Coming Soon: New Epic Weapons

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Re: Coming Soon: New Epic Weapons

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KOPOJIbPAKOB wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:01 am I had Explosive Sling as a point of reference, with its 1d4 bonus fire damage and 4 eb. The caveman sling has 1d3 more bonus damage. However, it has -1 eb, so, effectively, the bonus damage is only 0-2 (~1 on average). In summary, this sling deals on average 1 extra damage compared to the other available slings, but has -1 attack bonus, it was the idea behind the balance. GMW doesn't work on ranged weapons, so it can't be exploited.

As for penalties, well, they're all mostly fun flavor! Imagine rolling -10 bluff in some interaction. The list of penalties is big and scary, yet, in practice, they barely hurt your character, and 2d4 massive crits somehow compensate for them. According to weapon's lore, these slings are cursed.
Oh, I am a big fan of the penalties and will happily make use of the sling RPing the curse and such. Mainly, it was the will penalty that hurts the most.

For me, 1 more damage did not seem to equate to the -1 AB as I was comparing to the Stunshot sling (as opposed to the explosive sling) since it's damage is more consistent (no RD).

I guess my thinking was that this sling was meant to be objectively better damage-wise and have some penalties which hurt saves and RP dialogue, cursed etc and it being +4 rather then +3 hit the right spot - as slingers, especially, warslingers want to get as much AB as they can.

Either way, thanks for the cool sling.

And I do want to stress that the concept of making epic items better than the standard epic items, albeit with some penalties is an excellent way to open the field more without out-shinning the older epic items.
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Re: Coming Soon: New Epic Weapons

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EasternCheesE wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:29 am Frankly, i love the idea that some epic things do also provide maluses. Something extraordinary with negative feats is good.

Say, some "bloodthirsting greataxe" which has excellent stats, but -1 wis and -1 int etc.
In that case I think you'd like one of my most interesting creations. "El beso de la Dama" (The Lady's Kiss)

That was the sword of the goddess of death in a custom environment. The sword was unbalanced and the edge had been touched by the queen's dirty magic from the shadow weave making it rot but not breaking down, being as hard as any other iron sword. The sword had a -2 AB and no damage by itself. You'd have not that 1d6 damage from the short sword, but it was scripted to be only played by the queen of death's followers or you'd have to deal with a very high will save when you equiped it unless you wanted to see hostile shadows spawn around you. I got the idea from the Mysteries of Westgate campaign, but then you had one sword that had high DC drain 1d2 (IIRC) to STR and CON when you hit as well as vampiric regeneration: 1.
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