Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by sweetlikesplenda » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:25 pm

A ceremony was held within the Order of the Radiant Heart today. The Chapter House later celebrated the addition of Belvar Andalas in to the Brother and Sisterhood of the Order.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by krighaur » Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:19 am

After a discussion with a pretty elven woman, with long white hairs, the young barbarian known as Luniel has been missing for two days. Before leaving she was heard saying "That's horrible I must warn the people of my village in Sharpteeth wood. Thanks for informing me.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by Hakken2 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:07 pm

A gruesome severed head was found right outside the hall of wonders in the Palace district. Kyal a paladin of Torm with the aid of Berrick Hardhammer and Bhor Stonecutter tried to find clues but found none.

Who could with so evil intent and skill, put the head in such close proximity to the palace in broad daylight?
They turn in the head to the city watch with a full report.


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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by Tremblant » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:34 pm

A note would be pinned to the city noticeboard.
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We are also happy to announce that the S.C.C.E. has recently purchased land within Ducal Jurisdiction, and now owns and operates a Stone Quarry. Our new quarry labourers will be working tirelessly to produce ample amount of material to aid in the defense, and fortification of our brave soldiers to the North. Many opportunities are available for skilled workers that have experience, or minimal experience in working a quarry or mine. Our incredible leadership will guide you in honing your skills as you work to reach your potential.

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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by Steve » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:22 pm

Travel by foot was solemn, as the Half-Elven Jon Smythe skirted the Chionthar's shore eastward, the trail well worn and without incident, yet, for the traveler in question, in the mind, each step bringing another nascent memory to the surface—memories forgotten for years now, but random and with force, resurfacing.

From a distance, the familiar city walls and turrets stood tall, ominous even. Smythe, as he placed one foot in front of another, processed one memory after another, he would often look upward at the growing architecture, pause, then continue again his march. This new chapter was not anticipated, not expected, and with doubt as to purpose lingering behind each thought of the future.

But without a doubt, Smythe new that what he possessed now, in knowledge, that could only manifest by and through this place, this Baldur's Gate.

Now, entering the farmlands and able to hear and smell the city as sensations flowed upward and over the looming walls, he began to possess the idea, this consideration that gave him the the urge to grin and almost burst forth with laughter, that
of course, having what he had now in possession in mind, it could only be this way, that from namesake to Man, beginning to what was likely an End, it must be this City.


Coming up the hill from the trail head nearer the river, Smythe caught eye of something that ignited another memory, and in his final steps of this return march, he paused at a place that was the end of a chapter in Life..., so long ago. Reaching the place, he knelt down and placed his bookseller's valise near him, to consider.

"All the things we lose...companions being the worst of it..." he remarked, aloud, as relived his past. "Will I have the blessing of luck to rekindle those friendships, do these men and women even still live?" Smythe stood up and crossed his arms, looking down upon the grate with at first a blank stare, then, he caught himself laughing aloud at the latest thought that came mind: "Should they still live, let's hope I do not owe them coin!"

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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Unread post by Sabamonster » Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:28 pm

Whispers. Such an innocuous thing... At least, that's what most people have come to believe.

Over the past few weeks there have been a great many accounts by various individuals, all fitting the same type of description. "I feel like I'm being watched", "I feel like someone is following me", "I could swear there was something, -right- behind me". Some of these accounts have come from high ranking officials and governmental representatives. Merchants, common folk, guards and even a few adventurers have mentioned seeing "living shadows" on their stroll through the city. The common folk, having little else to talk about, have taken the liberty of giving the phenomenon a name. Based on the idle conversations around town, it seems they've taken a particular liking to the name "The Obsidian Phantom" Given the fickle and superstitious nature of the populace the phenomenon has quickly turned into a conversation piece, and while many of the accounts that are spoken about tell of an "uneasy feeling of a presence" nobody has seen nor confirmed it's actual existence.

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