The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Winterborne »

Nathan stops by the camp to take inventory of the House contributions for resupply purposes and asks those living there what they might need that they are not currently receiving. He makes a point of stopping to ask those he does not recognize from past visits - new arrivals who might need things they don't currently have. He greets those he does recognize warmly.

After doing this he talks with refugees about either temporary or more long term work with House Darius, loading or unloading ships or otherwise doing warehouse work. He is polite and answers questions if he receives any and leaves soon after. Most of his attentions in this matter are directed to the more unfamiliar faces (The man doesn't wish to waste time of people who have heard and rejected offers before), but any who ask questions will be answered, new to the camp or not.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Steve »

During these days, at times Henryk the Damaran, Sword of Tyr, and Champion to the Cause for a New Tymount, is active within the ever-remaining Refugee Camp, where he dutifully holds a vigilant watch on the old and the new refugees that have arrived in the last time, plus, Henryk is ever-the-more active with regiment training, with the Tymount Ten of Tyr, the Tymount populated force that have been in training under Henryk and other's guidance, for some months now.

With the Tymount Ten at attention, Henryk delivers his usual, long-form faith-based sermon, on the reality of Faith empowering the Hand and the Sword, specifically in lieu of the pressure of Evil that ever-rises from the east, from the west, from the south...and now, from the north. Henryk even touches on the Evil that can arise from within, when good-action is performed not through gift and duty, but from gain and self-aggrandizement—the knight-errant always leads his wards back to the goal of turmoil overcome by the dogma of the Even Handed, who shall shrine brightly in the face of injustice and imbalance.

Sermon performed, Henryk, the Sword of Tyr, places extra training in the defense of a people weak in the ways in War, and to which best strategies to enact when confronted by a vile and wile Force. Henryk works with the existing refugees, supported by the more diligent Tymount Ten, to organize the Camp in a more conscientious design, to this end.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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A man with a spotted hound can be seen on the outskirts of the camp with a handful of small hand carved wooden animals for any young ones, handing a flier to the nearest person detailing a night of tale telling at the Lewd Lyre inviting them to take him up on the offer of a fun night with free food and drink and perhaps even sharing a story of their own. He makes no push for a response as he waves and bids them a good eve...
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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An old grouchy man who answers to the name of 'Spider' has been at the camp for a week or so. He was a retiree from the Winding Water village destroyed by the devils. He has a tent at the camp and is accompanied by his niece who is called 'Cicada', a young woman who has her own armour and weapons.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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The young woman known only as Cicada accompanied her old and rather gruff uncle from The refugee camp after escaping much hardship and danger fleeing their homes.

She's the quintessential tomboy. She wears her hair short and dresses in men's clothes under heavy armor. She carries a heavy hammer into battle, a working class commoner weapon which she wields skillfully.
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