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Unread post by Balthomer »

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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by izzul »

Nothing wrong in fixing yourself and your life first mate, i had a 3 years vacation from 2014-2017 and came back to the server after i deal with all my RL things.

just imagine the server as a last resort to ease and relax after everything in your RL is already fine. Keep fighting and get well soon. :chores-chopwood:
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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by DaloLorn »

For my part, while Ilhara was pissed off about dying to Renor… I bear you no ill will. I have no experience with mental illness (that I know of, at least?), but I don't doubt that it can be a very serious problem if left unchecked.

Someday, I hope you can overcome whatever your problems are. With any luck, when you do, many of us will still be around to welcome you back. I certainly hope I will.
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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by chambordini »

I sent a message through discord but just wanted to say publicly, I hope the best for you, and don't worry about BGTSCC, it's just a game. Get better!

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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by Gorirah »

There maybe many here who are familiar wih mental issues, myself included. There have been occasions where RP on some server or other has caused me flashbacks and I have dropped out of the game for a few months or even a couple of years. I hope you are not burdened by regret or a sense of loss, whatever happened is now just a lesson in a constructive sense.
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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by Lambe »

We will miss you, mate. I personally enjoy seeing the initiative you take in game.

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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by Maecius »

Here's wishing you the best, Balthomer. I'm glad you're taking care of your health. It can be a hard fight, but it's a fight worth having. And this isn't goodbye: Helm willing, once you are on better footing and things are going your way, there'll still be a BG:TSCC here for you to play!

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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by predrag »

Sad to see you leave Balthomer .

I struggled with some psychological disorders myself , mostly anxiety and suicidal thoughts , so I can relate to some degree but not entirely .

I hope you come back one day healthy and happy , I will miss your characters and the fun times we had .

Take care of yourself well .
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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by Tekill »

It takes time, and there is no rush. Slow and steady wins the race and all that...
Helm can definately wait. :P
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Re: Balthomer

Unread post by calvinus »

Balt, it was an honor to RP with you on here. I wish you all the best IRL given the struggles and of course would be excited to RP again if you decide to return (and I hope you are able to, but as Tekill said, slow and steady). Feel free to reach out on Discord as well any time!
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