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Re: Coming Soon: Warlock Revamp

Unread post by Rhifox »

Baneful Blasts is a mode, not an individual blast. Aside from the damage bonus, your blasts continue to function as expected.

If you meant the other multi-blast blasts, though, yes, they don't bypass SR. Vitriolic remains the only SR-bypassing blast. Penetrating Blasts gives the option for increasing the SR penetration of all of your blasts and invocations, though, if you choose to take that instead.
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Re: Coming Soon: Warlock Revamp

Unread post by Steve »

Okay, thanks.

Just considering here a low CL warlock, and not to get "disabled" by having less-than-necessary CL, or not reaching Greater Invocations for Vitriolic. Cheers.
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Re: Coming Soon: Warlock Revamp

Unread post by Hullack »

In reference to beating Spell Resistance with an invocation or an Eldritch Blast, there is a bug that uses one-half the Warlock's actual caster level, including any bonuses. A level 10 Warlock would have a caster level of 5 for beating Spell Resistance. The Spell Penetration feats have their bonuses cut in half as well; each adds only +1 to beat Spell Resistance instead of +2. This bug become very significant when battling creatures with racial Spell Resistance such as Drow and Deep Gnome.

I'm coming back to this game after many years, and playing a warlock on the server. I know at the beginning of this thread someone mentioned that this bug had been fixed a long time ago, but wanted to see if is indeed confirmed fixed via testing. I feel like any time I run into a creature with SR on the server (spiders in the gnoll caves, Wyrmling boss in the Hilltop Ruins, or druids in the cloakwood) it seems like I'm failing SR checks 9/10 times as a blaster-type warlock regardless of my level and the fact that I have the spell penetration feat.

Aside from the above concern, the changes are great and I appreciate all the effort that must have gone into them.
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Re: Coming Soon: Warlock Revamp

Unread post by EasternCheesE »

Hello there. Ir is definitely fixed years ago and working correct providing full CL in terms of penetrating SR. On low levels, things may feel rough as some creatures may have about 20 SR so you end up having about 50% or less chance to affect them. Especially in Underdark.
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