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 Post subject: Re: Gold Sink Suggestion
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:46 am 
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Mance wrote:
Well. Surprise, not all people grinding 99,9% of their playtime. Most of people here more focused on RP. Which rarely brings any money. But exactly opposite its drains money. Props and other stuff. Plus not every people making power build characters to one shot every boss in game solo. I cant solo endgame bosses. :) Why? Cause i'm not playing powerbuilded character and not playing 20\10 barb or 30 druid.

I RP heavy these days and what you are saying is just not true. I make plenty of gold. I have on my RP main that does not do loot runs at all roughly 300k in gold. He is a rogue archer so cost to maintain him is enormously high and I still make coin just RPing. You could say I have roughly about 10k per level I have made. That is pretty decent when you throw in cost of consumables I.E. Wands, potions, arrows and other goodies.

Also no boss in the this game that gives the good loot and coin is able to be one shot killed like you are saying. Also you do not need to solo one single boss here to get coin or loot. So there is that as well.

Most of my truly great drops came from a random monster or looted corpse.

Coin is quite useful to veterans and players a like. No it does not buy you that epic sword of vorpal hiding that is another part of the economy here that actually is the real way to riches. It has been posted over and over again here and that is the Karond Gold Hands Way to Riches. It involves ZERO looting and TONS OF RPING! :o :shock:

I suggest people try it before complaining over and over about their choice to not use a build that has the power to kill Balors while cooking a steak. Honestly I rarely play my FvS anymore just because it is about the most boring click kill build in the world.

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 Post subject: Re: Gold Sink Suggestion
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:18 am 
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How about the crafting system that's been in development since before I got here...

Honestly allowing players to craft items with hard parameter caps would be the best gold sink. I offered to draft the numbers for this year's back (Excell is my jam) but I never got any feedback.

Something basically like this:

Depending on the material, price changes by a percentage over the base rate.
+EB +1:1,000gp, +2:5,000gp, +3:10,000gp, +4:100,000hp
Elemental damage would be the same based on the range, set the cap at 1d4 or 1d6 depending on the weapon.
A single other property left on the item if you max EB and elemental damage, or two if you don't max them.
Set limits for each item so you could essentially craft, with cost going up each property you add.

Essentially you could make:
+4 Eb
On hit Wounding
(darksteel +1 lightning)

Would cost say 100k then another 200k then another 300k so a total of 600k to build, then if we went for a darksteel, a flat value increase of say 20% across the board. So 720k gp for a darksteel weapon with those properties.

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