DM Recommended Drow RP Guidelines

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DM Recommended Drow RP Guidelines

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"To the player base - this is not intended to tell you how to RP this is only intended to give you perspective as to how the world might react to your PC. You can RP in any way shape or form you wish, but the below might be the overall perceptions of your PCs and if your PC cocnept meets this reality and its difficult we simply want you to understand why that difficult may exist for this PC. We as a staff are not telling you how to RP your Drow or how to react to the drow...only what would be considered normal and lore based for the time so you understand what is occuring around you.

Consider all of these things as guidelines and not requirements but know the majority of the player population and npc population will looks at these things as facts and act accordingly. Know that if your PC concept doesn’t include alot of PvP roleplayed aggression and lots of conversations ending with a mob beating you to death please choose a different race or don't go on the surface.

The overall thought is to keep in mind that this race has been the boogey men of everyone on the surface for as far back as anyone can remember. If you were to look up evil, untrustworthy, hedonistic, backstabbing, eat your young, carry you off in the night, scary, bastards that would skin you alive to make a nice pair of shoes and record your howls of agony and pain for a remix to then torture more people with or to put a theme song to a comedy in a dictionary (not that there is a dictionary in this time) you would find the word Drow behind every one of those and more.

Cites: KoS. People would rather cuddle with roaches and like porcupines then look at you let alone talk to you. Its a total survival instinct where Drow are concerned - get them before they get you. Kill them all let a god sort them out, no mercy etc.

Backgrounds: Drow have daemonic blood in them and are twisted beyond all recognizable civilization. They turned their back on the elvish ways a loooong time ago. No redemption no remorse and were pushed below ground in a huge war that made the civil war look like woodstock and a love fest.

Countryside: KoS - see cities

Other Players: You have to understand no matter how you RP your Drow, you will be killed alot when you are out of your element aka on the surface. The average surface dweller has been betrayed or heard stories of Drow betrayal often enough since birth that the concept of a good Drow would be akin to a mosquito that didn't like blood. So far fetched they simply don't event think of it. That is not to say that you can't RP your PC that way, simply making you aware that it will probably be tough for others to swallow.

On Good Drow: this will be the hardest road you will ever have to travel. Every story you have heard from you grandfather about walking to school uphill both ways in 6 feet a snow is luxury compared to what they have to do or go through. Once again a possibility it may end up being very, very easy to RP, but be aware that this is a distnict possiblity for ways people will react to the PC.

On seeking refuge: Drow have been taught from the beginning of their lives that the surface is death. Will be death and surface dwellers are the true enemy. If a good Drow did exist they would probably seek some sort of refuge in the UD and not travel to the surface where they could get killed by an entirely different set of people. THat is not to say you can't, we are simply stating from a lore perspective it would probably not be the first choice. You can portray your Drow any way you wish, but if someone has a lore based reaction be prepared for the consequences.

For those that already have a Drow in place you have one week from the time of these guidelines to be in place to exchange your Drow for a half-drow or elf if you feel these guidelines do not sit well with you... this technical remake is only possible due to the fact that Drow were released before these guidelines were in place and may significantly alter your rp experience with the Drow. This offer is only in place for one week after this posting.

As a staff we encourage this to be highly roleplayed race both by the player of the Drow and others interacting with the PC. Aggression and PvP would be a definite on the surface and we as a staff would like you to be prepared for it when taking this option. The Drow will be a tough road filled with lots of burning smells that curiously smell like your PC on fire. Be prepared!!!

On Racial Equality: the concept of racial equality is such a far fetched concept that it we encourage it to not come into play. It would probably never be mentioned... it would be akin to a person in 12th century England talking about the latest episode of Star Trek and how transporters are possible. Most are concerned with making it in their lot in life, working living and ending in their given station and not even dreaming of moving beyond that. To be concerned that a certain race isn’t being treated equally is so far outside of their zone of concern it probably wouldn’t even play into it. We do realize that this concept might be offensive to some people, but this is the time in which we are playing and we highly encourage you to play as such.

On OOC ranting: when you get killed on the surface and want to badger your killer, please choose another race. This is a good opportunity for RPed aggression, well RPed PvP. If you die and get ooc angry please consider playing something else.. and understand if we receive proof of these OOC ramblings we will consider it harassment and warn you appropriately. If it continues past that your PC will probably be permed and you have to build another. If you know yourself enough to know that you are prone to this attachment please take advantage of the 1 week window of opportunity to exchange your PC..."

(Special thanks to HaberdasherofDoom for coming up with this, and thank you to all of the rest of the staff that helped contribute!)

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