(BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

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(BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Mutko1 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:08 am

*Telir's trade wagon in the farmlands has expanded. He added a list of items that he would only part with in exchange for another item of similar quality . *

Ring Of Sorcerous Power, (Sorcerer spell slots 3&4 , +3 CHA, Sorc Only or UMD)
Ysridain's Soul amulet ( Concentration & Perform +4, AC+3, HP+10 , Bard or UMD)
Enchanced Spear ( Spear AC+3 Deflection, Massive Criticals 8 )
Greater Cloak Of High Forest ( Druid spell slots 3&4 , AC+3 Deflection , Fortitude +1 , Druid or UMD)
Vampiric Mace ( Small Mace STR+3, Vampiric Regeneration +2 )
Greatmace +2 ( Warmace +2 EB, Massive Criticals 2d6 )
Vampiric Morningstar ( Morningstar +4EB, Vampiric Regen +1)
Acandar (Bastard Sword +3 EB, Electric Dmg 1d6, Alchemical Silver )
Sling Of Arvoreen (Sling EB+4, Mighty+4, Bonus feats Dash& Point Blank Shot)
Greatmace+4 (Warmace EB+4, Massive Criticals 5)
Belt (INT+3, HP+5, Spell Immunity Power Word Kill)
Belf of Faraneyth's Redemption (Belt AC+3 Deflection, Will Save Throws +4, Cure Critical Wounds (15) 1/day)
Umber Hulk Breastplate +4 (Breastplate +4AC, HP+10,Saving Throws Mind+4, DMG Reduction +4 Slashing or Piercing not sure about it?!?, Material : Umber Hulk )
Heavy Shield of Spell Resistance (Heavy Shield +4AC, Spell Resistance 26)
Anti Magic Tower Shield (Tower Shield , Spell Resistance 30)
Helm ( AC+3 Deflection, CHarisma+3 )
Brutal Falchion ( Falchion EB+1, Massive Criticals 2d6 )
Boots Of Gracefulness ( Boots +3AC, Ranger Spell slot 1, Will Saving Throws +4 )
Copper Dragon Armor ( Full Plate Armor +3AC, Damage Reduction Acid 20, 60% Weight)
Aurumvorax Armor ( Leather Armor +2 AC, DR piercing 5, DR slashing 5 )
Boots of sun soul +4 (Boots+4 AC, DEX +2 , Monk or UMD)
Monk's Belt ( Belt , Bonus Feats Improved Critical Unarmed, Weapon Specialization Unarmed , Haste (10) 1/day, Monk or UMD))

*Telir's list of items of interest:*
((( Looking for Weapons with vampiric +2/3, Epic Wicked Union scythe, Greatsword +3 Vamp,
Falchion +3 Vamp , Scimitar +3 Vamp, Kama +3 Vamp, Epic Vilebite Axe. Also Bludgeoning weapons like warhammers or warmaces with +2/3 Vampiric.)))

*One very special belt stays right next to the merchant with a note attached to it*
*Highly enchanted, Don't touch*

((Belt : Sorcerer spell slots 5&6, INT+2, Saving Throws Universal +2))
((Would trade the belt for other DM items like regeneration rings or something else of interest))

Edit:forgot to put another item in the list :
((Monk Belt
Improved Critical: Unarmed
Weapon Specialisation: Unarmed
Haste(10) once per day
Monk or UMD))

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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Mutko1 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:26 am

Telir is now looking for Epic Viper Scimitar and wicked union Epic Scythe or simmilar items.


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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Nemo » Sat Oct 27, 2018 2:06 pm

A calishite seems quite impressed by the wares and offers:

"Would you possibly be willing to part with that Belt of Monk for a hefty sum of money? Let's say... a million gold coins?"

(((Bumping and Necroing this if you're still around!)))

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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Caelin » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:27 pm

A tall, golden haired monk smiles and says "I'll offer something in trade for the monk's belt or the ring."
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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Kingdenmark » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:03 pm

A dwarf turns-up asking how much the heavy shield of spell resistance would cost

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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by Darksaber » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:06 pm

A warrior in a grim looking helm passes by.
Ammon Wulf wrote: "How much for that bastard sword (Acandar)?"
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Re: (BG Farmlands) Telir's Artifact Trade.

Unread post by dakalb » Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:58 pm

A large and scarred dwarf inquires about a large shield on the table

"How much for the shield that protects from magics? I can offer 100 bags for it"

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