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Re: Bags

Unread post by selhan »

Just give me a small one even just to hold 10 items that reduce weight and I will kiss you! :whistle:
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Re: Bags

Unread post by Moonsong »

The way i see things now, is that people might create high STR characters in order to carry more stuff around. It's a bit of a shame, because it makes diversity really hard. Low STR characters can barely carry and loot. If you have a bad day you keep having aromors, heavy weapons and shields in the containter. But you can't take them, because you will be constantly overloaded. So i already see the problem, that nto all character concepts have the same chances to loot, find nice items for others and make money.

As Sel already menationed, i carry sevreal outfits for RP reasons and i really need them for my character concept. But i can only take an items or two and i'm already super slow. So i think, some kind of notable weight reduction would be a nice reward for having several outfit sets for RP reasons.

Is there any new about bags? Any hunch when we maybe...may get them?
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Re: Bags

Unread post by Ewe »

Hey guys so we saw some major lag recently due to an accidental character file size increase (bic files) regarding lots of extra unnecessary local variables on the DMFI tool. This issue took us the last few weeks to isolate. These were just some variables not even full items. We can't release bags as-is because hoarding scenarios lead to bic bloat quickly which taxes the server(s) and becomes a burden on everyone trying to play.

A replacement solution has been in the works, but I have been swamped solving other technical issues for the server that have taken priority such as game breaking bugs like Warlocks randomly being unable to use invocation modifiers, player buffs mysteriously vanishing randomly, infinite door event loops causing server stalling when a player opens said door, AI issues with random pathing causing massive amounts of onblocked triggers, too many loop scenarios on scry tool, pc on loaded, and others, among recently this lag issue, and more issues I haven't listed here. Each one of these takes a considerable amount of time to isolate root cause and solve, so I just haven't had any time to focus on new features.

I realize this is a highly anticipated feature and I am committed to deliver it, but I want to make sure it's done properly, scales correctly, and has a good user experience. I ask for your patience and understanding.
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