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Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:55 am
by Steve
In-character and Role-play posts for Rumors & Events in and near
Rockrun village.

Re: Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:56 am
by Steve
Subject: Kraak Helzak Role Play
Steve wrote:
The Dwarves of Kraak Helzak deliver their gifts from the Fortress of the Holy Anvil to the Rockrun Monarch's representative.
In their visits of late, the Dwarves of Kraak Helzak were not shy in their goal: to present offers of trade and treaty between the two Kingdoms.

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Re: Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:18 pm
by Empoweredfan
Strange hand-puppets have started appearing on various Stalagmites in the area around Kro's Descent. They all sport the same ugly mustache, a small stick attached to their right 'hand' and a disturbingly evil looking grin, under a pointy hat. A few have been plucked down by the creatures of the area, but as it is neither food or useful to anyone outside of jesters or carnival level puppeteers, most are left alone.

Re: Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:41 am
by Steve
A representative of the Kingdom of Kraak Helzak returns to the Svirfneblin Kingdom once more, after many months since the known attempt at fostering a trade treaty...perhaps more...between the two Kingdoms that touch midway between the Surface and the Deeper Dark realms.

Something—or a lack of something...—must have brought this lone Stout deep underground once more, this perhaps known ambassador of the Fortress of the Holy Anvil.

And again...with little difficulty, the one who had eagerly before introduced himself to the Queen and her ministers as Hurgon of clan Wyrmstone, one ambassador of the great Dwarven Kingdom, found the Queen idle in her mushroom garden.

With as proper actions as could be mustered by one from another culture, Hurgon of clan Wyrmstone takes care and caution to address the Queen so:

"She who Guides the Deep Gnome kingdom of Rockrun...again, I Hurgon of clan Wyrmstone, ambassador to the Kingdom of Kraak Helzak, come to you after many moments in time have passed, that have passed since We of Kraak Helzak came below to here, to find ye in yer home and speak with ye...though it was not ye but yer only offer what be a treaty in trade, and an step to an alliance between our two that those of true spirit with the Stone, may find similar vein and bond, against all that is Evil that may come to our Gates and destroy our cultures.

Yet after so many months from our expedition here, and after offering you many goods from our Kingdom in which can bring wealth and stability to our offer no word, no response, no action, to our humble initiation.

Tis neither a yay, nor a nay, ye give. Do ye preserve silence...and fer what be ye reason, o Queen? Fer the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Kraak Helzak have sat eager, but shall ye be disagreeing with a treaty of trade, then lay that directly before me, thus that truth be truth.

If ye be of mind to speak not with I, only one walks as ambassador in spirit, if ye need to speak with our King and liege, then that as well was our last offer, that of a welcoming into our Kingdom, so that ye may see our sincerity.

Again...I ask ye to break yer silence, and speak upon I, a humble ear to the banner of King Battlehammer.

As of now, I withdraw...but leave you to contemplate my words, as they come directly from the monarch, and his representatives, of the Kingdom of Kraak Helzak."

The lone Dwarf, Hurgon of clan Wyrmstone, Voice to the Deep Mountain, does as he says, and retreats from the Queen's Garden. And as he leaves Rockrun, perhaps for the last time, he does walk slow and considerate, as if giving time to be he takes back to the tunnels that tilt upward toward the greater Surface realm.

Re: Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:22 pm
by Glowfire
Messages penned in the same hand are attached to notice boards up and down the Sword Coast and some other areas as well over a period of time.

In the trade tongue spoken on the surface:
Need letters or parcels delivered? Escort on the roads for yourself or goods?

Leave word at the nearest inn or contact me directly.

- Kazimir Resnik
Travelling Priest of Shaundakul

(( Soubar, Baldur's Gate, Friendly Arm Inn, Beregost, Gullykin, Nashkel, Greenest, Rockrun.))

Re: Rumors & Events of the Upperdark - Rockrun

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:21 pm
by Unity
A lone priest recently made his way to the Upperdark and makes his stop in the hidden town of Rockrun. He wears voluminous robes of purple and earthly hues and speaks of an accepting ancient deity, though a lot of his words seem to fall on deaf ears of the xenophobic Svirfneblin. This does not seem to stifle his zeal as he preaches on.

...and this small world that you have built for yourselves can be all but swept away by the foul followers of the Spider Queen! You stand alone, relying on stealth and subterfuge for safety against the incursion of their ilk. Stout of sword arm, skilled of aim, yet few in numbers, yet you could be so much greater! There is room at the Great One's side for all races and all creeds, for all creatures have a place in this world! All paying rightful homage to the Ancient One will reap the benefits of his returned affections and protection of the True Priesthood!

Follow, the wise few, follow to deep and dark places where His Will may be heard. Come join in the ceremony and partake in the Rites, so that those you love may be spared his Hunger when the Age of Reaping comes and when all who made enemies of this Benevolent Self are brought to answer for their heresy! As all is once more remade in his Image and as the Faithful join with Him, do not be the ones who are left behind...

The words, strong with conviction and spoken with an orators tongue echo through the caverns and tunnels as the figure moves onwards from Rockrun, a small group of petitioners and followers alike welcome to join in the rites to come.