[Your Destroyer] Kentaro Miura Trading (Only Unique/Epic items)

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[Your Destroyer] Kentaro Miura Trading (Only Unique/Epic items)

Unread post by Kamal » Wed May 22, 2019 9:48 am

"Welcom to my humble establishement. Take your time i am sure you will find something you want. " - Kentaro

In game enchantements spelling -> Lesser (+1), Magical (+2), Greater (+3), Epic (+4), Legendary (+5)

Epic Full plate Armor (X3 in stock)
Epic Scale Mail
Adamantine Full Plate
Nordic Epic Light Hammer : +3 Saving trow against Cold (X2 in stock)
True Arcane Archer Ring : +1 lvl 1 Ranger spell slot, +1 lvl 5 Wizard spell slot
Iridescent Ioun Stone : Immunity to All sort of cloud spells
Greater Boots of Hardiness
Aribeth's Ring : 18 Magic Resistance
Amulet of Greater Strength
Amulet of Greater Protectiv Vitality : +3 AC, +3 Constitution, +2 HP

"Name your prices, good fellows" - Kentaro

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