Recent Rules Updates on Staying IC and Half-Drow Appearance

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Recent Rules Updates on Staying IC and Half-Drow Appearance

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Below, please see a GENERAL SERVER RULES update and a DM Rulings update from their respective threads in the Server Rules and Content forums:

DM Dialectic wrote:GENERAL SERVER RULES updated 1/18/2017 on staying in character while in the game world under "Roleplay". New section quoted in bold below:
– Roleplay
– This is a Role-play Server set in the Forgotten Realms campaign world. Please respect the setting and stay in-character (IC). You can go out-of-character (OOC) if there is need for clarifications, or if you wouldn't be disturbing role-play around you by doing so (please mark your OOC speech by placing either (( , // or ooc: before or behind it). Do not talk OOC in Party Chat mode, unless a DM has approved such. Party Chat is a tool reserved for DM Events, not to be used to communicate "secretly" between groups, where in-character your PC would otherwise have to talk out loud, or could not communicate over distances.

Unless there is a mechanical OOC distraction such as a server crash, a bug, mistakenly spawning into the wrong location in game, being otherwise AFK, or another OOC rules exception, your character is to always be considered IC while in the game world outside of the Nexus unless a DM says otherwise.
DM Dialectic wrote:Updated 1/18/2017:

Half-Drow Appearance
For in character purposes, Half-Drow will be viewed as and treated as legally and socially indistinct from full Drow by in character polities and NPCs of the surface. Further, all characters that are Half-Drow must have their standard in character appearance depicted at character creation and thereafter with dusky skin and silver or white hair, with a broad range of eye colors allowed, per DM Team interpretation of Forgotten Realms lore on the topic. Characters that date before this ruling and that do not comply with the appearance ruling herein may request a one-time 100% RCR, but otherwise normal RCR rules will apply.