Disguise Guidelines (Provisional)

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Disguise Guidelines (Provisional)

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Below are Guidelines for dealing with Disguises, within our limited mechanical means of the NWN2 Engine. The Guidelines may change in the future, depending on the length that mechanics can be adjusted, or new Feats and Skills Systems are added.

Wearing the same outfit(s) as your PC would normally do—even with an equipped full-face covering—will only keep your PC's face hidden. This is not being anonymous, and players may attempt to identify you based on all the other visual attributes seen in-character (IC).

  • 1. A disguise (persona) is only anonymous in the first encounter.

    A Player Character (#1) dressed in a unique outfit and fully masked (full face covering), interacting for the first time in this disguise with any another Player Character (#2), is a complete, impenetrable disguise. The ability to "see through" this disguise on first encounter is only possible via the oversight of a DM, who can require a calculated DC Skill Roll.

    2. A disguise (persona) becomes recognizable over time, beginning with a second encounter.

    PC #1, using the same outfit +/- fully masked, interacting with the same other PC #2, for a second time, is a disguise that has now become recognizable—the disguised PC #1 is creating recognition based on pattern and experience, in-person. Recognizable means a reaction along the lines of "I have seen/met you before ..."

    3. A disguise (persona) loses anonymity over time, specifically after a third encounter.

    Any third and further use of the same unique outfit with full mask by PC #1—and with the same other PC #2—is considered recognizable, identifiable, and is creating familiarity. The "disguised" PC#1 is now a known identity by the same other PC #2. The disguised PC#1 is no longer anonymous, and could be described and identified by PC #2 at that time, and at a later date or described to another. This does not mean PC #2 knows the Name of PC #1—and most definitely does not know the "true" identity of PC #1—or would be able to "see through" a different disguise persona when wearing a different outfit +/- full-face covering, only that PC #2 recognizes and can identify this particular "disguise persona" worn by PC #1.

Creating a pattern of behavior in your Disguise (persona) will generate a well-protected and difficult to penetrate veil, under which a true identity can remain hidden, until your Player Character slips—either intentionally or unintentionally—to reveal themselves to another.

How to Remain Constantly Anonymous:
1. Always wear a different disguise in encounters with the same other PC—new hair, new outfit style, new helmet/mask, etc.
2. In-character-ly, speak a different manner, act differently, attempt to embody a different persona.
3. Do not inhabit, travel or occupy similar places, conversations, circumstances...creating a pattern of activity is the path to recognition, and thus the eventual penetration of the PC's disguise.

What Does This Mean: The above "Rules" separate knowing the true identity of a Player Character versus knowing the disguised persona of a Player Character. As a Player, that means to react to what is presented to your PC as your PC would see it, not from what your Player Mind can perceive in front of the computer screen. Again, beware the context of metagaming outside of what your own Player Character can perceive (this idea of perception is indeed tied to Skills—both natural and magical—however, those perceptions used to pierce a disguise shall and must be overseen by a DM, in all cases (if you want to make an attempt to pierce a disguise, then contact a DM for assistance)).

A basic understanding of Metagaming PC Names: the floating name tag above a PC is a mechanic, thus is not "readable" by another PC in-character. If your PC has not learned the name of another PC through words/communication or writing or observation in-character, to address another PC by name after reading that floating mechanic name-tag, is an instance of metagaming (allowing your PC to know/act something they have not gained in-character).

In general, be gracious to your fellow Players attempt to Role-play a disguised persona, and keep everything In-character to the best of your abilities.
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