9/21/2016: Suspension of Character Rollbacks/Item Returns

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9/21/2016: Suspension of Character Rollbacks/Item Returns

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Just a general notice, as of 9/21, we will no longer be rolling back characters or returning items/gold/RCR exp/etc. as a result of the module crashing. Please make sure you are saving your characters frequently until it is resolved.

This is non-negotiable and losses are now non-refundable (The DM team might(?) still return your items under some circumstances if screenshot proof of this loss can be provided, this is completely their call and I will neither discourage or encourage them to do so).

Please do not even send a message asking (again, for clarification purposes: you may still ask the DMs for matters regarding item refunds unless they say otherwise), no matter how special/good the item was. We're getting waaaaay too many of these requests, and I just don't have the time to keep supporting them (and frankly, I don't even have a way to verify whether or not the claims made in most of these requests are even true, but I can't honor some and not others so we've been giving them out to 100% of people who want them).

For that matter, Aspect of Sorrow's recent changes to the acquire/unaquire scripts should be preventing any future occurrences of such losses anyway, so really this announcement might not even have been needed, as it SHOULD be saving your character every time you receive or lose an item now.

Just in case, though, here's a few ways you can prevent item loss:
- PC Tools "Save Character" button
- Rest
- Stop muling, put the item in persistent storage instead
- Don't drop your items on the ground and leave them there to go to another character, hand them off to another PC
- Don't use campfires as storage
- Don't "show off" your gear to other players in the barter window, if you want to brag about your cool stuff (hey, I would too!), just send them tells with the stats or show them screenshots
- DON'T USE THE APPEARANCE CHANGER ON EPIC SHOP ITEMS (yes, I know that this one's been said, I just wanted to reiterate since many have seemed to miss the message :D)
- Don't spend a lot of time in the Nexus, because your character file will not save there
- Seriously, get out of the Nexus unless you have a legitimate need to be there, the floor is lava.
As for RCRing, after you claim your XP from the NPC, click the save character button or log out from the game or leave the Nexus and rest. Don't try to level up before saving your character, and don't level up your character and then stand around in the Nexus for a couple hours until the server crashes and you realize that your XP didn't get saved and is gone from the NPC.

On another note, we're setting the module to a 5 hour reset window instead of 9 as a result of this. The change will come soon (probably tonight). This should make seeing a reset more common, and I'm hoping the shift will cause crashing to go from "the module crashes before reset almost every time" to "the module crashes before reset just occasionally."

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. This isn't something I'm doing because I don't want to help you all out with this stuff. It's something I'm doing because I'm only one person. :oops: (Though Maecius has been doing even more of these than I have, honestly, so I guess I should clarify that we're only two people! :lol:)

(Just to beat a dead horse: This is just on the admin level. The DMs can still be contacted to ask for an item return, but they have policies and stipulations and (almost always) ask for a screenshot or some corroborating evidence.)
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