Currently Live: Armor Optimization and Staff Attunement Changes

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Currently Live: Armor Optimization and Staff Attunement Changes

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Just noting this separately of the patch notes so that people are aware:

Armor Optmization was changed from a passive to an active ability. You must drag the feat to your hotbar, unequip your armor, and then activate the feat on the armor to optimize it. Once optimized, the armor is permanently optimized until you choose to unoptimize it (using the same feat). An optimized armor cannot be traded. You can have as many optimized armors as you like.

This may be changed back to passive at a future point, but due to issues with the previous implementation it was set to an active ability in the short term.

Staff Attunement, meanwhile, is now automatic. The attunement feat has been removed and equipping any previously attuned staff will automatically set it to CL 8 and remove the attunement properties. The spellhook now correctly identifies whether or not you are using a staff (quarterstaves, short staves, and certain DM-modified items) and uses your full caster level and DC for them if it is higher than the staff's CL.
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