Development Pipeline: Items Being Worked

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Development Pipeline: Items Being Worked

Unread post by Maecius » Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:30 pm

This thread is intended to provide players a window into the items and issues QC and the developers are currently working on, to give everyone a better idea of what is happening development side.

Developers are welcome to add their own upcoming projects to this thread on a purely voluntary basis, but others should not use this thread for comments.

Please note that this thread is not a complete accounting of all ongoing projects, and may not always be entirely up to date.

Items Being Worked (last updated 14 August 2016):

Class Kits
- Introducing additional customization and specialization to base classes

Favored Soul
- Discussing possible rebalancing (nerfing), restriction, or removal (

Shadow Adept
- Shield of Shadows cannot be clicked
- Shadow Adepts cannot pick epic spells on Shadow Adept levels


- Blood Walk and Awaken Blood/Burst Forth fixes

Red Wizards
- Second Opposing School Discussion
- DC Miscalculation

Master of Disguises

- Hierophants cannot pick Metamagic as regular feats

- Spells with incorrect CL regarding dispels
- Spells not working correctly
- Issues with healing spells
- The Bigby line of spells: Stats rebalance and reevaluation of them

Epic Spells
- Spellcasting prodigy to increase the DC
- Before the big update Shadow Adepts were getting a bonus from the Shadow Weave (+2DC on necromancy, illusion, enchancement)

- Ki Step (Balancing click-jump abilities (KiStep, S.Jump, O.Leap etc.))
- Skill Focus: Add Skill Focus for the new Knowledge categories
- One-Hander malfunctions
New Frameworks

- Appearance Changer - Releasing new appearance changer
- Disguise/Appraise Sytem - Working on making it more valuable/balanced for RP
- Skill Synergies
- DMFI: Add use-skill button on the DMFI GUI to more easily roll those new Knowledge categories
- Item Rebalance - An attempt to make little-used armors (e.g. half-plate) and weapons (e.g. shurikens) more mechanically viable for those who like their flavor
- New Content Changelogs - Working on gathering and publishing information on new spells, feats, and content to the wiki and the forums
- Persistent Storage - Basic framework in place, as yet unreleased
- Enchantment System - Basic framework in place, still developing system

- Bug issue: The evasive every-NPC-hostile bug, sometimes after casting some spells from the new update
- Languages
- Closing a Few Exploits, details intentionally undisclosed
Area Maps

- Area Map Touch-Ups: tfunke's enhancing existing maps on the server, as well as adding some new ones (
- Avernus, the first layer of Baator (
- Some Underdark Expansions, details intentionally undisclosed
- An Epic Shop, to be introduced somewhere on the server
- Other projects, undisclosed for now

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Re: Development Pipeline: Items Being Worked

Unread post by Endelyon » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:39 pm

Our next update will see a change to a number of armors and weapons to balance them and bring them in line with the power of other weapons in the game. This is to promote the use of more various types of armor and weapons among players, as some are quite under powered compared to the more popular variations.

We believe these changes will allow greater variety in not only the types of items PCs can find and use, but will allow a wider variety of builds and stat splits as well. (As far as armor goes, cloth and fullplate are and will remain the "holy grails," but the rest of armor types are more in line with each other now.

Armor Changes
  • Halfplate base armor class increased to 8
  • Chain Mail base armor class increased to 6
  • Splint Mail base armor class increased to 7
  • Banded Mail base armor class increased to 7
  • Scale Mail's base armor class increased to 5
  • Hide Armor max DEX bonus increased to 5
Weapon Changes
  • Quarterstaff base damage increased to 2d4
  • Spear base damage increased to 1d10
  • Halberd base damage increased to 1d12
  • Shuriken base damage increased to 3d2
  • Flail critical multiplier increased to x3
  • Light Hammer critical multiplier increased to x3
  • Warmace critical multiplier increased to x3
These changes have been reviewed and finalized by Quality Control, and should land on the live server within the next day or two. As always, thank you all for your continued support.

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