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Re: Mist Lake | Soubar | Bazaar

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Saharez wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 9:07 am *A big man more scars than skin walks up, looks over the new goods for a while*

That ring there, the belt too both looks good for a sorcerer...
What's their price?
The hooded merchant responds: "I will sell you both for $150,000 - agreed?"
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Re: Mist Lake | Soubar | Bazaar

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*shrugs* I'll take your word for it. *hands over the gold*
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Re: Mist Lake | Soubar | Bazaar

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The tiefling walks over and looks over the rings, then points to one specifically.

"You there, are you willing to part with that ring? What is the price?"

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//Assuming it's still for sale
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