Player Request Guidelines Q&A

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Player Request Guidelines Q&A

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Player Request Guidelines Q&A

What is a Player Request?

A player request is a request by a player or group of players for IC (in-character) RP (role play) support from a DM (Dungeon Master) that a player sends to the DM team as a whole or to an individual DM. As Baldur's Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles (BGTSCC) is a dynamic role playing setting, player requests are really the life blood of the BGTSCC server, as dynamic role play is most fun and works best when it is DMs reacting to player attempts IC and not players reacting to DMs.

We distinguish player requests from DM plot lines although we understand often there is an overlap.

How to send Player Requests to the DM team?

All player requests to the DM team, both "simple" player requests or "complicated" player requests, as defined in a Q&A points below, should be sent in an OOC/IC private forum message to the DM Team forum group for consideration and approval. Again, please send player requests to the entire DM Team forum PM (private message) group, as requests to only a single DM are much less likely to get acted on.

What are Simple Player Requests?

Simple player requests are quick and simple requests which do not require developer assistance or involve adversarial or far reaching RP goals. They are likely to have quicker DM team responses and a higher chance of DM team approval, but the DM team tends not to approve many of the exact same types of simple player requests in quick succession, such as multiple player character town fair or festival requests in the same month.

Simple requests do not involve developer input or far reaching or permanent changes to the game world, creating guild halls, using off-character sheet abilities, or giving player characters special access to significant NPCs, and do not have adversarial goals between player characters. Unless it is a minor personal RP request, a simple player request will not typically be limited to just one player character, but will instead need to include at least a few player characters.

What are some examples of Simple Player Requests?

-holding a player character sponsored fair or party with DM created RP assets and minor NPCs attending
-teaching commoner NPCs how to plant crops
-a player character party raiding a goblin cave or thieves den
-performing a common religious ritual or rite with an NPC priest
-escorting religious pilgrims, exploring a wilderness area
-raiding a not so dangerous undead crypt area
-scouting against an enemy NPC army or force
-hiring mercenaries to protect a low value trade convoy or patrol a small and not that dangerous area of the world map
-otherwise simple player requests in the course of an ongoing DM plot or campaign
-performing a basic religious rite
-conducting lower value trade RP with common merchant NPCs

What are Complicated Player Requests?

Complicated player requests are IC RP player requests more involving in terms of DM discussion and deliberation than simple player requests. Complicated player requests may take longer to respond to, have a lower chance of being approved by the DM team, and typically involve significant DM deliberation and discussion internally before a yes or no response from the DM team.

With this in mind, it can be very helpful to poke the DM team if you have not received a decision to encourage us to speed up the process. We thoroughly recommend PMing the team if you have not had a response, rather than giving up.

What are some examples of Complicated Player Requests?

-establishing a guild hall
-instigating conflict between two different player character or guilds/factions
-building a new structure in a town or wilderness area that is not a guild hall
-meeting with or gaining the aid of high level, famous, or powerful NPC(s)
-obtaining access to powerful or influential items
-receiving political powers from NPCs
-obtaining noble titles from NPCs
-becoming a lich or another powerful NPC
-destroying or attacking guild halls or NPC structures in a town or wilderness area that are not a guild hall

Note that we do not grant the use of off-character sheet D&D spells outside of the context of DM plot lines.

((credit to DM Dialectic for drafting these))