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 Post subject: A letter openly nailed onto the Halls of Inner Light's door.
Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:47 am 
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A letter is openly nailed onto the doors of the Temple of Inner Light for any who pass to see clearly, addressed simply to "Rania", lacking any proper titles or usual pomp.


I once held you in some regard. It is for that reason alone I never acted against you. It is for those reasons I still attempted to aid you, when it wasn't entirely out of my way to do so. It is why I bother sending words on paper as a warning.

I whisper to the winds and hold the Shadow's council. I am aware of what you try to undertake.

-A hunt for me will result in deaths of your friends. You know this well. I am not the same man I was, who could easily be trapped by an outnumbering force. Try to do so and you only invoke suffering. There is no might you can conjure which would keep me in a shallow grave before my task is complete.

-A hunt for the woman who shared a part of my life, Linela, will result in death of your hunters. She has shown me kindness that no one bar my kin ever did. I will not allow her to be harmed on my behalf. Not by you or your mobs of misguided fools.

-A hunt for my closest brother, Msciwoj, will result in untold suffering being brought forth not only to you and yours, but to your distant relatives, future offspring and spirits of your dead past. I hold in reserve my darkest tools, but heed my words when I say this; There is no deed too foul and no act too depraved for me to bring onto you, should you dare end my only true kin. Ending him means ending the one thing that keeps me from sinking into the dark abyss. If you wish stability of some measure upon the coast, you will think upon your actions.

With the words of warning spoken come a few that I thought to share with you, but never wished to speak in person after learning of your hatred towards me;
I do not understand what I did to earn such resentment from you. You were ready to judge me on basis of a change which you never bothered even remotely understanding. The people of relevance I've hunted or killed since my return were as follow;

-Khald Blake, who has agreed to a duel. He was willing and so was I. I was repaid for honouring the fight by being mowed down by his supposed friends at a moment following, but that is a story for another time. It was after all my payment for trying to help the one paladin I still hold in some regard.
-Dasha, the tiefling, who the first time insulted my heritage, my family and provoked my wrath. The tiefling who has hunted me down afterwards with her friend and chose to fight me. I have offered her heart to the darker spirits so that they may grant a boon of wisdom to her elven companion upon her inevitable rebirth, whom I had hoped would see the folly in following a damned demon-soul. She has proven to be no different from a bandit which you as well have slain a great number of, without a care or thought in the world.
-And last; a woman wearing a mask, recently garbed in light grey by the Farmlands fire. I have heard you speak of the deed as if I ambushed an innocent.
The woman was a drow of Bregan D'aerthe whom Msciwoj and I took alive and questioned before executing her. The reason she was there was to cause strife between and learn of the conflict that divides the order of the Radiant Heart and the Halls of Inner light. She spoke so before her execution.

To you was my help also extended upon my return and you spat in my face. I’ve put on dark garbs and that was reason enough for you to assume whatever you chose. You’ve orchestrated my betrayal, and for that, you will never earn my forgiveness for the lowest level of hell is reserved for traitors of your kind.
This letter I pen as my final warning to you, Rania. I hope you will find it in you to act as a person of wisdom expected of somebody holding your rank. Stop acting like a spoiled child and out of the sheer thirst for your personal vainglory. Think about the consequences your actions might bring.

The next time we meet will likely be your end, should you not heed my warning. I loathe what you do and what you harbour in your treacherous heart. I wish to see you repaid for all the strife you carry with you, but it is not for me to offer such justice. Not yet at least.
And on that note I say this; I willingly walk towards my deserved payment and my years are few. I will not hide when the bill is due and when my soul eternally suffers for all the ill deeds I must undertake, for in the end we are all but ash and the chains we forge for ourselves.
It is not for you to enact payment for my sins.

-Bran, a fallen Shaman

"...hold on to what you have left, for in the end, there is only ash and dust,
and when even that settles, all that remains is the shackles which bind you.
They are the last thing that remains of you. They are you."

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 Post subject: Re: A letter openly nailed onto the Halls of Inner Light's d
Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:04 am 
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Rania would simply remove the message, read it then shake her head, murmuring as she enters the Halls.

" I had no intention of ever naming Linela nor bringing harm to her, but you just did that yourself by naming her here, Bran. How well you twist the truth and forget the lies and deceit you tried to spread. So be it. Any who read this now know how dark your heart is, and how vile your nature has become. I pray for you, for I recall how once you were my friend, and how once you were a light for the rest of us to follow. It's still not too late. "

((btw; there are Ruby Rose guards on the other side of the door. The hammering would have had them out in moments. :)

Rania Marie Ragnon-FvS of Selune, currently expecting mommy to be in Silverymoon

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