DM Recommended Gray Orc RP Guidelines

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DM Recommended Gray Orc RP Guidelines

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This is an official response to the Gray Orc Race - I repeat this is an official response after discussion and weighing in. DMs support these first draft guidelines/rules.

The overall thought is to keep in mind that this race has been at war with all of civilization for as long as anyone can remember.

Cites: Orcs RPed agression (depending on roleplayed response) be prepared for PvP or having RP challenged. Walk in the cities at your own peril... be disguised it would be common for an orc to act like it shouldn’t be there or being there you are very uncomfortable in fear for your life..etc.. we are not telling you to act that way, but if you do prepared for different issues that arise. Your an Orc in a human city. We do understand that you will probably be spawning in cities.. have a disguise or be ready to RP your way out of possible agressive situations.

Backgrounds: Most live farther north and aren’t truly common in this area and their background should probably reflect it. If you come up with whatever suits you that of course is your choice, however the above is our suggestion.

Countryside: be prepared for aggression that you should respond to. Your responses are of course your own, but consider these a rough guideline. Simply ignoring it isn’t an option that would be expected for an orc.. we highly recommend you RP the situation. Be prepared for the possibility of being racially excluded, people ignoring your opinions because of what you are not what you do. The concept of 100% racial equality is such a foreign concept for those who see orcs and orcs themselves it will probably not enter into it and be prepared for that to occur. Orcs are a race that have been, enslaving, attacking, warring with main populations and cities forever.

Other Players: These are Orcs... we would encourage you to act accordingly concerning an enemy of mankind... wariness. Distrust out and out hatred. All of these are viable options. Keep in mind to RP the conflicts accordingly. Without proper infrastructure in place to support a KoS surface race it needs to be a delicate balance of aggression and this is not a KoS race at this time.

For those that already have an Orc in place you have one week from the time of these rules to be in place to exchange your orc for a half orc if you feel these rules do not sit well with you... this technical remake is only possible due to the fact that gray orcs were released on the surface before these rules were in place and may significantly alter your rp experience with the Gray Orc. This offer is only in place for one week after this posting.

Date of Posting 11/16/09 Date of expiration 11/23/09

As a staff we encourage this to be roleplayed race both by the player of the Gray Orc and others interacting with the PC. Aggression and PvP would be a distinct possibility and we as a staff would like you to be prepared for it when taking this option. The Gray Orc will probably be a tough road.

PS Please someone with the power sticky this.. and also if you wish to comment start a different thread so it will be easier to sticky to start with. *In the Ed-209 Voice* Thank you for your cooperation.
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Re: DM Recommended Gray Orc RP Guidelines

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