Custom Portraits: Rules and How to Use

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Custom Portraits: Rules and How to Use

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Crom Portrait Uploader added to the server, allowing players to upload and use their own portraits. These portraits are set to your account and cannot be selected by other players.

1. Only upload portraits that actually reflect your character and the fantasy tone of the game. Do not upload portraits of emojis, porn, random objects, and other things that do not reflect your character or that violate other server rules such as PG-13.

2. It is highly preferred that players use portraits they own the rights to, such as self-drawn or commissioned artwork. If you use a portrait you do not own the rights to, be prepared to remove it or have it deleted if any concerns are raised by the artist. Do not upload pictures that an artist has explicitly stated should not be used by others. If you want something customized that does not risk art theft, the Artbreeder app can be used to create high quality completely customized portraits for your use.

3. Avoid using portraits of non-standard dimensions, such as circles or with transparent areas. Portraits should be square and use up the whole portrait frame.

4. Avoid using portraits of RL celebrities, characters from other media and popular culture, or canon FR characters. Portraits inspired by such may be allowed, depending on how obviously they do or do not reflect the inspiration source.

5. Please keep the art style within the general parameters of fantasy digital artwork. Meaning, no pixel art, crayons, or other style that contrasts with the general look of NWN and DnD.

Violating any of these rules could result in removal of the portrait and penalties on your account, up to and including a ban on uploading portraits or even game bans.

How to Use
The portraits selection UI can be accessed by double-clicking on the character's portrait / head view in the character sheet panel. Clicking the upload button generates a random and temporary access token, and opens the upload page in the browser. On the upload page, players can send their portrait image files. The portraits are automatically resized if needed, and converted to the appropriate format for NWN2 (TGA).

Once portraits are uploaded, players can return to NWN2, click the refresh button and select their new portraits with the Set button.

New portraits are automatically downloaded by other players on the server, as long as those players have the Client Extender. Players without the Client Extender cannot see the portraits.
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