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 Post subject: Ghar'yl
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:37 am 
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First Name: Ghar'yl (Not his true name, which is unknown to him)
Last Name: (Unknown)

Race: Imaskari
Age: Unknown (He would appear to be in his seventies, mid-life by Imaskari standards)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 12 Stones (180 lbs/77 kg)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: None
Appearance: Draped in a black hooded cloak and mail armor, the lanky Imaskari wheezes through a blood-splotched mask with nearly every breath he exhales. His darkly draped form seems to be perpetually hunched over, as if some great weight bore constantly upon his shoulders. Those who might approach close to his shrouded figure would likely feel a debilitating power emanating from him, and, occasionally, the faintest of low humming might be heard coming from him. His armored vest glints with a faint mithral sheen, to overlay thin mail underneath. He would otherwise be seen carrying a small, darkly-etched shield, and a black scimitar that thrums with hints of static. He can often be seen murmuring while stroking a long pouch that he wears on his hip.

General Health: Poor. He suffers from a debilitating respiratory ailment
Deity: He does not openly venerate any of the Gods
Initial Alignment: Neutral Evil
Profession: Wanderer of The Endless Dark
Base Class & Proposed Development: Frightful Dirge (class specifics undisclosed)
Habits/Hobbies: Coughing. Foraging in the Underdark and Upperdark wilds. Conversing quietly with, seemingly, his hip-pouch.
Languages: Undercommon, Thorass, Imaskar. He comprehends Infernal and Abyssal, but does not speak them.
Weapon of Choice: Fear.



The Imaskari's earliest memory is one of a singular mind state: Abject terror... and the agony of piercing pain in the back of the Imaskari's neck and skull. A sensation that was wholly induced by being the recipient of an attack by a mind-flayer. The mind-intrusion was, however, somewhat short-lived, as the very next memory was that of the mind-flayers tentacles, as well as the entirety of the front of it's face, falling away behind him.

Reeling in the after-shocks of the mind-attack, the deeply shaken Imaskari clutched the back of his ravaged neck, then turned to discover that the mind-flayer had been cleaved from it's forehead to the base of it's skull... by another Imaskari. A tall male weilding a gore-covered halberd in his hands, and his eyes full of concern. Staring upwards at his savior, the shaken victim felt a lucid familiarity wash over him, and a sense of kinship that could not quite be placed.

Whoever the bloodied Imaskari victim might have been before that terrifying, and anguish filled, moment had become naught but a murky haze of amnesia. Memories held back by weaving black tendrils, hovering at the edges of his sanity. However brief the intrusion by the mind-flayer might have been, it was seemingly enough to have stripped the Imaskari's memories bare... so much so that he did not even recognize his savior: his life-long companion, Anilith.

The next few tendays were a blur. A frenetic dance between bouts of consciousness and nightmare filled darkness. The one and true constant, during these sobering awakenings, and the throat shredding screams, was the face of Anilith. The victims companion had been nursing him back to health, somewhere secluded, in a comfortable cavern that housed only the two of them... a flickering of wisp-light, the glow of lichen, a trickle of water. And that soothing voice, whispering memories, and words of encouragement, into his ear, when he was both conscious and not. And then, after a while, he awoke.


But, something had changed. One of those familiar sounds was strangely absent. All other sound became a thrumming dichotomy to his senses. Anilith's voice was not there.

A day and a half later, and after managing to cling to consciousness long enough to do so, the still somewhat broken Imaskari did discover the mutilated remains of Anilith: face down in a fetid pool of water, the base of his skull and neck pierced in four places. One inch round gaps, laying wide open... and a hollowness within. The near broken Imaskari wailed aloud if this was some nightmare come to revisit him. The echoes of his hoarse voice across the cavern walls said otherwise.

Even though he could not quite remember Anilith... he had felt that familiarity and kinship to be real. A kinship that far surpassed any shrouded memory he might grasp for, at least. Every word whispered by his companion during those tendays of his rebirth had been utterly true, he knew. But now, there would be no more whispers, and even less answers. That ache of familiarity had been snatched from him, coldly. Anilith was dead... and there was no-one, and nothing left for him but the aching silence, and anguished wondering.

The Imaskari collected what remains he could of his companion, gathering Anilith and covetously shrouding his corpse in a rothe hide blanket. Slinging Aniliths lifeless form over his shoulders... the Imaskari then began his long wandering into the endless dark.


Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- He has been wandering the depths of the Underdark for upwards of thirty to forty years.
- His hip pouch contains a single rib bone, one that belonged to Anilith, which Ghar'yl uses to bring his long-time companion back to "life".
- Ghar'yl tends to only use the pronouns "We" or "Our" when referring to himself, and almost never uses "I" or "My", or anything that implies he is a singular being.
- He clearly believes he and Anilith share a singular mind-state.
- The name Ghar'yl was given to the Imaskari by his skeletal companion, Anilith(... which was really just a noise made by the skeleton as a result of its decomposing lungs having decompressed while being risen).
- Much of his equipment was scavenged from various Imaskari ruins.
- He believes his respiratory ailment is a result of being exposed to the inordinate amound of fungi found in the Underdark. This may or may not be true.
- He reacts curiously to new sounds, and he is able to draw a melody from almost every sound he hears.
- He's especially fascinated by the sound any creature makes in it's final moments of life.
- Aside from Anilith, he has never met another Imaskari.

- The Imaskari may or may not have aligned himself with a prominent faction within Sshamath

Ghar'yl has only ever sought one thing: To survive long enough to master his own fear, and to also hone it as a weapon to use against any and every creature from the endless dark that would mindlessly bring violence against him.

// Edits for punctuation, spelling, plot-hooks, and OCD //

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 Post subject: Re: Ghar'yl
Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:34 pm 
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