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Re: Shadowdancer Ideas

Unread post by Blackman D » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:12 pm

metaquad4 wrote:
Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:31 am
Constantly comparing the server to PnP isn't going to help progress at all.
comparing things to pnp is a good start for a lot of things, changing classes to do something they dont normally do is arguably a lore change to which you said it was ok to compare to pnp... also to compare something requires a reference, the default reference for most of D&D is pnp, but the other side is the server to which you are trying to adapt something to

so it makes prefect sense... that being said

SD is a defensive class, anything with higher AB just doesnt fit it

bonus H/MS is excessive, trust me, you dont want to give my hin more H/MS than what she already has...

increasing shadow daze to base 15... idk, it would be... irrelevant? daze --sucks-- if you want to boost it then change it to a hard stun to enable sneak attacks and to actually stop people from doing anything (you can still hide and use items under daze)

if that gets done then x3 would be fine, on cooldown would probably be a bit much tho not that bad? if it was like a 5 min cd

1 min/lvl evade would be boss, it would become a normal defensive ability instead of a hard combat one, going from 3 mins total use to 30 mins

shadow jump is fine as is since its been changed to instant (from having to mark a spot) anything more is kinda pointless, SDs are not suppose to be able to travel that far thru shadows and can already jump to the other side of a map, giving them the ability to jump across multiple maps is just greedy

i would not mind a 2 or 3 min cd on it from 5 min tho

summons, the problem with the shadow is that its a shadow... you would have to insanely overpower a shadow to make it any good and that is what you are asking, the shadow is not weak by standards of a shadow, just weak compared to anything else because of the limitations of nwn2 and not having support for their shadow spawn ability, which summons more shadows when they kill someone - but buff it and it will still suck honestly, i already made it OP for a shadow and it was still bad, shadows simply suck

not against giving them shadow simulacrum tho, either as a SD 10 only ability with the normal shadow or replacing the normal shadow, still only a SD 10
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