure. They are without fear.

The Broken God's house still stands, and the Brothers and Sisters within remain committed to the war upon suffering.

This Barber calls those who suffer leeches; the Ilmatari call them meek souls who need a helping hand.

The Ilmatari remain committed to giving it, just as they ever were.

If your heart bleeds for the sufferings heaped upon your fellow Baldurians lift your voices in prayer to the Broken God.

Give up your coin to buy alms and supplies for the needy.

Commit your bodies to providing aid; come to the Temple and assist in charitable efforts or just, in your own lives, show compassion to those you pass.

The Barber is an enemy of human mercy. Show him he has not won.

In the Name of Ilmater the Wise, the Merciful, the Enduring.

///Screenshots forthcoming of the RP!

DMs, 5000 GP was donated to fund this bulletin distribution and gifting, if it can be taken IG!
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Boddynock »

A new poem has been winding it's way into the ears of the people of the Coast, trying to find fertile ground for it's message among the populace.

If you fancy feats of boldness, adventure and derring-do,
If you tire of drudgery, day in, day out; this song is for you.
There is a group of people, who lead their lives apart,
from the boredom and sameness that serves to grey the heart.

We strive to be the stuff of legend, we settle not for mediocre,
And we welcome all people to our ranks, both serious and practical joker.
If you, my friend, have the desire to count yourself among our number.
Then rush yourself to the Lady's Hall, tarry not, nor slumber.

For the Lady Who Smiles asks us to worry not with consequence.
We simply act, leaving fate to her, and do so with confidence.
If you wish to join our ranks, and to sameness not be beholden.
Come to the hall of the Lady Who Smiles, and ask for Liam the Golden.

He will introduce you, to the Fellows of the Fateful Coin.
He will test your boldness, to see if you are fit to join.
And if he tests your heart, and sees a man of fateful action,
He just may make you one of us, and count you among our faction.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Kiran »

An older man in a antique looking heavy armour had gone to the temple of Illmater accompanied by Liam trying to find someone to speak with in regards to allegations of necromancy after when the bombs struck. However as there was no one to speak with the old man left both his details and how he could be contacted for questions on this matter.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Master_Sarevok »

Placed in points of commercial gathering, especially around the Illmater Temple and in the docks and places where the poor huddle.

People of Baldur's Gate, these words I bring to you are not out to preach, but to simple state a point that which we as citizens and fellow occupants of this most wonderful city as we stand in the face of hostilities and troubles must accept.

Long have as Baldur's Gate stood against the churches of certain gods, such as Bane, Bhaal Mykrul and others of a dark nature. While it can be understood the opposition to Bane, it is time that we come to terms with the nature of our lives and of the world. In these dark times of recovery and uncertainty, there is no greater companion then that of the inevitable grave. All souls must pass through the Lord of Bones domain, be they the lowly begger, to the wealthiest of dukes. It is thus I say we must accept the church of Myrkul unto our lives, and give the Lord of Bones he's due respect. We need not fear death, but we must accept it.

And just as we must accept the fate of Myrkul's domain, so too must we accept that true power that has shown itself time and again through the Coast. The one power who stands strong, and a constant companion to each of our lives. I speak of Bhaal, Lord of Murder and the God of Death. While Myrkul may hold domain over the dead, it is Bhaal who decides when a man meets his end, be it the slow knife in the back, or the bloody death of an axe cleaved unto your breast.

Murder and violence are forever our companion, as we saw with the acts of the Barber, a most dark and evil soul. But know that Bhaal is not without mercy. All of us may one day face the knife in the dark, but if we offer our prayers to Lord Bhaal, even if just in passing as we walk the streets at night, to spare us from the hidden blade in the back, we may be allowed to live for another day.

And just as Bhaal may spare your life if you just give homage to him as he is due, so too may he decide to spare the city further from the crimes of the Barber. Offer to Bhaal but a simple prayer and offering, and perhaps he will decide to end the life of this man.

I do not expect my words to turn the hearts of any. So too many stand in self proclaimed sanctity and holiness. But I ask you, citizens and beggers of Baldur's Gate to stop and think, how was your hostility to the other aspects of our world rewarded you? The City besieged by the Undead. Plague and destruction of trade. Violence and Murder and Death.

We cannot shake these things from our lives, they are our constant companion. Accepted or not, the hand of Bhaal and Myrkul will forever lay at your shoulders. I do not demand that you fear these gods, I only ask you to accept them as the part of our lives which we must face and in the hope of avoiding our ends of just another day, give these gods their due respect.

There is no signature left on these notices, only the symbols of Bhaal and Myrkul stamped upon them.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Boddynock »

A tall, golden man in blue and silver laquered plate of mail climbs the stairs to the announcer's pulpit in the East Gate District. He looks out over the general bustle of the city of Baldur's Gate, catching the attention of some and holding it like it always belonged to him. His presence in front of the great throng of people is natural, even perhaps commanding as more and more citizens look up to where he stands. His eyes glitter like golden coins as he scans the mass of people before finally speaking up, his voice ringing out clearly over the din of business and revelry, the delivery is vaguely melodic and quite deliberate.

Fire and hammer forge the steel and the sword,
That time and neglect rust away.

Without loving attention, oil and polish,
The carpenter's craft will decay.

A garden untended, with no one around,
Will soon be choked out by weeds.

The common theme here, is for things to flourish,
One must attend to it's needs.

And if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right,
Even should it take extra time.

This applies to all things, even you and I,
And that's quite the point of this rhyme.

Many of us, are simply contented to live,
Caring for only ourselves and those close.

That's not good enough now, not anymore,
Not with the evil that threatens our coast.

Darkness encroaches, an ill forecast foreboding,
The evil of misfortune's whim.

It will take all of our faith to push back this blight,
So I urge you take heed of this hymn.

Set a course on your future, don't let circumstance stay you,
Forge on in Tymora's name.

Fear not for the danger, hold true to her teachings,
And a portion of her luck you can claim.

If we all band together, start living the example,
By living bold and true to our hearts.

We can push back, 'gainst the Maid of Misfortune,
And force her from this coast to depart.

And if you look inside, and find your heart's calling,
Is service to the Lady Who Smiles.

Come to her temple, the Lady's Hall,
Stay, talk, and visit a while.
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by DM Dialectic »

The High House of Wonders temple's Hall of Wonders has announced a new annual "Wonderbringer" prize of 5,000 gold pieces for the top 5 inventions of the year in Baldur's Gate, with 10,000 gold offered for the #1 grand prize winning inventor. The grand prize winning inventor would receive the additional high honor of having his or her invention housed in the Hall of Wonders as a temporary exhibit. Each inventor may enter only one invention into the contest and only in one pre-determined area of invention. Possible areas of invention are announced as:

-Art and Writing
-Ground Transport
-Maritime Transport
-Civil Infrastructure

Valid entries into the contest will be given permission by the Gondians and Baldur's Gate authorities to assemble their inventions in public outside of the Hall of Wonders in the tendays before the contest end and fair takes place to exhibit the inventions produced and announce the winners. Those interested in entering the creative contest are instructed to leave a contest entry application with the The High House of Wonders saying the inventor's name, residence, and intended invention area (which cannot be changed later).
((Please just post your IC entry here.))

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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by lum »

After hearing about this annual 'Wonderbringer' contest, Juniper rushed home to fill in a proper application form. She then hurried back with the paper, and when she had to wait at the door of the High House, she practically bounced on the spot repeatedly like a young horse.

Like an electric current was shooting through her body...

Am I scared? Nah... probably not, cause scared people wouldn't typically think on what is coursing through their veins, or why. Scared people would just feel and react.

Hmm... I'm still shaky... my hands still trembling...

She looked at the door. Her face was burning, yet her fingers felt icy cold.

Stop that! There won't be jerks here laughing with whatever you come up with!

Aha! So it was fear!

No, it isn't... it's like... it's like that day when I had to present my very first invention.

Juniper thought about her "smoke-spewing" machina, and how it almost blew up the southern wing of the building.

She looked at the application form she was holding in her by now sweaty hands.

Perhaps this isn't such a good idea after all... and if I turn back now it also helps me get rid of some embarrassment from wetting the paper too!

Her stomach twisted and turned when she overheard footsteps stopping behind the door. Were it really footsteps, or was it just her imagination? She peered at the lock.


But then the door was opened for her... and for a few brief seconds the world fell away.

"Euuhh... euhhh..."

"Yes, miss? How may we help you?"

"Euuhhhh... Hi!! I like to sign up for the Wonderbringer contest!" She spoke so rapidly that she sounded like an auctioneer.

She handed over the form and watched the paper as it moved from her hand in the other person's hand. Everything got wobbly again and she flushed with embarrassment.

Maybe... maybe it'll be absorbed by the time they read it...

"Ehh... I only need to know when we exactly start..."

After receiving an answer the Gond girl nodded, and in order to stop herself from making more weird excessive movements, she waved goodbye and rushed off, albeit bright-eyed.

Better get to work A S A P !

song :
Applying inventor's full name : Juniper Juhhu Bottlesocket

Age : 19 (at least I will be next month!)

Place of birth : Lantan

Residence : The Last Anchor, and the Thatcher residence in Baldur's Gate. Oh, and sometimes the Twilight Rose and the Halls of Inner Light. Nevermind, just the Thatcher residence in Baldur.

Intended invention area : Maritime Transport (though some of my ideas may fit under more than one category)
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Re: Religion in Baldur's Gate (Player/DM IC RP)

Unread post by Shalos »

a small Gnome leaves a note:

Name: Shalos endurtus de hebrina nasylum lantanum Splinterbang, Glitterfinger, Ironeye, Wonderworker Natrina

Age: 128

Place of Birth: Lantan

Area of Residence: the Anchor or the Twilight Rose.

Area: Civil Infrastructure or Transportation

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