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 Post subject: Soubar - Alistair - Seeking Gloves/Ring of Cha +4 for Trade
Unread postPosted: Tue May 01, 2018 3:11 am 
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A robed man with silvery grey hair and an attractive kindly smile puts up notices at Soubar and the surrounding locales, saying, "I am seeking a superior enchanted pair of gloves or a similar ring that enhances a wearer's personality, in exchange for some reasonably rare items of my own. ~ Signed, Alistair of Soubar"

///Seeking specifically Gloves or Ring of Charisma +4

Items available for trade as follow:

Wondrous Gloves, Bonus bard spell levels 0/1/2/3, -1 Wisdom
Ring of the Bard, Bonus level 6 spell
Ring of the Sorcerer, Bonus level 6 spell, -3 Mind-affecting save
Greater Garlton Bow, +5 Mighty, +3 EB, +2 Strength, Unlimited ammo
Greater Knight Commander Tower Shield, +3 AC, Power Attack feat, +10 HP
Greater Knight’s Crossbow, +3 EB, Rapid Reload feat, 1d10 Massive Crits
Ysridian’s Soul, Amulet, +3 AC, +10 HP, +4 Concentration, +4 Perform
Cloak of Fortification, +3 Deflection AC, +3 Universal save
Wondrous Heavy Shield, +3 Strength, +4 Reflex save, +3 Mind-affecting, Bonus level 5 Bard spell, Electricity 5% immunity
Eldritch Knight's Heavy Shield, Bonus sorcerer spell level 5
Ring of Sorcerous Power, +3 Charisma, bonus level 3 and 4 spells
Mithral Breastplate, +3 AC, +1 Will save
Ice-Reaver, Handaxe, +3 EB, 1 Cold damage, 15/- Cold resistance
Maul of Titans, Warhammer, +4 EB, 1d8 Massive Crits, 1d10 vs Constructs, +4 Intimidate
Fists of Thunderous Fury, Gloves, +4 EB, 1d4 Sonic damage
Bracers of the Swift Mage, +3 Intelligence, +3 Reflex
Boots of Etherealness, 1x/day Ethereal Jaunt
Amulet of Natural Armor +4 AC
Staff of Protection, +1 Universal save, 1 Magic damage, +1 Sense Motive

The love of loot is the root of all evil.

Arlan ~ Wandering Abbot of the Common Folk.
Zirvoden ~ Scholar & Self-proclaimed Authority on Dragon's Blood. A Recluse.
Ryu'jin ~ Former Imperial High Mage of Kozakura; Retreated to the Sword Coast.

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