DM Team General Tips on Getting Involved and Communication

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DM Team General Tips on Getting Involved and Communication

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First and foremost, players should be aware that the DM team is more than happy to answer questions and requests from players in a variety of forms.

How to engage the DM team for general questions about the server, its rules, or its lore:

We have a message board called "Ask the DMs" that contains a wealth of information, and the forum search tool is very handy for finding the answer to the most common questions, but as the DM team changes over time, so do its policies and an answer from the past might no longer be accurate! So if you're unsure, please post your request to the "Ask the DMs" message board. Once these questions are approved and answered, they will appear for public viewing on the forums, and will then serve future players who might want to know the same thing!

Assuming your question obtains some kind of subject material you'd rather not have viewed by the general player base, however, these questions can also be PMed directly to the team by simply including them in a private message addressed to the DM/ADM groups and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes questions need internal discussion before they can be answered, and in these cases it's best to simply exercise patience while we hash it out. Rome wasn't built in a day, after all. If you haven't heard back on it in a week or two, feel free to send us a nudge asking about the status. We don't bite!

How to engage the DM team with requests for a personal event, RP, character support, an individual DM plot, or questions or support about the metaplot:

See our player request guidelines here:

See how to get more involved in the 1352 metaplot here:

How to engage the DM team with concerns, complaints, and criticisms about the DM team:

Ideally you should first try to work things out with the individual DM that you are upset with. We aren't mind-readers, and we often don't even realize when we've upset a player because they never actually tell us. That being said, if you feel like a DM has handled something incorrectly and need to talk to someone about it, these kind of messages should go to the Head DM group and the Head DM group only. Explain the problem in as much detail and as civilly as possible, and please remember that the entire staff works on a volunteer basis, so it's not "okay" to be abusive or aggressive in nature towards the HDMs (or the rest of the staff for that matter) because you're angry with the way something was handled--this is not a "policy," but a matter of simple human decency. If you're feeling that upset about something that happened in-game to the point of anger, it's probably best to sleep on it first and send your PM the next day instead. Remember the Golden Rule at all times: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

How to address concerns, complaints, and criticisms about the HDM team:

Same as before except this time you are you going to want to send your PM to Luna and/or Maecius.


- GET INVOLVED: While the DM team is more than willing to help you get involved, the best way to do it is.. to simply get involved! Joining one of the server's many lore-based or player-created guilds is a great way to get yourself established in the region, and will often provide you with like minded characters to collaborate your efforts with. That being said, not every player is going to know who to get in touch with or where to start. In the Baldur's Gate East district there is a building called Pathfinder Hall, which houses the Order of the Lyons, a group of PCs that specifically endeavor to help those who have recently traveled to the Coast to establish themselves in the realms. If no one's at the Hall, poke their group on the forums with an IC letter asking for a meetup!

- DON'T FEAR THE FORUMS: A lot of RP and happenings go on through the forums, and while forum RP isn't actually necessary to enjoy the game, it will certainly make things easier on you in the long run. If you are having a hard time finding someone in-game during your regular play times, perhaps it's because their characters don't realize that anyone is looking for them! Instead of just waiting around for a chance meeting, reach out to them on the forums instead. A letter sent to a person or organization will make things easier to arrange an IC meeting, since peoples' play schedules are limited and vary.

- SEARCH FOR RUMORS: Don't be afraid to engage PCs you run across in conversation about rumors you've heard and questions you might have. While obviously from an IC perspective, not everything can or will be shared (especially between two people who've just met), these kind of minor "word of mouth" interactions can create small ripples that turn into big waves. And be persistent! If your PC has a desire to involve themselves in a plot or line of RP, then make that clear to those you meet and speak to, rather than waiting on the plot to find you.

- SOURCES OF INFORMATION : Baldur's Gate has had a few different organizations throughout the years that dedicate themselves to the spread of IC information to the general public in the form of broadsheets/newspapers. The Baldur's Gate Gazette, the Silverscale Reader, and the Baldur's Gate Herald are a few of note. You can find these under the Elfsong Tavern section of the forums, and while they generally report about events and happenings after the fact, it will give you a good idea of what topics are currently relevant, and perhaps even who you might be need to speak to on particular subjects.