Using the Appraise mechanic to determine race

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Using the Appraise mechanic to determine race

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[ original post by Flasmix ]
Until further notice, the Appraise mechanic listed in game cannot be used to determine the race of a PC that is fully masked or wearing a helmet. It does not comply with the current set of rules that we have listed on the forums.

The DM team is discussing what to do with it.

Please follow the below set of rules until a decision is made.
- Underdark players on the surface, and surface players within the tunnels of the Underdark, who have been identified are considered to have consented to PvP and may be killed on sight. The exceptions are for the city of Sshamath and the Upperdark, where all involved are still required to follow normal PvP rules.
Characters outfitted in a way that completely hides their identifying features require the aggressor to apply normal PvP rules, regardless of which side the disguised character is from. The disguise must be complete and hoods by themselves do not count. Patterns of speech, accents, body language, and other distinctive qualities are discerned only through roleplay over time, and details such as "a funny-sounding name" or the size of the character alone do not count for the purposes of identification.