Adelaide van de Saer

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Adelaide van de Saer

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Unknown artist.


Name: Adelaide van de Saer, born Adelaide Baarsma.

Race: Aasimar, descendent from an astral deva.
Aasimar signs: Amber eyes which shine in certain light, pointed ears, golden feathers growing from her shoulder blades, a slight lustre to her skin, unusual birthmark.
Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Good.
Profession: Priestess, formerly paladin.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric, Hierophant and Harper Priest.
Age: 23.
Birthdate: 21st Tarsakh / 21st April, Year of the Leaping Dolphin.
Starsign: The Swordsman and influenced slightly by Sun's Signpost, being born near the date of change.
Birthplace: Searloon, Sembia in the Baarsma family home.
Height 174 cm - 5"7'.
Weight: 62 kg - 136 lbs.
General Health: Good.
Eyes: Amber, which shine in certain light.
Hair: Well kept long, auburn hair.
Skin: Lightly tanned, soft and covered in intricate tattoos made up by Celestial script in devotions to Sune. The tattoos are especially visible on her face. Her skin has a slight lustre.
Handedness: Right.
Posture: When in armor, her posture is straight and suggests alertness. When out of armor and in casual situations, she is more relaxed and her posture becomes far less rigid.
Hygiene: Whenever possible, she takes a daily bath before morning prayers, often in scented water. Looks after herself very carefully and makes use of Bluestars, an odour banishing perfume, after heavy battles or workout. Sunite holy water is also used on her face to keep any blemishes away.
Scent: In early hours, a whiff of the bathing oils may be detected. Otherwise, the main notes are of orange blossoms, jasmine flowers and vanilla perfume. If she has been exerting herself, the sweat intermingles with the perfume until Bluestars is used, covering all scent.
Voice: Distinct Sembian accent. Often speaks in quiet and gentle tones. If Adelaide speaks Chondathan, her accent is thick sounding to those of the Heartlands and The North and can be difficult to understand. When speaking Celestial, it is sweet sounding and easy flowing.
Common (aka Thorasta)
Chondathan (regional) - Adelaide's mothertongue.
Sylvan - Learned in her teenage years when encountering dryads in Hall of Firehair.
Celestial - Learned in her teenage years in House of Firehair for religious purposes.

Patron Deity: Sune
    • Beauty is more than skin deep. It issues from the core of one's being and reveals one's true face to the world, fair or foul.

      Believe in romance, as true love will win over all.

      Follow your heart to your true destination. Love none more than yourself except Sune, and lose yourself in love of the Lady Firehair.

      Perform a loving act each day, and seek to awaken love in others. Respond to love at least once in a day.

      Encourage beauty wherever you find it. Acquire beautiful items of all sorts, and encourage, sponsor, and protect those who create them.

      Keep your own body as comely as possible and as attractively displayed as situations warrant. Let hairstyle and clothing best suit your personal appearance, striving to stir and delight others who look upon you.

      Moreover, hide not away, but always seek to present yourself to those around you in a pleasing variety of garbs and activities so as to move them with love and desire.

      Love those who respond to your appearance, and let warm friendship and admiration flower where love cannot or dares not.

Other Venerated Deities:
Chauntea - While not a popular faith in Sembia, Adelaide is drawn to beauty in nature and admires the faithful of Chauntea's hard toiling work. She encountered the faith in Daerlun, where there are many folk who make their living close to the land.
[Plants a seed now and then in Chauntea's name. Aids farmers she passes by in her travels, if she can, has the time and they need it. "Let no day pass in which you have not helped a living thing flourish."]

Deneir - The faith of Adelaide's parents. Adelaide considers the written word important as it is truth which cannot be distorted.
[Offers to write free letters for those who cannot afford it; especially love letters, love poems or even prayers. Keeps a journal with daily observations. "Literacy is an important gift from Deneir; spread it wherever you travel, that it might couch the hearts and minds of all Faerun."]

Oghma - Also a faith which had a strong presence in Adelaide's family as she grew up. While being a paladin, Adelaide appreciated Oghma's teaching even more, holding to truth and knowledge - and to curb falsehoods, something she still does.
[Will attempt to seek out the truth from lies. To sponsor bards, scribes and record keepers. Adelaide often mentions that truth and knowledge should be held to the highest regard. "An idea has no weight, but it can move mountains." Occasionally, Adelaide can draw on to Oghma's power directly which manifests as knowledge temporarily granted to her.]

Lliira - An ally of Sune. Adelaide is drawn to the aspect of brightening the hearts and minds of everyone.
[Strives to be open and warm with people and to make others see the positives in life, even in situations of grief and despair. Tries to see the ability, potential and talent in others; a form of beauty, echoing back to Sune. "Seek joy always by working to bestow it upon others."]

Lathander - An ally of Sune. While Sune oversees love, the Morninglord oversees new life and birth - the things often born from love. Lathander, like Sune, has a soft spot for art.
[In Sune's breath, Adelaide tries to perfect her own outward image but looks to Lathander to perfect her inward one. She tries to not be so reckless and instead consider the conseqences of her actions and what her efforts may lead to. Adelaide considers Lathander to be the god of children. "Avoid negativity, for from death comes life, and there is always another morning to turn a setback into a success."]

Milil - An ally of Sune. Faithful of Milil share a love for the finer things in life with Sunites.
[Takes her time to pause and just listen every now and then, letting natural and unnatural sounds fill her senses and find beauty in sound. While not particularly trained, Adelaide tries to share poems and songs whenever suitable. "Life is a song, beginning at birth and only silenced with the final chord. Strive always to make the whole song, not just the lyrics and music, more beautiful."]

Selûne - An ally of Sune. The moon's cycles represent a woman's cycles or their 'moon time' and Adelaide considers looking to Selûne important for those who wish to conceive. The tolerance the faith preaches also interests Adelaide.
[Adelaide is not naturally physically strong and there are times it shows. She looks to Selûne to empower her, when feeling weak. Shows devotion to Selûne by freely offering healing and remaining helpful and friendly to decent folk. "Promote acceptance and tolerance." Selûne is empowering Adelaide when it comes to turning undead and outsiders.]

Tymora - Adelaide supports Tymora's teachings of finding direction and goals to strive for, seeing it as giving fulfilment in life. A popular faith in Sembia.
[Makes herself always have goals to strive for. For those Adelaide cannot aid or who she considers are touched by ill fortune, she may ask Tymora to smile on them. "Chase your own unique goals, and the Lady aids the chase."]

Eldath - The faith of Adelaide's soul-sister, Sunniva yr Tazorah al Kahyr.
[Whenever Adelaide wants to feel closer to her sister, she finds sites cherished by the followers of the Green Goddess. "Peace can only come from within and cannot be taught or imposed." Eldath allows Adelaide to manifest the goddess' power directly by creating healing waters.]

Mystra - While Adelaide is not very accustomed to the faith of Mystra or very knowledgeable about the Art, she respects what the faith teaches mages.
[Adelaide does not pay direct homage to Mystra yet the goddess has granted her some boons, which Adelaide is grateful for but also thoughtful over. Mystra shields Adelaide from spells and allows her to cast some magic at will. "True wisdom is knowing when not to use magic."]


Physical Description:
Adelaide is tall and on the slimmer side. She lacks the great natural strength one may expect from a warrior. The soft curves of a woman are still evident. Dimples appear when she smiles, often warm and invitingly. When she laughs, the sound is bright and bubbly. There is a sparkle in her amber eyes which suggests a playfulness.

Her smooth and soft skin is lightly tanned, perfume with notes of orange blossom, jasmine flower and vanilla clinging to it. Adelaide's hands are the only place where her skin shows some flaw, the skin on her palms having become calloused after hard work and weapon training. Her ears, if visible, are pointed and along with her slender face, one might at first think she is of elven ancestry. There is however an otherworldly air around her and the tattoos do nothing to dispel that sensation.

The tattoos are done in an earthy tone and meant to compliment her features, appearing all over her body. Anyone standing close, may notice that the patterns are actually formed by flowing script. The language would reveal to be Celestial for those learned and the words are all devotions to Sune. In some places, the script is broken up by a motif; birds, butterflies, hearts or flowers.

When Adelaide is not in armor, she stays true to her goddess' dogma and shows off her body in a pleasing manner. When in armor, the metal covers as much of her body as possible to prevent injury.

Adelaide is an aasimar and is aware of there having been an astral deva in her ancestry. Her grandmother on her father's side showed some traits, such as the amber eyes, but not as many as Adelaide. She is at terms with her ancestry and considers herself to be blessed by showing these extraordinary traits. Some aasimars are born with a birthmark in the shape of something significant to the faith of their celestial ancestor. Adelaide has one in the shape of a dove just above her left breast but it is difficult to tell apart from the tattoos.

She carries many fineries as would be fit for any Sunite. Most of these are owned by the church and bestowed upon Adelaide so that she can enhance her natural beauty and be more pleasing in the eyes of others. Of note would be a fine medallion hanging around her neck with the symbol of Lady Firehair.

Items of note:
Hidden: show
Medallion: Holy symbol of Sune.
The medallion is attached to a light golden chain and can easily be slipped underneath cloth or armor. The symbol is the most known of Sune's and easily recognizable.
Hidden: show
Sigil ring: Holy symbol of Sune.
Lesser known symbol of the goddess depicting a pair of parted female lips with the tip of a tongue just visible between them, slyly touching the upper lip. Before Adelaide went to combat Mother Night, the ring was bestowed to Everett Blackwolf as a reminder of the words they had shared. "To guide in dark times. To be a light in the darkest night." When Adelaide returned to the Prime, Everett returned the ring, stating that he now had his own light and insisted on that Adelaide would need the ring back.

Rose Ring of Sune. Holy item of Sune.
It is a finely crafted gold ring, a religious item for paladins of Sune and often gifted for those who not only show a strong faith but often take her cause to villains no matter where they are. This particular ring has Adelaide van de Saer written on the inner band along with roses. On the outside, there are mounted horses and honourable combat depicted. While Adelaide is not a paladin any more, she still wears the ring. The ring was bestowed to her by the church. [DM granted - DM Hera]

Green agate necklace: Gift.
The teardrop shaped emerald colored green agate hangs from a fine golden chain and was gifted to Adelaide by Ronja Leonhart on the 20th of Eleint, 1353 DR. Ronja was concerned about Adelaide's weakened state and said that an agate is considered to be a protective stone. It is believed to attract strength and offer protection from bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. While Ronja was not too sure if the gemstone could do all that, she explained that she thought it might be a good omen, or just a well wish.
Hidden: show
Platinum bracelet: Gift.
The platinum bracelet has twenty red rubies set in a weaving pattern among darker onyx stones along the length of the band. On the inside there is a light engraving: For my beloved Muse. Gifted by Luke Darius on the 13th of Tarsak, 1353 DR in a sweet moment.

Weapon: Battleaxe "Uthgur Tharnas".
An old battleaxe created by dwarves of yore. To fight the demonic forces sleeping beneath the stone, the greatest dwarven smiths sometimes created weapons such as this one. This axe is Moradin blessed and was used by Adelaide to strike down Mother Night. It is made of cold iron and imbued with magic to better strike against outsiders. [DM granted - DM Soulcatcher]

Weapon: Morningstar "Passion".
Enchanted with fire. A rather simple looking but effective weapon.

Weapon: Silver Longsword "Felicity".
A simple longsword made of silver, to combat demons and hostile shapechangers.

Scroll tube: For religious texts.
The scroll tube is carved from pink wood with gold-plated metal end caps, each cap is inset with a large faceted ruby. This hangs from right side of her belt.

Scroll tube: For divine scrolls.
This scroll tube is simpler in appearance, carved in ivory and inlaid with silver plated end-caps. Hangs next to the other scroll tube on the right side of her belt.

Pink crystal vial: Smelling salts.
Hangs from her belt for easy reach whenever someone may have become unconscious or simply needs to be brought to their senses.

Herbal pouch: Containing... herbs.
Adelaide keeps a selection of herbs with her, especially when she knows she will travel a long distance. Some herbs can be brewed into delicious tasting teas or to flavour food with.

Holy water: Blessed by Sune.
Kept on her belt for easy reach. To bless the living, dead and the undead and to also wash her face with.

Dove feather: Ill omen.
The Daughters of Night who served Mother Night would leave a white dove feather to be found by their victims before assassinating them. On the 20th of Mirtul, 1353 about a hundred of these fell down around Adelaide. She kept them all, bringing them with her when she went to face Mother Night. Somehow, she later only found one on her person which she kept as a token of having no fear of standing before death. [DM granted - DM Hera]

Golden angel feather: Good omen.
Adelaide was bestowed this golden feather from an astral deva named Etharzi, who is her celestial ancestor, while she was recovering in Brightwater after defeating Mother Night. The feather is very dear to her, not only because it came from a celestial serving her goddess but because there is also a family tie.

Adelaide's bag: A bag of holding.
Adelaide stores items she does not readily need in her bag. The bag contains several clothes, items for hygiene, potions, perfume, Bluestars, her armor if she has changed out of it, clothes, her weapons if she does not want to be seen carrying any, quill pen case, a simple scroll tube made from wood containing parchment, a mirror, hairpins, a journal with dark leather covers, box with feathers, embroidery equipment and other odd pieces. It also includes a few things for survival in the wilds such as a tent, sleeping roll, cooking pot, eating utensils, travel rations etc.

Quill pen case: Container for quills and for ink.
Red thread is attached, so the two can be added to the belt if necessary. A symbol of Deneir is etched into both.
Hidden: show
Mirror: With handle.
The mirror is set in a red-gold frame. The back has a design of a single open rose.

A single seashell: Picked from the shores of Saerloon.
Adelaide only had one possession from when she was a child, which was a necklace made of seashells. It reminds her of home, her brother who was there on her beach that day and the place she took her name from. After a conversation with Eldarian, Adelaide placed all the sea shells but one on an altar to Lathander, to symbolise that she was not the girl who she once had been, that Sembia was no more her home, and that she was now on a different journey. Eldarian's words still echo in her mind in moments of doubt.
Hidden: show
"We are the seashells, Adelaide." He stated very softly, a memory having brewed in his eyes. "We must be crushed under the waters and bashed against the waves constantly. We must be buried and choked under the sand." His brow crinkled as he glanced toward the mosaic of Lathander before he continued. "But in the end we must be beautiful for others, Lady Knight. We must show them that even something so delicate can breathe warmth and life in the most harsh of tides, hm? We must make them hope, for a rosy future is always possible." He spoke softly. "Sometimes you need to dig for that little seashell."
Hidden: show
Dark leather book: Serves as journal.
The book has seen some wear and tear and contains several pages of Adelaide's journey in life and in faith, her encounters with various people, visits to nearly all cities in Sembia and the duties she has carried out in the name of Sune. It is written in Celestial, perhaps as a small safeguard in case someone else happens upon it. She uses her journal to press flowers.
Hidden: show
Prayerbook: For prayers.
Adelaide's prayerbook has various songbirds among flowers and ivy depicted on its cover. Judging from the cover alone, it is quite new. The empty pages are being filled with poems and prayers, written in Common along with a Celestial translation. It was gifted to Adelaide by Luke Darius on the 30th of Elesias, 1352 DR. Through writing down prayers, she hoped to teach him more about Sune and faith. Many pages have dried pressed flowers stuck to them.

Ornate wooden box: A random collection of things.
Many feathers from different kinds of birds lie on the bottom, acting as a soft cushion for the items laid on top. Several are golden feathers of different size, none longer then the length of a hand. They are notably not yellow in colour, but something actually akin to gold. Adelaide is quite taken by birds and always enjoyed watching and interacting with the ones in the House of Firehair in Daerlun. She collected any beautiful feathers she could find in the temple and on her journeys. The golden ones are her own.

Within the box is also a small pouch embroidered with a hummingbird, flying in the air. The bird is red, black and golden. Two small golden six-sided dice are in the pouch, the dots symbolising the numbers being of sparkling diamonds. One gem fragment of a semi-transparent orange-hued gemstone is also in the box. This was one of four gifted by Adelaide's soul-sister Sunniva. Adelaide never used this worry-stone.
Hidden: show
Hidden: show
Embroidery equipment: In a bag, organized.
Adelaide works on no major pieces but prefers smaller ones, to finish them quicker and gift them to other people's delight. Her favourite things are little linen bags which can be stuffed with herbs such as lavender and placed among clothes, pouches for other purposes and handkerchiefs. Common motifs are hearts, birds and flowers.

A mask: Gift.
A vibrant golden and red mask with feathers. It is one Adelaide has occasionally worn around the Minstrel's Muse. It was gifted to her by Luke Darius on the 10th of Hammer 1353 DR.


    • Sembia

      Sembia is a land of experienced merchants who know how to hold onto power and young traders who scheme for a share of it. Sembians relish the art of the deal, the skill of gaining advantage through negotiation instead of through outright falsehood or cheating. Although Sembia does not control as great a proportion of Faerûn's trade as Amn, trade controls Sembia much more than trade controls Amn.

      Unlike the lawless thugs of the Moonsea cities and the Pirate Isles, Sembians generally observe laws of contracts, debts, and interest payments. Quite often Sembians observe these laws all too well, exploiting loopholes that others had not imagined.

      Sembia conceives of itself as a young, aggressive, and expansionist nation. It has already co-opted one of the Dales, the former Moondale, and transformed it into a new capital fit for a great power: the City of Ordulin. But the Sembian elite are too interested in seeking advantage over each other to unite behind a single foreign policy or a single warlord.

      - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Personality Profile:
Growing up in Saerloon has given Adelaide a good work ethic and she tries to always be occupied with something, even if it is a small thing. She hates standing about and doing nothing as she feels unproductive. When she is not on duty, Adelaide is not wearing her armor and tries to interact with others to spread love and warmth. In quiet moments she enjoys reading poetry, doing embroidery, sing or practise a musical instrument.

Adelaide often enjoys wandering in nature and going for long hikes. During such hikes she often looks for flowers she can collect and press, and bird feathers. In House of Firehair Adelaide enjoyed spending time in the temple's gardens, where she often interacted with the dryads, sylphs and mermaids, and managed to gain some of their trust.

She is mirthful, compassionate, quite the romantic, and sincere with her compliments - trying to see beauty in all things and will often reflect on it. As for her temperament, Adelaide tries to be as level-headed as she can and think through her decisions carefully. Lacking the wisdom and knowledge of those more senior, she is at risk of making errors every now and then and may even turn impatient. She would rather be quiet than saying something offensive or upsetting. When interacting with others, Adelaide prefers to use their given name unless it would be a clear breach of etiquette.

When Adelaide was a paladin she considered herself to be a warrior of her goddess and to have a duty to keep others safe, battle evil while also staying close to the dogma of Sune. She suffered various ill effects on her body after fighting Mother Night in Mirtul 1353 DR. While she recuperated in Brightwater she reflected on her future path. She became a priestess, recognizing that she would never regain the strength she once had and was thus unfit to claim to be able to fulfil her paladin oaths but also because she realised that her intended role had changed. She is not as flighty as other Sunite clergy, coming across as a responsible woman. Being trained as a paladin has given her a different outlook. Living in a temple complex where a priestess thinks that waking up in the middle of the night to seek out a specific piece of art and other odd behaviour most people would not come up with, has made Adelaide very patient and understanding in most matters. She had no prior real contact with Sune before she was brought to the House of Firehair and this has marked her in some ways. When she was brought to the House of Firehair, she immediately felt at peace and home.

When Adelaide began her paladin training she took a vow of chastity to be closer to Lady Firehair, the one she loves first-most and to avoid distractions from her duty: to be her goddess' sword out in the world and shower love on all good and sentient beings. The vow was also taken due to Adelaide often hearing remarks of how Sunites freely offer themselves like cheap ladies of the night and received requests herself from lewd people. The vow was never meant to be permanent, as such vows rarely are, and a declaration of deep love and affection made Adelaide reflect on her vow. She decided to follow her heart and to believe in romance, as Sune asks of her followers. Adelaide still feels that there is a misconception about Sune's faith being entirely of outer beauty and physical pleasures and she still wants to show others the different sides of the faith.

Adelaide is always looking for signs from the gods and firmly believes that the gods communicate with people all the time. She also finds signs in words said by others, or in unusual or usual sightings. She ponders lengthily over her dreams.

In late 1354 DR, Adelaide is far more secure about herself and her role as a priestess of Sune. Before even as a paladin, she was prone to doubting herself and finding faults. While she has never wobbled in her faith to Sune, self-doubt and criticism has threatened the bond she has with her goddess.

Habits and quirks: Things that can be remarked on that Adelaide does.
Hidden: show
Greetings - Adelaide greets people she is familiar with by giving them a kiss on the cheek. To others, she touches her lips with her fingers and turns her hand outward towards them - a symbol of Sune's love being with them. She often utters the Inner Sea greeting, olore, which would translate to common as 'well met'.
Soft crooning - A sound familiar to all faithful worshippers of the Lady of Love and that only the goddess and those truly loyal to her can emit.
Bathing - Adelaide bathes every morning as part of her prayers in scented water. If not possible, she makes sure to at least wash her hands.
Preaching - Adelaide tries to not be seen as a preacher for she believes that everyone must choose their own paths but her zealousness cannot hold back her love for Sune. She tries to be tolerant and acts against others only when she must.
Mistakes - Adelaide is not afraid of making them, Sembians consider mistakes important in order to learn and is not afraid of owning up to them and setting things right.
Work - Adelaide is always doing something. A Sembian needs to be at work at all times. Sometimes, it may not look like work for others but even a pleasant conversation with someone is considered to further Sune's influence.
Laws - Sembians respect laws of contract, debt, and fair business practice. The letter of the law is what is respected. Adelaide is influenced by this mindset but it does not necessary mean she follows it as strictly as her countryfolk.
Patriotism - Adelaide loves Sembia and thinks very fondly of her country. She considers the Sembian mindset and work ethics to be something all should strive for.
Weaknesses and Flaws: Like any other, Adelaide is not without flaws.
Hidden: show
Trust - While Adelaide is not blind to the flaws of others, her belief that love and friendship is a positive influence can leave her wide open to being misled, manipulated and misdirected.
Vanity - Adelaide is concerned about her appearance, considering presenting herself as beautiful as a holy duty. While this does not affect her performance in battle, it does affect her behaviour otherwise, such aesthetic perfection being a high maintenance thing.
Proud of Sune and her priesthood - Adelaide is both proud of her goddess and of her own priesthood. She sees higher ideals in Sune's doctrine of love and can anger at the common conception of Sune as a hedonistic, flighty deity. This anger can sometimes emerge from behind her otherwise pleasant demeanour.
Prejudice - Adelaide was raised in Sembia, where a dislike of elves is commonplace. While the higher ideals of Sune run contrary to this, she has not yet discarded this prejudice entirely.
Resentment - Adelaide's father brought the family to ruin and indentured servitude, and while Adelaide has been able to escape, her mother and now deceased brother have not. Even in servitude her father had not changed his drinking and gambling ways, and Adelaide nursed a seed of anger in her heart towards him. She also has some resentment towards her mother, because her mother has always blamed Adelaide for being different - having herself endured petty gossip about Adelaide's father being elven instead of human. Adelaide has more or less come to a peace within herself regarding her father, as he died during the summer of 1353 DR but not yet with her mother.
Pseudo-Flirtatious - Adelaide has spent much of her life amongst Sune's clergy, and has been used to giving and receiving warm (platonic) affection. This, combined with Sune's mandate to spread love and friendship, can make others misinterpret her actions as flirtatious. There is a risk she could emotionally harm someone who sees more than a Suneite demeanour in her actions.
View of others: Adelaide has been influenced greatly by living in Daerlun and while her heart is close to Saerloon, she is more tolerant than her fellow Sembians and not as quick to criticize or judge differences. She dislikes people who carry themselves as being more important than they are and those who swing their blades too freely. Even so, she has certain views of others...
Hidden: show
Cormyr - Adelaide does not share her fellow countryfolk's view of Cormyreans having too much noble blood poisoning them. She has travelled to Cormyr and has grown to respect the people and adores the fineries and arts they readily display and generally finds them a honourable sort.
Dalelands - She has not visited the Dalelands and tends to share her countryfolk's views on Dalesfolk being primitive bumpkins. The Dalesfolk do not work hard enough, why else would they constantly seek the aid of others instead of sorting out things between themselves...
Moonsea cities - Adelaide has not been to the Moonsea. Her fellow countryfolk believe they are to be destroyed from within economically since no army can take them and while Adelaide does not quite feel so strongly (being no merchant), she would like to see any evil brought down.
Dragon Coast - Sembians tend to think of the place much like as the Moonsea, as it is a hotbed for secret societies and thieves' guilds. A common saying is "Everyone has a price. But the price is more reasonable on the Dragon Coast." Adelaide has visited the Dragon Coast and found it intriguing but had little chance to know the area more in depth. Her stance is neutral.
The Vast - Considered to be a potential marketplace and resource and Sembian merchants are careful to not turn it into a rival. Adelaide has visited Procampur in a hunt for a very specific piece of art with a priestess of Sune.
Westgate - Considered to be a potential marketplace and resource and Sembian merchants are careful to not turn it into a rival. Adelaide has visited Westgate and found it to be dirty but those who could afford it, dressed themselves in much finery. Perfume from there is of excellent quality and Adelaide favours it.
Mulhorand - After visiting it in 1353 DR with Rumah, a paladin of Hoar and native to Mulhorand, Adelaide came to love the country and the exotic culture. She has an overall positive view of the people there.
Adventurers - "Adventurers dig their own grave." is a popular saying in Sembia. Some adventurers have little respect for the lands they visit which reflects badly on all adventurers. Adelaide shares the disapproval the people of Daerlun has towards them, in that adventurers risk upsetting hard-won peace and prosperity of the land. Being outside of Sembia, she is not too bothered but does keep an eye on any she encounters and takes their measure.
Pirates - In Sembia, consorting with piracy often means the whole family is destroyed. More often than not, it is not the law but rival families who exact the penalties for dishonourable business practices. Overall, it is an unforgivable crime. Adelaide has no love at all for pirates and considers them worse than bandits.
Thieves - Thieves are dealt with very harshly in Daerlun, imprisoned in deep caverns which are said to be hallowed to Tyr and are never to be seen again. While Adelaide may think that people should be offered a chance to change, she still has a harsh view of thievery. Hiding in shadows, sneaking and lockpicking does not bother her unless she is aware it is for sinister reasons.
Half-orcs - The people of Daerlun show little tolerance for these half-breeds and Adelaide considers them ugly and a stain on the beauty of the world. She will quietly go on about her business if encountering one.
Elves - The Sembian banishment on elves is two years ahead and the current situation is outright hostility in many places. Most elves have gone into Retreat and the ones who remain are uncontrolled and causing trouble. Adelaide is suspicious around elves and considers them overall to be untrustworthy. Elves in the region heavily blame humans for the fall of the once beautiful Myth Drannor, while humans tend to believe the elven haughtiness lead to the fall.
Drow - Rumours are afloat in the Dalelands and Cormanthor of drow sightings and attacks on merchant caravans. They are not common yet but there has been enough violence for people to talk. Adelaide considers drow to be a worse kind of elf, not entirely knowing the difference other than that "drow are twice as tough and therefore have to be struck twice as hard".
The Zhentarim - Unfriendly. Adelaide had no encounters with Zhentarim herself prior to coming to the Heartlands and all she has heard are rumours. Most from merchants who complain about their prices and which are to be taken with a grain of salt or people who speak of conspiracy theories. After coming to the Sword Coast, their deeds have become more known to her.
Red Wizards - Unfriendly. Adelaide has not encountered them prior to the Heartlands except for seeing a few Red Wizards at a distance. She has no clear sense of slavery being right or wrong, indentured servitude being common in Sembia and is aware of Mulhorand, a good society, having slaves. Slavery is outlawed in Sembia but takes place anyway in some places on the countryside. She has heard rumours of rulers in Sembia plotting together with Red Wizards. After coming to the Sword Coast, their deeds have become more known to her.
The Cult of the Dragon - Unfriendly. The Cult of the Dragon have an active presence in Sembia but works in the dark. Adelaide is unaware of their dealings but knows them to be evil and that they frighten merchants into paying them gold for "protection".
The Harpers - Friendly. Harpers are known to protect peaceful nations such as Sembia and have a presence there. Adelaide knew little about them prior to coming to the Heartlands other than that they oppose large scale evil and promote freedom. She has heard of them being considered meddlers and unlawful, yet considers a good steady and prosperous nation preferable to a tyrannical and poor one. Since coming to the Sword Coast she has come to trust them and will aid them when needed.
Worshippers of evil - Unfriendly. Especially servants of the deities of Fury - Talos, Auril, Malar and Umberlee. Suspicious towards servants of Talona and Tempus even if the latter is not evil, their servants are often considered to bring destruction to beauty.
Pursuits of arts: Like all Sunites, Adelaide is expected to cherish art and seek to create and also preserve art.
Hidden: show
Embroidery - She has not had much time to work on larger pieces of work or more complex ones. What she creates is however beautiful and she makes sure to use colours which are in harmony with one another.
Pressing flowers - Something Adelaide has enjoyed from her childhood and learned from her mother. She often attaches these to letters.
Playing the flute/ocarina - Knows simpler melodies. She owns a bird made of clay she likes to play on when the mood strikes her.
Playing the harp - Adelaide loves the sound of the harp and set out to learn it, with Rumah as her teacher. He taught her all that he knew and Adelaide has since sought to learn more from Luke Darius and other harp players.
Poetry and song - She can recite in a manner which is enjoyable for others to hear.
Hobbies: When Adelaide is not pursuing any skill of the arts, she has a few other things she enjoys to do.
Hidden: show
Hiking - Being in nature and generally travelling is something that Adelaide enjoys and she seeks to always experience something new during such journeys, and find things of beauty. She does this less now with other commitments and reasons of personal security.
Bird watching - Adelaide is a novice in recognizing birds but this does not prevent her from sometimes taking a journey outside with the sole purpose of seeking a specific bird. She also collects any fallen bird feathers.
Other skills: Things pursued for other reasons.
Hidden: show
Swordsmanship - Adelaide has had training with various weapons and while she is not a novice, she is not master swordsman either.
Nimbleness - She not not particularly surefooted but knows how to avoid blows when moving through combat.

    • Sembia

      To the southwest, toward Cormyr, merchant families purchase huge tracts of land and practice the good life of the nobility. The self-styled nobility of Sembia maintain private armies, oversee vine yards and orchards, hunt, and pursue secret or individual passions ranging from mushroom cultivation to slave breeding. Officially, slaves are illegal in Sembia, but the nobles define legality on their own estates. The great families who maintained their wealth for generations have taken to styling themselves dukes and princes, and few choose to argue the point.


      Sembians expect corruption in high places. Constant rumors speak of various city rulers conspiring with Thayans, Zhentarim, or "fell things mages can talk to from afar" to betray their citizens. Underhanded dealings are permissible and even admired - but outright theft or arson are abhorred, and justice can be harsh.

      Kidnappings-for-hire of business and social rivals (and of one's own undesired offspring and other relatives), "hirespell" wizards who magically spy or cast harmful spells for fees, and debtors indentured as near-slaves to work off their debts for years are all common in "Golden Sembia." The upland woods, hunting estates; and the Ghost Holds (abandoned mansions) of nearby Battledale all crawl with Sembian outlaws - folk ruined or driven off by the unwritten rules of the merchant kingdom.

      - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
The city of Saerloon in Sembia, The Merchant Kingdom, is where Adelaide was born and grew up with her older brother Bastian, or Bas as she called him. Her father was a merchant of rare or otherwise exclusive books yet he had trouble finding buyers and so fell into debt. Gambling and drink was part of it. Adelaide and her brother Bas were blissfully unaware until late one evening in her twelfth year, several rough looking people broke into their home. The illusion that their father Adelbert had wanted to build up crumbled. Her mother, Anouk, had known it was bad but not exactly how bad.

Their holding was seized along with all their belongings. Every floorboard and wall was broken up to look for any stash of golden fivestars or silver ravens. Anouk's jewellery was of course all seized as well. The family was humiliated and there was only one way out of the enormous debt - indentured servitude, a common way to resolve debts in Sembia. Adelaide's parents became servants to "Duke" Thietmar Vermeulen who owns several vineyards and farms in the region around Saerloon. Her mother aids with looking after any children in the Vermeulan family and teaches them various life skills. Her father travelled with caravans and ships, brokering deals although he still had issues with drink which made paying off the debt impossible. Her brother Bas' contract was passed on to someone else in Selgaunt where he did some dirty work surrounding power politics, something Adelaide did not approve of but it was out of her control. Despite Adelaide wanting to reunite with her brother, her brother refused to meet with her as she had become a paladin. Bas was knifed down in a deal gone wrong in 1353 DR, the same year her father also succumbed to illness.

Adelaide herself worked for the Vermeulens until she was fifteen. Diantha Feldt, a senior priestess of Sune, visited the Vermeulen estate because a priestess in the faith had a vision of Adelaide and that she must be brought to House of Firehair in Daerlun. The temple thus bought the contract. Despite Adelaide pleading with Diantha, her family could not come with her. Her family however supported the move, seeing it as a far better opportunity in life than staying with the Vermeulens. She does not use her family's name as it is in dishonour. Instead she has taken to calling herself after the city of Saerloon and the great merchant, Saer, who was important for it.

Adelaide had been unhappy and lost with the Vermeulens but in the House of the Firehair, she found what she needed - which was Sune's love. The young woman became very devout and worked hard to do her part in the temple. When she stood at a candle vigil and prayed, looking into her mirror, she suddenly saw her reflection change. She was older but still young, in armor with the holy symbol of Sune hanging around her neck. The vision lasted only for as long as it took Adelaide to realize it was there. Since then, she began to feel a warm sensation every time she prayed, her skin tingling, as if it was kissed. Adelaide was an unlikely candidate to hear such a call, many were hoping she would instead pursue the path of a cleric due to her natural beauty. The other priestesses conferred and it was decided that Adelaide should pursue the path of a paladin, after she herself stated that such was her own wish as she had felt it was what Sune wanted of her. She was released from her indentured servitude, instead making vows to the House of the Firehair formally to begin training.

Five years later at the age of twenty, Adelaide completed her training. She was no sword master and still quite the novice. What she lacked in strength, Lady Firehair granted her. Through the divine blessings of Sune, Adelaide was filled with strength and power to do her bidding. She is completely devoted to Sune and is convinced that the greatest power in faith comes from conviction and belief. Her work in the region near her homeland mostly involved escorting clergy on missions in Sembia or Cormyr and to stop monsters such as lizard men, hobgoblins, gnolls and trolls coming out from The Vast Swamp. While she is not well travelled, she has visited many temples in the regions she has been to and sought to have a broad view of life and people.

Another priestess in the clergy had a vision after nearly a year after Adelaide was finished with her paladin training. In the vision, Adelaide was seen going with a specifically dressed merchant to an unknown destination. No one knew why or with who, so every day the priestesses and servants in the temple would keep watch of the comings and goings of caravans more than usual. When the right merchant was found, it was discovered that he was on his way to the Western Heartlands, his cargo being wine. Adelaide found herself in Baldur's Gate, without the company of any other of her faith and without knowing why she was there. She has no direct obligation to House of Firehair in Daerlun any more.

While in Baldur's Gate, it would slowly become clear what Sune's wishes for her were. Dark court intrigues in the city were linked to an evil entity, something believed to have been a primordial which was trapped and brought to Tethyr. The entity was called Mother Night and had become so corrupted Shar herself had gained some control and powered her. Sune sent visions to Adelaide of the corruption Mother Night herself emitted and that it would affect Baldur's Gate - for the tendrils were far reaching. The vision also suggested that Mother Night herself was shrouded from Sune's direct view and thus, someone must go to Mother Night directly. Adelaide had been chosen as the champion of Lady Firehair. She made preperations with friends, allies and those she hoped could aid her and perhaps gain a change of heart. Only a few were told that Adelaide did not think she would return from the encounter. On the 21st of Mirtul, 1353 DR, Adelaide and the group made the journey to the area and through some obstacles on the way, finally reached Mother Night.

During the battle, Sune used Adelaide as a conduit to channel her divine powers. With each cut of the Moradin blessed axe, Mother Night was weakened. Sune's divine power alone kept Adelaide alive and prevented her body from shattering from the heavy blows infused with unholy powers but her shield and armor crumbled. When Mother Night was finally defeated, the light around Adelaide dimmed and she was unable to stand upright. She was in a delirious state, ravaged by the fight and the different energies affecting her. Her body was cold, shivering. To all, it looked like she was dying - which was also the truth. An astral deva then broke through the cavern ceiling and despite pleadings, gathered Adelaide up in his arms and flew away with her.

It was unknown what had happened to Adelaide but many assumed she was dead. There were a few who thought she could be alive, as a Celestial being had carried her away and her body had not been claimed. Eventually there were divine signs sent to others by Sune, suggesting that Adelaide was alive. Months after the event, Adelaide stepped through a mirror in House of Firehair in Daerlun, to the Halls of Inner Light in Baldur's Gate. Weakened and changed but most certainly alive. She sought to reconcile with friends and recuperate, withdrawing from official duties. Some of the reconcilement went better than others and in the summer, 3rd of Flamerule 1354 DR, Adelaide gave birth to a daughter named Adelia Abigail. Luke Darius is confirmed to be the father but it is known that Adelaide and Luke (now Lord Luke Darius) are not married. Late 1354 DR they are on good terms and often seen in each other's company, with one of Luke's sisters, Dahlia Darius, aiding in looking after the young daughter.

At the end of 1354 DR, Adelaide took up the mantle as High Lady of Sune in the Halls of Inner Light, as one among the council who leads the multi-faith temple.

Watch birds and gather feathers from birds local to the Western Heartlands and the Sword Coast.
Acquire an angel feather for her feather collection.
- Accomplished. Etharzi gave her one.
Raise her daughter as best as she can.
Promote the goals of the Halls of Inner Light with more open mindedness and acceptance than she considers her predecessors to have done.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Adelaide may encounter the astral deva who woo'ed a woman in her family many generations ago who was in peril on the Astral Plane. Unbeknownst to Adelaide, this astral deva has kept a restrained watch over every generation since then. In a challenging moment, it may be compelled to act. Adelaide is aware of that this astral deva serves Sune but knows little else.
- Adelaide's life was saved by her celestial ancestor and she learned that his name is Etharzi. While they have their differences in both race and outlook, there is a strong bond between them.

Discover what Sune has in mind for her. It could be as simple as being in the right place at the right time or something more complex. Adelaide herself has no clue and is simply waiting for that moment or when she receives a call of where her path next may lie. It could also simply be a precaution on Sune's side.
- Adelaide has accomplished what Sune has asked of her though she may be requested directly to accomplish other deeds.

The Sash of Sune has some uncertainties around it, some claiming there is only one but others claiming there are several. The reason is that through history, different spells have been recorded that have been found on the sash and not everyone has seen the same spells. The sash (or sashes) reveal their location in a dream vision only to Sunites and only if physically harmed or endangered.
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Re: Adelaide van de Saer

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For personal use to remember where everything is but also for anyone else who is interested.

Sources & inspirations:
Faiths and Avatars AD&D (Sune)
Faiths and Pantheons 3:E (Sune)
Warriors and Priests of the Realms AD&D (Sembian warrior, Sunite clergy)
Prayers from the Faithful AD&D (Sash of Sune)
Power of Faerun 3.5:E (The House of Firehair in Daerlun, p 55) (& Daily Worship, Manifistations & Visions, Rewards)
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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Aasimar, Religion, Vast Swamp, Sembia)
Random Birthday Generator with Faerun nightsky
The Herald "What Starsign are You?" by Aeili Azenci (Thank you Tsidkenu!)
Birds of Faerun
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Small update.

What changed? Not overmuch.

Not wanting to have the joy of trawling through the wall text to find out on your own?
Hidden: show
Starsign: Added Aeili's work on Starsigns.

Voice: When speaking different languages.

Languages: Sylvan

Lathander: Adelaide considers him a god of children.

Armor: Golden gold.

Prayerbook: Love is lovely and Sune is love.

Skills: Survival GONE. Build too limited in skill points and extend spell was too difficult to be without. No major impact on this removal. Campfires not as majestic any more.

Personality: Vow of chastity Swept off her feet by a damn bard.

Personality: Omens etc. If Adelaide falls as a paladin, the path to priestess is open.

Elves: Blame-game.

Pursuits of arts: Instruments - ocarina/clay bird.

Goals: Holy Avenger - yes please.
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Re: Adelaide van de Saer

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Reviewed. Pending decision.
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Re: Adelaide van de Saer

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Re: Adelaide van de Saer

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Updated. Which hadn't happened for a long time.

- Alluring new image.
- Sketch included! Made by Tiberis79.
- Paladin of Sune -> Cleric of Sune
- More deities added.
- Background.
- Birth of daughter.
- Goals changed and updated.
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